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Chronic inflammation and bladder cancer : Links to bladder and prostate cancerMICHAUD, Dominique S.Urologic oncology. 2007, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 260-268, issn 1078-1439, 9 p.Article

Chaissac-Paulhan : « Un succès de librairie avec des lettres fabriquées spécialement » = Chaissac-PaulhanMICHAUD, Dominique Allan.Bulletin de la Société des lettres sciences et arts de la Corrèze. 2001, Vol 104, pp 379-399, issn 1148-8557Article

Physical Activity and Pancreatic Cancer Risk : A Systematic ReviewYING BAO; MICHAUD, Dominique S.Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention. 2008, Vol 17, Num 10, pp 2671-2682, issn 1055-9965, 12 p.Article

Impact de pommes de terre résistantes au doryphore sur les arthropodes non visés : une méta-analyse des facteurs possiblement en cause dans l'échec d'une plante transgénique Bt = Impact of Colorado potato beetle-resistant potatoes on non-target arthropods : A meta-analysis of factors potentially involved in the failure of a Bt transgenic plantCLOUTIER, Conrad; BOUDREAULT, Simon; MICHAUD, Dominique et al.Agricultures (Montrouge). 2008, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 388-394, issn 1166-7699, 7 p.Article

Environmental tobacco smoke and the risk of pancreatic cancer among non-smokers: a meta-analysisJIACHEN ZHOU; WELLENIUS, Gregory A; MICHAUD, Dominique S et al.Occupational and environmental medicine (London). 2012, Vol 69, Num 12, pp 853-857, issn 1351-0711, 5 p.Article

Hormonal and reproductive factors and the risk of bladder cancer in womenMCGRATH, Monica; MICHAUD, Dominique S; DE VIVO, Immaculata et al.American journal of epidemiology. 2006, Vol 163, Num 3, pp 236-244, issn 0002-9262, 9 p.Article

Unexpected effects of different potato resistance factors to the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae) on the potato aphid (Homoptera : Aphididae)ASHOURI, Ahmad; MICHAUD, Dominique; CLOUTIER, Conrad et al.Environmental entomology. 2001, Vol 30, Num 3, pp 524-532, issn 0046-225XArticle

The epidemiology of pancreatic, gallbladder, and other biliary tract cancersMICHAUD, Dominique S.Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2002, Vol 56, Num 6, pp S195-S200, issn 0016-5107, SUPConference Paper

Atopy and Risk of Brain Tumors : A Meta-analysisLINOS, Eleni; RAINE, Tim; ALONSO, Alvaro et al.Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2007, Vol 99, Num 20, pp 1544-1550, issn 0027-8874, 7 p.Article

Nucleocytoplasmic transit of human α1-antichymotrypsin in tobacco leaf epidermal cellstBENCHABANE, Meriem; SAINT-JORE-DUPAS, Claude; FAYE, Loïc et al.Plant biotechnology journal (Print). 2009, Vol 7, Num 2, pp 161-171, issn 1467-7644, 11 p.Article

Protein modifications in the plant secretory pathway : current status and practical implications in molecular pharmingFAYE, Loïc; BOULAFLOUS, Aurelia; BENCHABANE, Meriem et al.Vaccine. 2005, Vol 23, Num 15, pp 1770-1778, issn 0264-410X, 9 p.Conference Paper

Recombinant protease inhibitors for herbivore pest control: a multitrophic perspectiveSCHLÜTER, Urte; BENCHABANE, Meriem; MUNGER, Aurélie et al.Journal of experimental botany. 2010, Vol 61, Num 15, pp 4169-4183, issn 0022-0957, 15 p.Article

Menstrual and Reproductive Factors, Exogenous Hormone Use, and Gastric Cancer Risk in a Cohort of Women From the European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and NutritionDUELL, Eric J; TRAVIER, Noémie; RODRIGUEZ, Laudina et al.American journal of epidemiology. 2010, Vol 172, Num 12, pp 1384-1393, issn 0002-9262, 10 p.Article

A SELDI-TOF MS procedure for the detection, quantitation, and preliminary characterization of low-molecular-weight recombinant proteins expressed in transgenic plantsAMINE BADRI, M; RIVARD, Daniel; COENEN, Karine et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2009, Vol 9, Num 2, pp 233-241, issn 1615-9853, 9 p.Article

Passive Smoking and Pancreatic Cancer in Women: a Prospective Cohort StudyYING BAO; GIOVANNUCCI, Edward; FUCHS, Charles S et al.Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention. 2009, Vol 18, Num 8, pp 2292-2296, issn 1055-9965, 5 p.Article

A protease activity-depleted environment for heterologous proteins migrating towards the leaf cell apoplastGOULET, Charles; KHALF, Moustafa; SAINSBURY, Frank et al.Plant biotechnology journal (Print). 2012, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 83-94, issn 1467-7644, 12 p.Article

Tubers from potato lines expressing a tomato Kunitz protease inhibitor are substantially equivalent to parental and transgenic controlsKHALF, Moustafa; GOULET, Charles; VORSTER, Juan et al.Plant biotechnology journal (Print). 2010, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 155-169, issn 1467-7644, 15 p.Article

MSCYS1, a developmentally-regulated cystatin from alfalfaRIVARD, Daniel; GIRARD, Cécile; ANGUENOT, Raphaël et al.Plant physiology and biochemistry (Paris). 2007, Vol 45, Num 6-7, pp 508-514, issn 0981-9428, 7 p.Article

A prospective study of periodontal disease and pancreatic cancer in US male health professionalsMICHAUD, Dominique S; JOSHIPURA, Kaumudi; GIOVANNUCCI, Edward et al.Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2007, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 171-175, issn 0027-8874, 5 p.Article

Fluid intake and risk of bladder cancer in the Nurses' Health StudiesJIACHEN ZHOU; KELSEY, Karl T; GIOVANNUCCI, Edward et al.International journal of cancer (Print). 2014, Vol 135, Num 5, pp 1229-1237, issn 0020-7136, 9 p.Article

Reexamination of Total Fluid Intake and Bladder Cancer in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study CohortJIACHEN ZHOU; SMITH, Scott; GIOVANNUCCI, Edward et al.American journal of epidemiology. 2012, Vol 175, Num 7, pp 696-705, issn 0002-9262, 10 p.Article

2-DE proteome maps for the leaf apoplast of Nicotiana benthamianaGOULET, Charles; GOULET, Catherine; GOULET, Marie-Claire et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2010, Vol 10, Num 13, pp 2536-2544, issn 1615-9853, 9 p.Article

A Prospective Study of Magnesium and Iron Intake and Pancreatic Cancer in MenKESAVAN, Yamini; GIOVANNUCCI, Edward; FUCHS, Charles S et al.American journal of epidemiology. 2010, Vol 171, Num 2, pp 233-241, issn 0002-9262, 9 p.Article

Unintended molecular interactions in transgenic plants expressing clinically useful proteins : The case of bovine aprotinin traveling the potato leaf cell secretory pathwayAMINE BADRI, M; RIVARD, Daniel; COENEN, Karine et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2009, Vol 9, Num 3, pp 746-756, issn 1615-9853, 11 p.Article

Protein phosphorylation and membrane association of sucrose synthase in developing tomato fruitANGUENOT, Raphaël; NGUYEN-QUOC, Binh; YELLE, Serge et al.Plant physiology and biochemistry (Paris). 2006, Vol 44, Num 5-6, pp 294-300, issn 0981-9428, 7 p.Article

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