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Renal tubular acidosis type 4 in neonatal unilateral kidney diseasesALON, U; KODROFF, M. B; BROECKER, B. H et al.The Journal of pediatrics. 1984, Vol 104, Num 6, pp 855-860, issn 0022-3476Article

When is serum albumin worth measuring?WHICHER, J; SPENCE, C.Annals of clinical biochemistry. 1987, Vol 24, Num 6, pp 572-580, issn 0004-5632Article

Clinical assessment of metabolic bone diseaseFISHER, A. H; GUNNESS-HEY, M; VIBHA GARG GAUTAM et al.New York State journal of medicine. 1986, Vol 86, Num 3, pp 123-128, issn 0028-7628Article

Analysis of collagen from normal and abnormal human boneQUELCH, K. J; MURPHY, W. H; MELICK, R. A et al.Australian journal of experimental biology and medical science. 1984, Vol 62, Num 3, pp 309-315, issn 0004-945XArticle

Early-life origins of metabolic dysfunction : role of the adipocyteMUHLHAUSLER, Beverly; SMITH, Steven R.Trends in endocrinology and metabolism. 2009, Vol 20, Num 2, pp 51-57, issn 1043-2760, 7 p.Article

The usefulness of peripheral venous blood in estimating acid-base status in acutely III patientsGENNIS, P. R; SKOVRON, M. L; ARONSON, S. T et al.Annals of emergency medicine. 1985, Vol 14, Num 9, pp 845-849, issn 0196-0644Article

Protective Effects of Vescalagin from Pink Wax Apple [Syzygium samarangense (Blume) Merrill and Perry] Fruit against Methylglyoxal-Induced Inflammation and Carbohydrate Metabolic Disorder in RatsCHANG, Wen-Chang; SHEN, Szu-Chuan; WU, James Swi-Bea et al.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (Print). 2013, Vol 61, Num 29, pp 7102-7109, issn 0021-8561, 8 p.Article

Bisphosphonates and hypercalcemiaBONJOUR, J. P; RIZZOLI, R; AMMANN, P et al.Annales d'endocrinologie. 1993, Vol 54, Num 6, pp 399-408, issn 0003-4266Conference Paper

Chondrocalcinosis in surgically resected jointsSOKOLOFF, L; VARMA, A. A.Arthritis and rheumatism. 1988, Vol 31, Num 6, pp 750-756, issn 0004-3591Article

Radionuclide imaging in metabolic and systemic skeletal diseasesMCAFEE, J. G.Seminars in nuclear medicine. 1987, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 334-349, issn 0001-2998Article

Fragestellung des Klinikers an den Radiologen bei der Diagnostik metabolischer Knochenerkrankungen = Questions du clinicien au radiologue à propos du diagnostic des maladies osseuses métaboliques = Questions from the clinician to the radiologist regarding the diagnosis of metabolic bone diseasesSCHULZ, W; SCHMIDT, M.Der Radiologe (Berlin. Print). 1986, Vol 26, Num 12, pp 592-597, issn 0033-832XArticle

Hemangiosarcoma complicating Paget's disease of the boneCHEN, K. T. K.Journal of surgical oncology. 1985, Vol 28, Num 3, pp 187-189, issn 0022-4790Article

Hypomagnesemia in patients entering the ICUREINHART, R. A; DESBIENS, N. A.Critical care medicine. 1985, Vol 13, Num 6, pp 506-507, issn 0090-3493Article

Hypouricemia due to renal tubular defect: a study with the probenecid-pyrazinamide testSMETANA, S. S; YAACOV BAR-KHAYIM.Archives of internal medicine (1960). 1985, Vol 145, Num 7, pp 1200-1203, issn 0003-9926Article

α-Adrenergic treatment of hyperkalemic periodic paralysisBENDHEIM, P. E; OBSTARCZYK REALE, E; BERG, B. O et al.Neurology. 1985, Vol 35, Num 5, pp 746-749, issn 0028-3878Article

The alternations of plasma potassium in patients with severe acute head injuryTROUWBORST, A; KOOIJMAN, J.Injury. 1984, Vol 15, Num 5, pp 293-295, issn 0020-1383Article

The release of leukotriene B4-like material in biologically active amounts from the lesional skin of patients with psoriasisBRAIN, S; CAMP, R; DOWD, P et al.Journal of investigative dermatology. 1984, Vol 83, Num 1, pp 70-73, issn 0022-202XArticle

Hyponatraemia in diabetes without ketoacidosisWALTERS, E. G; HUGHES, I. A.Archives of disease in childhood. 1984, Vol 59, Num 8, pp 785-786, issn 0003-9888Article

Slowly digested carbohydrate food improves impaired carbohydrate tolerance in patients with cirrhosisJENKINS, D. J. A; THORNE, M. J; TAYLOR, R. H et al.Clinical science (1979). 1984, Vol 66, Num 6, pp 649-657, issn 0143-5221Article

Sulbenicillin-induced Kaliuresis in manTOMITA, K; MATSUDA, O; SHINOHARA, S et al.Japanese journal of physiology. 1983, Vol 33, Num 5, pp 811-820, issn 0021-521XArticle

Changes in resting energy expenditure after development of brain deathDOMINGUEZ-ROLDAN, J. M; MURILLO-CABEZAS, F; SANTAMARIA-MIFSUT, J. L et al.Transplantation proceedings. 1995, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 2397-2398, issn 0041-1345Conference Paper

Osteoporosis reexamined: complexity of bone biology is a challengeCULLITON, B. J.Science (Washington, D.C.). 1987, Vol 235, Num 4791, pp 833-834, issn 0036-8075Article

Open-quiz solution: case report 422KUHLENCORDT, F; KRUSE, H.-P.Skeletal radiology. 1987, Vol 16, Num 5, pp 407-411, issn 0364-2348Article

PTH bioactivity in osteoporosisSAPHIER, P. W; STAMP, T. C. B; KELSEY, C. R et al.Bone and mineral. 1987, Vol 3, Num 1, pp 75-83, issn 0169-6009Article

Essential hypertension: a metabolic cause? a hypothesisMACIEIRA-COELHO, E; GARCIA-ALVES, M; REIS-VALLE, A et al.Angiology. 1985, Vol 36, Num 5, pp 305-309, issn 0003-3197Article

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