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Innovations in human genetics education using medical genetics applications to educate for computer competenceMITCHELL, J. A.American journal of human genetics. 1991, Vol 49, Num 5, pp 1119-1126, issn 0002-9297Article

Autoshaping and paleostriatal lesions in the pigeonMITCHELL, J. A.Physiology & behavior. 1983, Vol 31, Num 1, pp 45-55, issn 0031-9384Article

From phenotype to genotype: Issues in navigating the available information resourcesMITCHELL, J. A; MCCRAY, A. T; BODENREIDER, O et al.Methods of information in medicine. 2003, Vol 42, Num 5, pp 557-563, issn 0026-1270, 7 p.Article

Cyclooxygenase-2 regulates granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, but not interleukin-8, production by human vascular cells: Role of cAMPSTANFORD, S. J; PEPPER, J. R; MITCHELL, J. A et al.Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 2000, Vol 20, Num 3, pp 677-682, issn 1079-5642Article

The cytotoxic action of 1,3,5-triazabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-2,4-diones and 1,3,5-triazine-4,6-(1H, 5H)-diones in murine and human tumor cellsHALL, I. H; TAYLOR, K; IZYDORE, R. A et al.Pharmazie. 1998, Vol 53, Num 6, pp 398-405, issn 0031-7144Article

Induction of nitric oxide synthase in human vascular smooth muscle : Interactions between proinflammatory cytokinesCHESTER, A. H; BORLAND, J. A. A; BUTTERY, L. D. K et al.Cardiovascular research. 1998, Vol 38, Num 3, pp 814-821, issn 0008-6363Article

Characterization of the induction of nitric oxide synthase and cyclo-oxygenase in rat aorta in organ cultureBISHOP-BAILEY, D; LARKIN, S. W; WARNER, T. D et al.British journal of pharmacology. 1997, Vol 121, Num 1, pp 125-133, issn 0007-1188Article

Induction of cyclo-oxygenase-2 by cytokines in human cultured airway smooth muscle cells : novel inflammatory role of this cell typeBELVISI, M. G; SAUNDERS, M. A; HADDAD, E.-B et al.British journal of pharmacology. 1997, Vol 120, Num 5, pp 910-916, issn 0007-1188Article

Rapid onset of the accelerated degradation of dicarboximide fungicides in a UK soil with a long history of agrochemical exclusionMITCHELL, J. A; CAIN, R. B.Pesticide science. 1996, Vol 48, Num 1, pp 1-11, issn 0031-613XArticle

The Missouri planning grant for the education and training of health sciences librarians : Symposium : NLM planning grants for the education and training of health sciences librariansSIEVERT, M. E. C; JOHNSON, D. T; SCHMIDT, D et al.Bulletin of the Medical Library Association. 1996, Vol 84, Num 4, pp 553-559, issn 0025-7338Article

Distribution of cyclooxygenase isoforms in murine chronic granulomatous inflammation. Implications for future anti-inflammatory therapyAPPLETON, I; TOMLINSON, A; MITCHELL, J. A et al.Journal of pathology. 1995, Vol 176, Num 4, pp 413-420, issn 0022-3417Article

Capping clouds and smoke densities above big firesFENDELL, F. E; MITCHELL, J. A.Combustion science and technology. 1993, Vol 92, Num 1-3, pp 35-60, issn 0010-2202Article

Nifedipine inhibits the induction of nitric oxide synthase by bacterial lipopolysaccharideSZABO, C; MITCHELL, J. A; GROSS, S. S et al.The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. 1993, Vol 265, Num 2, pp 674-680, issn 0022-3565Article

Roles of glycogen synthase kinase-3 in signal transductionWOODGETT, J. R; PLYTE, S. E; PULVERER, B. J et al.Biochemical Society transactions. 1993, Vol 21, Num 4, pp 905-907, issn 0300-5127Conference Paper

Effects of alcohol on intrauterine oxygen tension in the ratMITCHELL, J. A; VAN KAINEN, B. R.Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research. 1992, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 308-310, issn 0145-6008Article

Regional differences in endothelin converting enzyme activity in rat brain : inhibition by phosphoramidon and EDTAWARNER, T. D; BUDZIK, G. P; MATSUMOTO, T et al.British journal of pharmacology. 1992, Vol 106, Num 4, pp 948-952, issn 0007-1188Article

Endothelial cells have a particulate enzyme system responsible for EDRF formation : measurements by vascular relaxationMITCHELL, J. A; FORSTERMANN, U; WARNER, T. D et al.Biochemical and biophysical research communications (Print). 1991, Vol 176, Num 3, pp 1417-1423, issn 0006-291X, 7 p.Article

Vigour differences in brassica seed and their significance to emergence and seedling variabilityPOWELL, A. A; THORNTON, J. M; MITCHELL, J. A et al.Journal of Agricultural Science. 1991, Vol 116, pp 369-373, issn 0021-8596, 3Article

Innervation of the pituitary gland by supraependymal neuronsMICHAEL, D. B; HAZLETT, J. C; MITCHELL, J. A et al.Brain research. 1989, Vol 478, Num 2, pp 227-232, issn 0006-8993Article

CR1 polymorphism in hydralazine-induced systemic lupus erythematosus: DNA restriction fragment length polymorphismMITCHELL, J. A; SIM, R. B; SIM, E et al.Clinical and experimental immunology (Print). 1989, Vol 78, Num 3, pp 354-358, issn 0009-9104Article

Mapping of the epstein-barr virus and C3dg binding sites to a common domain on complement receptor type 2LOWELL, C. A; KLICKSTEIN, L. B; CARTER, R. H et al.The Journal of experimental medicine. 1989, Vol 170, Num 6, pp 1931-1946, issn 0022-1007Article

Implantation-induced changes in uterine arylamidase localization in the rabbit, rat, hamster and guinea-pigMITCHELL, J. A; DENKER, H.-W.Journal of reproduction and fertility. 1988, Vol 83, Num 1, pp 355-364, issn 0022-4251Article

Erythrocyte complement receptor type 1 (CR1) expression and circulating immune complex (CIC) levels in hydralazine-induced SLEMITCHELL, J. A; BATCHELOR, J. R; CHAPEL, H et al.Clinical and experimental immunology (Print). 1987, Vol 68, Num 2, pp 446-456, issn 0009-9104Article

Brief clinical report: neurofibromatosis and fragile-X syndrome in the same patientMITCHELL, J. A; WRAY, J; MICHALSKI, K et al.American journal of medical genetics. 1985, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 571-575, issn 0148-7299Article

Myocardial dysfunction in sepsis: mechanisms and therapeutic implicationsPRICE, S; ANNING, P. B; MITCHELL, J. A et al.European heart journal. 1999, Vol 20, Num 5, pp 715-724, issn 0195-668XArticle

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