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The nationality question in the eyes of college students = La question de la nationalité aux yeux des étudiantsMIKHAILOV, V. A; MIKHAILOVA, L. Ia.Russian education and society. 2000, Vol 42, Num 8, pp 70-75, issn 1060-9393Article

A 913-nm diode-pumped quasi-three-level Nd 3+:Gd0.7 Y0.3VO4 laserZAVARTSEV, Yu. D; ZAGUMENNYI, A. I; FEURER, T et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 2007, Vol 37, Num 5, pp 440-442, issn 1063-7818, 3 p.Article

Results of treatment of patients with stomach cancer advanced form treated by combination of low level laser therapy (LLT) and other methods (10-years experience)MIKHAILOV, V. A.SPIE proceedings series. 2000, pp 43-47, isbn 0-8194-3822-7Conference Paper

Multilayer waveguide-grating mirror in the Fabry-Perot cavity of an alexandrite solid-state laserKONDRATYUK, V. A; MIKHAILOV, V. A; LYNDIN, N. M et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 1999, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 175-178, issn 1063-7818Article

Isothermal creep of metallic glasses : A new approach and its experimental verificationKHONIK, V. A; KOSILOV, A. T; MIKHAILOV, V. A et al.Acta materialia. 1998, Vol 46, Num 10, pp 3399-3408, issn 1359-6454Article

On the nature of the inhomogeneous-homogeneous flow transition in metallic glassesKHONIK, V. A; MIKHAILOV, V. A; VINOGRADOV, A. Yu et al.Materials science forum. 1998, pp 993-998, issn 0255-5476, isbn 0-87849-799-4, 2VolConference Paper

Tm3+ : GdVO4 : a new efficient medium for diode-pumped 2-μm lasersMIKHAILOV, V. A; ZAVARTSEV, YU. D; ZAGUMENNYI, A. I et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 1997, Vol 27, Num 1, pp 13-14, issn 1063-7818Article

Particle velocities at the complex solids laser ablation in vacuum and in gas ambientsMIKHAILOV, V. A; PUTILIN, F. N; TRUBNIKOV, D. N et al.Applied surface science. 1997, Vol 109-10, pp 591-594, issn 0169-4332Conference Paper

Calculating the temperature-frequency dependence of the capacitor loss angle on the basis of its dielectric structureMEZENIN, O. L; MIKHAILOV, V. A; ZUEVA, S. V et al.Soviet electrical engineering. 1992, Vol 63, Num 11, pp 66-74, issn 0038-5379Article

Propriétés extractives des di-(éthyl-2 hexyl) phosphates acides de ScIII, TiIV, ZrIV, HfIV ThIV et UIVPETRUKHIN, PO. M; TROFIMOVA, E. V; STOYANOV, E. S et al.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1986, Vol 31, Num 2, pp 428-433, issn 0044-457XArticle

Study of a Tm: Ho: YLF laser pumped by a Raman shifted erbium-doped fibre laser at 1678 nmKALACHEV, Yu. L; MIKHAILOV, V. A; PODRESHETNIKOV, V. V et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 2010, Vol 40, Num 4, pp 296-300, issn 1063-7818, 5 p.Article

Application of the low level laser therapy for the treatment of vaginitisPASSENIOUK, A. M; MIKHAILOV, V. A.SPIE proceedings series. 2000, pp 316-318, isbn 0-8194-3822-7Conference Paper

A study on the effect of correcting additives on erosion of carbon steelKUKUSHKIN, A. N; SHALOBASOV, I. A; MIKHAILOV, V. A et al.Thermal engineering. 1992, Vol 39, Num 10, pp 557-559, issn 0040-6015Article

Influence of the base-electrolyte anions on the reduction mechanism of sulfur dioxide in sulfolaneKOLOSNITSYN, V. S; MIKHAILOV, V. A; NIKITINA, S. V et al.Soviet electrochemistry. 1992, Vol 28, Num 11, pp 1326-1329, issn 0038-5387Article

The chemistry of the extraction of nitric acid by tributyl phosphate and other oxyen-containing extracting agentsSTOYANOV, E. S; MIKHAILOV, V. A; CHEKMAREV, A. M et al.Russian journal of inorganic chemistry. 1992, Vol 37, Num 11, pp 1323-1329, issn 0036-0236Article

Testing of dielectric properties of biological tissues in microwave range or solving matching problemsPOLETAEV, L. I; MAKEV, YU. V; MIKHAILOV, V. A et al.Medical progress through technology. 1992, Vol 18, Num 1-2, pp 91-94, issn 0047-6552Article

Zone de profondeur critique des roches terrigènes dans la catagenèseALEXEEV, N. N; MIKHAILOV, V. A; GAVRILIEV, N. N et al.Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR. 1990, Vol 311, Num 1, pp 164-167, issn 0002-3264Article

Active and passive mode locking in a diode-pumped Nd : Gd0.7Y0.3VO4 laserZAVARTSEV, Yu. D; ZAGUMENNYI, A. I; KALACHEV, Yu. L et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 2007, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 315-318, issn 1063-7818, 4 p.Article

Study of the possibility of developing a multichannel-diode-pumped multikilowatt solid-state laser based on optically dense active mediaGARNOV, S. V; MIKHAILOV, V. A; SEROV, R. V et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 2007, Vol 37, Num 10, pp 910-915, issn 1063-7818, 6 p.Article

Isothermal strain recovery as a result of reversible structural relaxation of metallic glassesBELYAVSKY, V. I; CSACH, K; KHONIK, V. A et al.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 1998, Vol 241, Num 2-3, pp 105-112, issn 0022-3093Article

Stereochemistry of aminolysis of N-pentafluorophenylcarbonimidoyl dichloride. Crystal and molecular structures of N2-pentafluorophenyl-N1,N1-dibenzylchloroformamidineMIKHAILOV, V. A; YUFIT, D. S; BALABANOV, E. YU et al.Journal of physical organic chemistry. 1993, Vol 6, Num 6, pp 319-325, issn 0894-3230Article

Investigation of the potential medical applications of fibre-coupled lasers based on Er3+ and Ho3+ in Cr3+-doped scandium garnet crystalsMIKHAILOV, V. A; TSVETKOV, V. B; SHCHERBAKOV, I. A et al.Soviet lightwave communications. 1992, Vol 2, Num 1, pp 13-22Article

Electrochemical sulfur dioxide reduction at smooth platinum electrodes in mixed solventsKOLOSNITSYN, V. S; MIKHAILOV, V. A; NIKITINA, S. V et al.Soviet electrochemistry. 1992, Vol 28, Num 11, pp 1330-1334, issn 0038-5387Article

Reactions of N-polyfluorophenylcarbonimidoyl dichlorides with primary and secondary amines: kinetics and mechanism ― Synthesis of polyfluorinated carbodiimides, chloroformamidines, guanidines and benzimidazolesKOLESNIKOVA, I. V; PETROVA, T. D; PLATONOV, V. E et al.Journal of fluorine chemistry. 1988, Vol 40, Num 2-3, pp 217-246, issn 0022-1139Article

Instrumentation and methodological oxygen-activation logging system for oil and gas wellsIL'INSKII, A. V; KEDROV, A. I; MIKHAILOV, V. A et al.Atomic energy (New York, N.Y.). 2004, Vol 97, Num 5, pp 767-772, issn 1063-4258, 6 p.Article

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