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Constant Asphaltene Molecular and Nanoaggregate Mass in a Gravitationally Segregated ReservoirQINGHAO WU; SEIFERT, Douglas J; POMERANTZ, Andrew E et al.Energy & fuels. 2014, Vol 28, Num 5-6, pp 3010-3015, issn 0887-0624, 6 p.Article

Structural Properties and Molecular Mass Distributions of BiomassCoal Cogasification Tars as a Function of AgingGEORGE, Anthe; LORENTE, Esther; BERRUECO, Cesar et al.Energy & fuels. 2013, Vol 27, Num JULAOU, pp 3786-3801, issn 0887-0624, 16 p.Article

Dietary patterns associated with fat and bone mass in young childrenWOSJE, Karen S; KHOURY, Philip R; CLAYTOR, Randal P et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2010, Vol 92, Num 2, pp 294-303, issn 0002-9165, 10 p.Article

Mass equidistribution for Hecke eigenformsHOLOWINSKY, Roman; SOUNDARARAJAN, Kannan.Annals of mathematics. 2010, Vol 172, Num 2, pp 1517-1528, issn 0003-486X, 12 p.Article

Masa supraclavicular = Supraclavicular massFALERO GALLEGO, M. P; GALAN AREVALO, S; RUPEREZ, E. Crespo et al.Anales de pediatria (2003. Ed. impresa). 2007, Vol 67, Num 3, pp 283-284, issn 1695-4033, 2 p.Article

Embossing of dough and related processesLEVINE, Leon.Cereal foods world. 2004, Vol 49, Num 1, issn 0146-6283, 35, 38 [2 p.]Article

Die Elementtarkonstanten und die MathematikROMPE, R; TREDER, H.-J.Annalen der Physik (Leipzig). 1990, Vol 47, Num 2-3, pp 206-210, issn 0003-3804Article

Global warming and basal sliding of antarctic ice sheetAZUMA, Nobuhiko.Japanese journal of tribology. 2005, Vol 50, Num 5, pp 543-550, issn 1045-7828, 8 p.Article

Comment on the 4/3 problem in the electromagnetic mass and the Boyer-Rohrlich controversyCAMPOS, I; JIMENEZ, J. L.Physical review. D. Particles and fields. 1986, Vol 33, Num 2, pp 607-610, issn 0556-2821Article

Influence of High Molecular Weight Glutenins on Viscoelastic Properties of Intact Wheat Kernel and Relation to Functional Properties of Wheat DoughFIGUEROA, J. D. C; MAUCHER, Tanja; REULE, W et al.Cereal chemistry. 2009, Vol 86, Num 2, pp 139-144, issn 0009-0352, 6 p.Article

Influence of Low Molecular Weight Glutenins on Viscoelastic Properties of Intact Wheat Kernels and Their Relation to Functional Properties of Wheat DoughMAUCHER, Tanja; FIGUEROA, J. D. C; REULE, W et al.Cereal chemistry. 2009, Vol 86, Num 4, pp 372-375, issn 0009-0352, 4 p.Article

Relative importance of lean and fat mass on bone mineral density in a group of adolescent girls and boysEL HAGE, Rawad Philippe; COURTEIX, Daniel; BENHAMOU, Claude-Laurent et al.European journal of applied physiology (Print). 2009, Vol 105, Num 5, pp 759-764, issn 1439-6319, 6 p.Article

A novel low-molecular-mass gelator with a redox active ferrocenyl group : Tuning gel formation by oxidationJING LIU; JUNLIN YAN; XUANWEI YUAN et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2008, Vol 318, Num 2, pp 397-404, issn 0021-9797, 8 p.Article

Fat mass is not beneficial to bone in adolescents and young adultsJANICKA, Agnieszka; WREN, Tishya A. L; SANCHEZ, Monique M et al.The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. 2007, Vol 92, Num 1, pp 143-147, issn 0021-972X, 5 p.Article

Large-scale redistributions of atmospheric massCHRISTY, J. R; TRENBERTH, K. E; ANDERSON, J. R et al.Journal of climate. 1989, Vol 2, Num 2, pp 137-148, issn 0894-8755Article

Adiponectin and bone mass density: The InCHIANTI studyNAPOLI, Nicola; PEDONE, Claudio; POZZILLI, Paolo et al.Bone (New York, NY). 2010, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 1001-1005, issn 8756-3282, 5 p.Article

Mass-gap equations within the QED framework. II, Closed sets of mass equationsLEMKE, E. H.Journal of physics. G. Nuclear and particle physics (Print). 1991, Vol 17, Num 6, pp 809-824, issn 0954-3899, 16 p.Article

Effects of peptide molecular mass and PEG chain length on the vasoreactivity of VIP and PACAP1-38 in pegylated phospholipid micellesASHOK, Beena; RUBINSTEIN, Israel; TSUESHITA, Takaya et al.Peptides (New York, NY. 1980). 2004, Vol 25, Num 8, pp 1253-1258, issn 0196-9781, 6 p.Article

Neutrino masses and mixings based on a spacial set of quark matricesALBRIGHT, C. H.Physical review. D. Particles and fields. 1991, Vol 43, Num 11, pp R3595-R3598, issn 0556-2821Article

Historique de la naissance du kilogramme = Kilogram birth case historyMARQUET, L.Bulletin du Bureau national de métrologie. 1989, Vol 20, Num 76-77, pp 9-18, issn 0982-2232, 10 p.Article

Hebey-Vaugon conjecture IIMADANI, Farid.Comptes rendus. Mathématique. 2012, Vol 350, Num 17-18, pp 849-852, issn 1631-073X, 4 p.Article

Une masse abdominale chez une insuffisante rénaleGUY, L; RAVEL, A; SOARES, P et al.Feuillets de radiologie. 2004, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 293-294, issn 0181-9801, 2 p.Article

Mass spectrum of the M4×SD solution in Euler invariant type higher derivative gravityISHIKAWA, K.Physics letters. Section B. 1987, Vol 188, Num 2, pp 186-192, issn 0370-2693Article

The fourth generation in supergravityENQVIST, K; NANOPOULOS, D. V; ZWIRNER, F et al.Physics letters. Section B. 1985, Vol 164, Num 4-5-6, pp 321-328, issn 0370-2693Article

Minireview: The Link Between Fat and Bone: Does Mass Beget Mass?ZAIDI, Mone; BUETTNER, Christoph; LI SUN et al.Endocrinology (Philadelphia). 2012, Vol 153, Num 5, pp 2070-2075, issn 0013-7227, 6 p.Article

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