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Influence of MgCl2 on Grignard reagent composition in tetrahydrofuran. IIISOBOTA, P; DUDA, B.Journal of organometallic chemistry. 1987, Vol 332, Num 3, pp 239-245, issn 0022-328XArticle

Chemical state of magnesium in plasmaBLINCOE, C; WOODIN, T. S.Journal of inorganic biochemistry. 1984, Vol 21, Num 3, pp 209-214, issn 0162-0134Article

Preparation of MgO powder by evaporative decomposition of solutionsGARDNER, T. J; MESSING, G. L.American Ceramic Society bulletin. 1984, Vol 63, Num 12, pp 1498-1504, issn 0002-7812, 5 p.Article

Active magnesium from catalytically prepared magnesium hydride or from magnesiumanthracene and its uses in the synthesisBARTMANN, E; BOGDANOVIC, B; JANKE, N et al.Chemische Berichte. 1990, Vol 123, Num 7, pp 1517-1528, issn 0009-2940Article

A study of heterogeneous alumina-magnesium oxide-mineraliser reactions: kinetics and mechanismsPACKTER, A.Verres et réfractaires (1976). 1985, Vol 39, Num 3, pp 377-380, issn 0337-5676Article

Raman study of glassy aqueous solutions of magnesium salts: MgCl2, Mg(NO3)2, MgSO4 and Mg(C104)2KANNO, H; HIRAISHI, J.Journal of Raman spectroscopy. 1987, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 157-161, issn 0377-0486Article

Biological implications of magnesium salts at the molecular levelTHEOPHANIDES, T.Magnesium research. 1996, Vol 9, Num 4, pp 259-262, issn 0953-1424Article

Synthesis of Mg2FeH6, Mg2CoH5 and Mg2NiH4 by high-pressure sintering of the elementsSELVAM, P; YVON, K.International journal of hydrogen energy. 1991, Vol 16, Num 9, pp 615-617, issn 0360-3199Article

Studies on magnesium and its alloys in battery electrolytesUDHAYAN, R; MUNIYANDI, N; MATHUR, P. B et al.British Corrosion Journal. 1992, Vol 27, Num 1, pp 68-71, issn 0007-0599Article

Cœur et magnésium = Heart and magnesiumCUENDET, P; KAPPENBERGER, L.Médecine et hygiène. 1988, Vol 46, Num 1759, pp 2345-2348, issn 0025-6749Article

A convenient preparation of pure dialkylmagnesium from a Grignard reagentSAHEKI, Y; SASADA, K; SATOH, N et al.Chemistry Letters. 1987, Num 12, pp 2299-2300, issn 0366-7022Article

Simultaneous observations of neutral and ionic magnesium in the thermosphereGARDNER, J. A; VIERECK, R. A; MURAD, E et al.Geophysical research letters. 1995, Vol 22, Num 16, pp 2119-2122, issn 0094-8276Article

Cellular and shunt conductances of human isolated amnion. II: Comparative effects of MgCl2 and MgSO4: electrophysiological studiesGUIET-BARA, A; BARA, M; DURLACH, J et al.Magnesium-Bulletin. 1985, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 16-19, issn 0172-908XArticle

Soluble molecular compounds with the Mg-O-Al structural motif : A model approach for the fixation of organometallics on a MgO surfaceNEMBENNA, Sharanappa; ROESKY, Herbert W; MANDAL, Swadhin K et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 40, pp 13056-13057, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Role of magnesium salt anions in the formation of magnesium hydroxide structureKHUSNUTDINOV, V. A; MIN'KO, O. E; KHUZIAKHMETOV, R. KH et al.Inorganic materials. 1996, Vol 32, Num 8, pp 868-871, issn 0020-1685Article

Self propagating high temperature synthesis in Mg-Ti-H2 systemHAKOBIAN, H. G; HARUTYUNIAN, Z. A; DOLUKHANYAN, S. K et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 1996, Vol 21, Num 11-12, pp 993-996, issn 0360-3199Conference Paper

On the hydriding of a mechanicaly alloyed Mg(90%)-V2O5(10%) mixtureKHRUSSANOVA, M; TERZIEVA, M; PESHEV, P et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 1990, Vol 15, Num 11, pp 799-805, issn 0360-3199, 7 p.Article

Solidification and Microstructural Evolution of Hypereutectic Al-15Si-4Cu-Mg Alloys with High Magnesium ContentsTEBIB, M; AJERSCH, F; SAMUEL, A. M et al.Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science. 2013, Vol 44, Num 9, pp 4282-4295, issn 1073-5623, 14 p.Article

Production of hydrogen from magnesium hydrides hydrolysisTAYEH, T; AWAD, A. S; NAKHL, M et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 7, pp 3109-3117, issn 0360-3199, 9 p.Article

Magnesium-sugar interaction. Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization of Mg-sugar complexes containing β-D-fructoseTAJMIR-RIAHI, H. A.Biophysical chemistry. 1986, Vol 23, Num 3-4, pp 223-228, issn 0301-4622Article

Potentiometric study of the reactivity of calcined magnesites for use in magnesium oxychloride cementsALEGRET, S; BLANCO, M; SUBIRATS, R et al.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1984, Vol 67, Num 9, pp 579-582, issn 0002-7820Article

Magnesium chloride or magnesium sulfate : a genuine questionDURLACH, J; GUIET-BARA, A; PAGES, N et al.Magnesium research. 2005, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 187-192, issn 0953-1424, 6 p.Article

Mechanism of the Mg2+-facilitated specific cleavage of the terminal phosphoryl group of adenosine 5'-triphosphateTERADA, H; IKUNO, M; SHINOHARA, Y et al.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1984, Vol 767, Num 3, pp 648-650, issn 0006-3002Article

Early radiation induced proctosigmoiditis responds to magnesium therapyCOHEN, L; KITZES, R.Magnesium. 1985, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 16-19, issn 0252-1156Article

Preparation of Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride from Magnesium Chloride HexahydrateZHIMIN ZHANG; XUCHEN LU; FENG PAN et al.Metallurgical and materials transactions. B, Process metallurgy and materials processing science. 2013, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 354-358, issn 1073-5615, 5 p.Article

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