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Synthesis of η6-octafluorocyclooctatetraene and η6-cyclooctatetraene complexes of manganese(I). Molecular structures of [Mn(η5-C5R5)(η6-C8X8)] (R=H, Me, X=F; R=Me, X=H)HEMOND, R. C; HUGHES, R. P; RHEINGOLD, A. L et al.Organometallics. 1989, Vol 8, Num 5, pp 1261-1269, issn 0276-7333, 9 p.Article

Partial analysis of geological materials by X-ray fluorescence = Analyse partielle des matériaux géologiques par fluorescence RXBOSE, A; SEN, N; GANGULI, C. K et al.Indian Minerals. 1985, Vol 39, Num 4, pp 56-59, issn 0019-5936Article

Manganese (II) modified heteropoly compounds studied by ESRNOWINSKA, K; WACŁAW, A; MASIERAK, W et al.Catalysis letters. 2004, Vol 92, Num 3-4, pp 157-162, issn 1011-372X, 6 p.Article

X-ray fluorescence study of manganese compounds at stoichiometric compositionsGHODSI, M; DUVIGNEAUD, P. H; GLADE, G et al.Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 1985, Vol 58, Num 12, pp 3563-3565, issn 0009-2673Article

Mécanisme d'extinction de la luminescence des halogénures de Mn2+ en solutions liquides et cristaux hydratésSVESHNIKOVA, E. B; STROGANOV, A. A.Optika i spektroskopiâ. 1986, Vol 60, Num 3, pp 521-527, issn 0030-4034Article

Brain manganese accumulation following systemic administration of different formsGANUTSOS, G; SELTZER, M. D; SAYMEH, R et al.Archives of toxicology. 1985, Vol 57, Num 4, pp 272-275, issn 0340-5761Article

Pro- or anti-oxidant manganese: a suggested mechanism for reconciliationHAMAI, Diem; BONDY, Stephen C.Neurochemistry international. 2004, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 223-229, issn 0197-0186, 7 p.Article

Pressure effect on the lattice parameters of RMn2X2 (R=Y, La, Nd and X=Ge, Si)KANOMATA, T; KAWASHIMA, T; KANEKO, T et al.Physica status solidi. A. Applied research. 1990, Vol 120, Num 2, pp K117-K120, issn 0031-8965Article

Soft fluorescence X-ray emission spectra of coordination compounds of manganeseHALLMEIER, K. H; SZARGAN, R; FRITSCHE, K et al.Physica scripta (Print). 1987, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 827-830, issn 0031-8949Conference Paper

Synthetic applications of trialkylaluminum reagents: alkylation and reduction of transition-metal-complexes π-hydrocarbon ligandsGAUDET, M. V; HANSON, A. W; WHITE, P. S et al.Organometallics. 1989, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 286-293, issn 0276-7333, 8 p.Article

Structure of the 534.1 nm manganese laser lineYONGJIANG WANG; HONGPIN CHEN; TIEJUN XIA et al.Optics communications. 1987, Vol 61, Num 6, pp 387-392, issn 0030-4018Article

Kinetics of manganese released from selected manganese oxide minerals as influenced by potassium chlorideKRISHNAMURTI, G. S. R; HUANG, P. M.Soil science. 1988, Vol 146, Num 5, pp 326-334, issn 0038-075XArticle

Determination of MnO and MnO2 in manganese oresRYL'KOVA, A.S; CHEREVIK, V.V; SAMBORSKAYA, L.E et al.Zavodskaâ laboratoriâ. 1986, Vol 52, Num 8, pp 15-17, issn 0321-4265Article

Manganese oxide minerals = Les minéraux du groupe des oxydes de manganèseGIOVANOLI, R.8. Congress of International Society of Soil Science, Hamburg (DEU). 1986, Vol 5, pp 335-345Conference Paper

Manganova ruda v Jihoafrické republice (JAR) = Manganese ore in South AfricaSVOBODA, J.Rudy. 1991, Vol 39, Num 5-6, pp 95-99, issn 0483-5093Article

Radioisotope X-ray fluorescence technique for determination of manganese and iron concentrations in manganese ores using balanced filters = Fluorescence RX des radioisotopes pour le dosage du manganèse et du fer dans des minerais de manganèse à l'aide de filtres équilibrésVENKAT RAO, N; HABEEBUDDIN, M.Geophysical research bulletin. 1986, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 85-90, issn 0378-6307Article

Structure of the oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem. II: calcium and lanthanum compete for sites on the oxidizing side of photosystem II which control the binding of water-soluble polypeptides and regulate the activity of the manganese complexGHANOTAKIS, D. F; BABCOCK, G. T; YOCUM, C. F et al.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1985, Vol 809, Num 2, pp 173-180, issn 0006-3002Article

Routine determination of manganese in ores by INAA with an Am-Be neutron source. Application to manganese ore deposits in North-Western NigeriaONOJAH, A; UMAR, I. M; FUNTUA, I. I et al.Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. 1995, Vol 201, Num 1, pp 25-30, issn 0236-5731Article

Mechanism of manganese toxicity and tolerance of plants. II: Deposition of oxidized manganese in plant tissuesHORIGUCHI, T.Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (Tokyo). 1987, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 595-606, issn 0038-0768Article

Elevated manganese concentrations at the cores of clupeid otoliths: possible environmental, physiological, or structural originsBROPHY, D; JEFFRIES, T. E; DANILOWICZ, B. S et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2004, Vol 144, Num 4, pp 779-786, issn 0025-3162, 8 p.Article

[{Cp(CO)2Mn}2(μ-H)]○-, ein neues, vielseitiges Reagens = [{Cp(CO)2Mn}2(μ-H)] a new multiple reagentPLÖSSL, K; HUTTNER, G; ZSOLNAI, L et al.Angewandte Chemie. 1989, Vol 101, Num 4, pp 482-483, issn 0044-8249, 2 p.Article

Magnetic hysteresis and magnetic susceptibility of some intermetallic manganese compoundsABDEL-KADER, M. M; EL-HOSARY, F. A; NEGM, N. Z et al.Journal of materials science letters. 1991, Vol 10, Num 24, pp 1449-1452, issn 0261-8028Article

Determination of the ionization state of Mn in culture mediaSON, C. L; JONES, G. P; GRAHAM, R. D et al.Soil biology & biochemistry. 1990, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 507-510, issn 0038-0717, 4 p.Article

Hausmannite (Mn3O4) conversion to manganite (γ-MnOOH) in dilute oxalate solutionLIND, C. J.Environmental science & technology. 1988, Vol 22, Num 1, pp 62-70, issn 0013-936XArticle

Short-term oral administration of several manganese compounds in mice : physiological and behavioral alterations caused by different forms of manganeseKOMURA, J; SAKAMOTO, M.Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 1991, Vol 46, Num 6, pp 921-928, issn 0007-4861, 8 p.Article

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