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AN EXPERT MODEL FOR ESTIMATION OF THE PERFORMANCE OF DIRECT DIMETHYL ETHER SYNTHESIS FROM SYNTHESIS GASMORADI, G. R; PARVIZIAN, F.Canadian journal of chemical engineering. 2011, Vol 89, Num 5, pp 1266-1273, issn 0008-4034, 8 p.Article

Prediction of vapor-liquid equilibrium data of the system MTBE + methanol + ethanol by PRSV2 EOSMORADI, G. R; RAHMANZADEH, M.Fluid phase equilibria. 2011, Vol 309, Num 1, pp 97-101, issn 0378-3812, 5 p.Article

Optimization of biodiesel production using waste mussel shell catalystREZAEI, R; MOHADESI, M; MORADI, G. R et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2013, Vol 109, pp 534-541, issn 0016-2361, 8 p.Article

Statistical analysis of the performance of a bi-functional catalyst under operating conditions of LPDME processMORADI, G. R; NAZARI, M; YARIPOUR, F et al.Chemical engineering journal (1996). 2008, Vol 140, Num 1-3, pp 255-263, issn 1385-8947, 9 p.Article

The interaction effects of dehydration function on catalytic performance and properties of hybrid catalysts upon LPDME process : Dimethyl etherMORADI, G. R; NAZARI, M; YARIPOUR, F et al.Fuel processing technology. 2008, Vol 89, Num 12, pp 1287-1296, issn 0378-3820, 10 p.Article

Intrinsic kinetics study of LPDME process from syngas over bi-functional catalystMORADI, G. R; AHMADPOUR, J; YARIPOUR, F et al.Chemical engineering journal (1996). 2008, Vol 144, Num 1, pp 88-95, issn 1385-8947, 8 p.Article

The optimized operational conditions for biodiesel production from soybean oil and application of artificial neural networks for estimation of the biodiesel yieldMORADI, G. R; DEHGHANI, S; KHOSRAVIAN, F et al.Renewable energy. 2013, Vol 50, pp 915-920, issn 0960-1481, 6 p.Article

EQUILIBRIUM CALCULATIONS FOR DIRECT SYNTHESIS OF DIMETHYL ETHER FROM SYNGASMORADI, G. R; AHMADPOUR, J; YARIPOUR, F et al.Canadian journal of chemical engineering. 2011, Vol 89, Num 1, pp 108-115, issn 0008-4034, 8 p.Article

Catalytic dehydration of methanol to dimethyl ether over mordenite catalystsMORADI, G. R; YARIPOUR, F; VALE-SHEYDA, P et al.Fuel processing technology. 2010, Vol 91, Num 5, pp 461-468, issn 0378-3820, 8 p.Article

Kinetic investigation of CO2 reforming of CH4 over La-Ni based perovskiteMORADI, G. R; RAHMANZADEH, M; SHARIFNIA, S et al.Chemical engineering journal (1996). 2010, Vol 162, Num 2, pp 787-791, issn 1385-8947, 5 p.Article

Effect of Inclined Disks on Heat Transfer in a Tube of Constant Wall TemperatureALEMRAJABI, A. A; MORADI, G. R.Heat transfer engineering. 2007, Vol 28, Num 12, pp 1023-1031, issn 0145-7632, 9 p.Article

Estimation of properties distribution of C7+ by using artificial neural networksMORADI, G. R; KHOSHMARAM, A. A; RIAZI, M. R et al.Journal of petroleum science & engineering. 2011, Vol 76, Num 1-2, pp 57-62, issn 0920-4105, 6 p.Article

Variation of physical properties during transesterification of sunflower oil to biodiesel as an approach to predict reaction progressGHANEI, R; MORADI, G. R; TAHERPOURKALANTARI, R et al.Fuel processing technology. 2011, Vol 92, Num 8, pp 1593-1598, issn 0378-3820, 6 p.Article

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