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Strength and related properties of bishop pine. II: Properties of juvenile wood from young stems of various provenancesSCHNIEWIND, A. P; GAMMON, B.Wood and fiber science. 1986, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 361-368, issn 0735-6161Article

Einsatz von Dünnholz aus der Jungbestandspflege in der Faserplatten- und Spanplattenproduktion = Utilisation de coupes d'éclaircies dans la fabrication de panneaux de fibres et de particules = Use of thinnings from young stand nursing in the fibreboard and particleboard manufactureKEHR, E.Holztechnologie. 1987, Vol 28, Num 1, pp 7-12, issn 0018-3881Article

A method for estimating juvenile wood content in boardsMASSEY, J. G; REEB, J. E.Forest products journal. 1989, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 30-32, issn 0015-7473Article

Caractéristiques physiques et mécaniques du bois juvénile de pin maritime (Pinus Pinaster) = Physical and mechanical properties of maritime pine juvenile wood (Pinus Pinaster)Dumail, Jean-François; Morlier, P.1995, 228 p.Thesis

Identification des constantes élastiques du bois juvenile de pin maritime = Identification of elastic constants of maritime pine juvenile woodLAC, P; DUMAIL, J.-F.Les Cahiers de rhéologie (Paris). 1995, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 507-516, issn 1149-0039Conference Paper

Transverse shrinkage in maritime pine juvenile woodDUMAIL, J. F; CASTERA, P.Wood science and technology (Print). 1997, Vol 31, Num 4, pp 251-264, issn 0043-7719Article

Estimating the age of demarcation of juvenile and mature wood in Doublas-FirYASSIN ABDEL-GADIR, A; KRAHMER, R. L.Wood and fiber science. 1993, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 242-249, issn 0735-6161Article

A note on the effect of alcohol-benzene extractives on juvenile wood specific gravity in red pineCHEN HUI LEE.Wood and fiber science. 1986, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 376-381, issn 0735-6161Article

Current and future trends in juvenile wood density for coastal Douglas-firSTOEHR, M. U; UKRAINETZ, N. K; HAYTON, L. K et al.Canadian journal of forest research (Print). 2009, Vol 39, Num 7, pp 1415-1419, issn 0045-5067, 5 p.Article

Evaluation of the APMP process for mature and juvenile loblolly pineZHIRUN YUAN; HEITNER, Cyril; MCGARRY, Peter et al.Tappi journal (2002). 2006, Vol 5, Num 7, pp 24-32, 9 p.Article

Distribution of juvenile wood in two stems of Larix laricinaYANG, K. C; BENSON, C. A; WONG, J. K et al.Canadian journal of forest research (Print). 1986, Vol 16, Num 5, pp 1041-1049, issn 0045-5067Article

Treatability of young-growth redwoodMOCKUS-LUBLIN, D; WILCOX, W. W; DOST, W. A et al.Forest products journal. 1986, Vol 36, Num 6, pp 21-27, issn 0015-7473Article

Organosolv pulping of poplar wood from short-rotation intensive culture plantationsSIERRA-ALVAREZ, R; TJEERDSMA, B. F.Wood and fiber science. 1995, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 395-401, issn 0735-6161Article

Age trends in genetic parameters of wood density components in 46 half-sibling families of Pinus pinasterGASPAR, Maria Joao; LOUZADA, José Luis; SILVA, Maria Emilia et al.Canadian journal of forest research (Print). 2008, Vol 38, Num 6, pp 1470-1477, issn 0045-5067, 8 p.Article

Economic viability of utilizing biomass energy from young stands : The case of FinlandAHTIKOSKI, Anssi; HEIKKILÄ, Jani; ALENIUS, Virpi et al.Biomass & bioenergy. 2008, Vol 32, Num 11, pp 988-996, issn 0961-9534, 9 p.Article

Variation of different tree-ring parameters in samples from each terminal shoot of a Norway spruce treeGRABNER, Michael; WIMMER, Rupert.Dendrochronologia (Verona). 2006, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 111-120, issn 1125-7865, 10 p.Article

Influence of stand density on ring width and wood density at different sampling heights in black spruce (Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P.)ALTEYRAC, Jérome; ZHANG, S. Y; CLOUTIER, Alain et al.Wood and fiber science. 2005, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 83-94, issn 0735-6161, 12 p.Article

The stiffness modulus in Norway spruce as a function of year ringKOPONEN, Tiina; KARPPINEN, Timo; HAEGSTRÖM, Edward et al.Holzforschung. 2005, Vol 59, Num 4, pp 451-455, issn 0018-3830, 5 p.Article

Does thinning intensity affect the tracheid dimensions of Norway spruce?JAAKKOLA, Tuula; MÄKINEN, Harri; SAREN, Matti-P et al.Canadian journal of forest research (Print). 2005, Vol 35, Num 11, pp 2685-2697, issn 0045-5067, 13 p.Article

Radial distribution of heartwood extractives and lignin in mature European larchGIERLINGER, Notburga; WIMMER, Rupert.Wood and fiber science. 2004, Vol 36, Num 3, pp 387-394, issn 0735-6161, 8 p.Article

Impact of vegetation control and annual fertilization on properties of loblolly pine wood at age 12CLARK, Alexander III; BORDERS, Bruce E; DANIELS, Richard F et al.Forest products journal. 2004, Vol 54, Num 12, pp 90-96, issn 0015-7473, 7 p.Article

Wood density of young-growth western hemlock: relation to ring age, radial growth, stand density, and site qualityDEBELL, Dean S; SINGLETON, Ryan; GARTNER, Barbara L et al.Canadian journal of forest research (Print). 2004, Vol 34, Num 12, pp 2433-2442, issn 0045-5067, 10 p.Article

Microfibril angle variation in red pine (Pines resinosa Ait.) and its relation to the strength and stiffness of early juvenile woodDERESSE, Takele; SHEPARD, Robert K; SHALER, Stephen M et al.Forest products journal. 2003, Vol 53, Num 7-8, pp 34-40, issn 0015-7473, 7 p.Article

The variation of chemical composition and pulping yield with age and growth factors in young Eucalyptus globulusMIRANDA, Isabel; PEREIRA, Helena.Wood and fiber science. 2002, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 140-145, issn 0735-6161Article

Thermomechanical pulping of loblolly pine juvenile woodMYERS, Gary C.Wood and fiber science. 2002, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 108-115, issn 0735-6161Article

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