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Office-based medication dispensingBARTHOLOME, W. G; SHEA, D. W.Pediatrics (Evanston). 1989, Vol 84, Num 2, pp 399-400, issn 0031-4005, 2 p., 0Article

Levothyroxine Prescription Not as Simple as It SeemsCAPPOLA, Anne R.JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association. 2014, Vol 311, Num 24, pp 2532-2533, issn 0098-7484, 2 p.Article

Templates for analysis of individual-level prescription dataHALLAS, Jesper; STOVRING, Henrik.Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology (Print). 2006, Vol 98, Num 3, pp 260-265, issn 1742-7835, 6 p.Conference Paper

Pharmaceutical advertisements in prescribing software : an analysisHARVEY, Ken J; VITRY, Agnes I; ROUGHEAD, Elizabeth et al.Medical journal of Australia. 2005, Vol 183, Num 2, pp 75-79, issn 0025-729X, 5 p.Article

PRESCRIPTION CHARGES: ARE THEY WORTH IT?APPLEBY, John.BMJ (Overseas and retired doctors ed.). 2014, Vol 348, Num 7963, pp 16-17, issn 1759-2151, 2 p.Article

Prescribing practices among nurse practitioners in adult and family healthBATEY, M. V; HOLLAND, J. M.American journal of public health (1971). 1985, Vol 95, Num 3, pp 258-262, issn 0090-0036Article

Physician beliefs, attitudes, and prescribing behavior for anti-inflammatory drugsEPSTEIN, A. M; LEIGHTON READ, J; WINICKOFF, R et al.The American journal of medicine. 1984, Vol 77, Num 2, pp 313-318, issn 0002-9343Article

Poor prescribing is continualARONSON, Jeffrey K; BARNETT, David B; FERNER, Robin E et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2006, Vol 333, Num 7571, pp 756-756, issn 0959-8146, 1 p.Article

Is it possible to measure prescribing quality using only prescription data?ANDERSEN, Morten.Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology (Print). 2006, Vol 98, Num 3, pp 314-319, issn 1742-7835, 6 p.Conference Paper

Influencing the prescribing behaviour of physicians : a metaevaluationPIPPALA, R. S; RILEY, D. A; CHINBURAPA, V et al.Journal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics (Print). 1995, Vol 20, Num 4, pp 189-198, issn 0269-4727Article

Therapeutische Wirksamkeit von Ultraschall : eine Literaturubersicht = A review on the therapeutic effectiveness of ultrasoundKOBER, L; KROLING, P.Physikalische Medizin. 1993, Vol 3, Num 0001, pp 00022-00029, issn 0940-6689Article

Indications et contre-indications au tir a l'arcALTERESCU, P.Actualités sport et médecine (Royan). 1992, Vol 0, Num 0014, pp 00026-00027, issn 1151-3195Article

Untersuchungen zur wirksamkeit von SOFT und MID laser behandlungen bei indikationen am bewegungsapparatKEITEL, W; SCHULZ, A.Physikalische Medizin. 1991, Vol 1, Num 0102, pp 00052-00053, issn 0940-6689Article

Persistence of improvement in antibiotic prescribing in office practiceRAY, W. A; SCHAFFNER, W; FEDERSPIEL, C. F et al.JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association. 1985, Vol 253, Num 12, pp 1774-1776, issn 0098-7484Article

Deliberate drug rechallengeSTEPHENS, M.Human toxicology. 1983, Vol 2, Num 4, pp 573-577, issn 0144-5952Article

Utilization of psychotropic drugs in Saskatchewan: 1977-1980POWER, B; DOWNEY, W; SCHNELL, B. R et al.Canadian journal of psychiatry. 1983, Vol 28, Num 7, pp 547-551, issn 0706-7437Article

Ethical considerations when prescribing biologics in dermatology : Ethics in the Dermatology ClinicSANTORO, Frank A; ROTHE, Marti J; STROBER, Bruce E et al.Clinics in dermatology. 2012, Vol 30, Num 5, pp 492-495, issn 0738-081X, 4 p.Article

Practical Aspects of Prescribing a BiologicPOULIN, Yves; BOURCIER, Marc.Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery. 2009, Vol 13, issn 1203-4754, S93-S101, SUP2Article

Why do interns make prescribing errors? A qualitative studyCOOMBES, Lan D; STOWASSER, Danielle A; COOMBES, Judith A et al.Medical journal of Australia. 2008, Vol 188, Num 2, pp 89-94, issn 0025-729X, 6 p.Article

Choisir et prescrire un antidépresseur = Antidepressant agent: choice and indicationWAHL, G.La Pratique médicale (Paris). 1983, Num 41, pp 45-51, issn 0750-6155Article

L'ordonnance d'anxiolytique = Medical prescription of anxiolyticsFRESSINAUD, P.Archives médicales de l'Ouest. 1983, Vol 15, Num 5-6, pp 123-124, issn 0570-6955Article

Techniques de prescription en pathologie lourde = Medical prescription in «heavy pathology»GUERMONPREZ, M.L' Homéopathie française (Paris. 1912). 1988, Vol 76, Num 5, pp 239-245, issn 0018-4225Article

Rationale for the use of hypnotic agents in a general hospitalPERRY, S. W; WU, A.Annals of internal medicine. 1984, Vol 100, Num 3, pp 441-446, issn 0003-4819Article

Reduction in Antibiotic Use Following a Cluster Randomized Controlled Multifaceted Intervention: The Israeli Judicious Antibiotic Prescription StudyREGEV-YOCHAY, Gili; RAZ, Meir; RUBINSTEIN, Ethan et al.Clinical infectious diseases. 2011, Vol 53, Num 1, pp 33-41, issn 1058-4838, 9 p.Article

Rapid Diagnostics and Appropriate Antibiotic UseRICE, Louis B.Clinical infectious diseases. 2011, Vol 52, issn 1058-4838, S357-S360, SUP4Conference Paper

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