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Solvent Tuning of Electrochemical Potentials in the Active Sites of HiPIP Versus FerredoxinDEY, Abhishek; JENNEY, Francis E; ADAMS, Michael W. W et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2007, Vol 318, Num 5855, pp 1464-1468, issn 0036-8075, 5 p.Article

Monitoring of unfolding of metallo-proteins by electrospray ionization mass spectrometryCUNSOLO, Vincenzo; FOTI, Salvatore; ROSA, Carmelo La et al.Journal of mass spectrometry. 2003, Vol 38, Num 5, pp 502-509, issn 1076-5174, 8 p.Article

Fluoroimmunosensing system using ferulic acid as the substrate for the determination of transferrinCAO, Qing-Yun; GONG, Fu-Chun; SHEN, Guo-Li et al.Analytical letters. 2003, Vol 36, Num 14, pp 3035-3049, issn 0003-2719, 15 p.Article

Blue myoglobin reconstituted with an iron porphycene shows extremely high oxygen affinityHAYASHI, Takashi; DEJIMA, Hirohisa; MATSUO, Takashi et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002, Vol 124, Num 38, pp 11226-11227, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Thermodynamic domain analysis of fresh and incubated human apotransferrinREZAEI-TAVIRANI, M; MOOSAVI-MOVAHEDI, A. A; SABOURY, A. A et al.Thermochimica acta. 2002, Vol 383, Num 1-2, pp 103-108, issn 0040-6031Article

Interference of Pb leaching from the pH electrode on Cd-metallothionein complexERK, Marijana; RASPOR, Biserka.Analytica chimica acta. 2001, Vol 442, Num 1, pp 165-170, issn 0003-2670Article

Observation of the iron-sulfur cluster in Escherichia coli biotin synthase by nanoflow electrospray mass spectrometryHERNANDEZ, H; HEWITSON, K. S; ROACH, P et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 2001, Vol 73, Num 17, pp 4154-4161, issn 0003-2700Article

Species analysis of metallothionein isoforms in human brain cytosols by use of capillary electrophoresis hyphenated to inductively coupled plasma-sector field mass spectrometryPRANGE, Andreas; SCHAUMLÖFFEL, Dirk; BRÄTTER, Peter et al.Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry. 2001, Vol 371, Num 6, pp 764-774, issn 0937-0633Article

Probing the stoichiometry and oxidation states of metal centers in iron-sulfur proteins using electrospray FTICR mass spectrometryJOHNSON, Keith A; VERHAGEN, Marc F. J. M; BRERETON, Phillip S et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 2000, Vol 72, Num 7, pp 1410-1418, issn 0003-2700Article


A short Fe-Fe distance in peroxodiferric ferritin: Control of Fe substrate versus cofactor decay?JUNGWON HWANG; KREBS, C; BOI HANH HUYNH et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2000, Vol 287, Num 5450, pp 122-125, issn 0036-8075Article

Tricine buffer for metallothionein isoform separation by capillary zone electrophoresisVIRTANEN, V; BORDIN, G.Analytica chimica acta. 1999, Vol 402, Num 1-2, pp 59-66, issn 0003-2670Article

Electrochemical study on Cd binding to metallothioneins isolated from the mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialisERK, M; RASPOR, B.Journal of electroanalytical chemistry (1992). 1999, Vol 466, Num 1, pp 75-81, issn 1572-6657Article

Metallothionein induction in rat liver by dietary restriction or exercise and reduction of exercise-induced hepatic lipid peroxidationSHINOGI, M; SAKARIDANI, M; YOKOYAMA, I et al.Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin. 1999, Vol 22, Num 2, pp 132-136, issn 0918-6158Article

Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assayBORQUE, L; RUS, A; BELLOD, L et al.Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. 1999, Vol 37, Num 9, pp 899-905, issn 1434-6621Article

Generation and characterization of hammerhead ribozymes targeting rodent metallothionein-I and -II ribonucleic acidLEE, K.-F; LAU, K.-M; HO, S.-M et al.Toxicology and applied pharmacology. 1999, Vol 161, Num 3, pp 294-301, issn 0041-008XArticle

Hepatic and extrahepatic clearance of circulating human lactoferrin : an experimental study in ratPEEN, E; JOHANSSON, A; ENGQUIST, M et al.European journal of haematology. 1998, Vol 61, Num 3, pp 151-159, issn 0902-4441Article

The influence of experimental conditions and of organic solvents as modifiers on the separation of metallothionein isoforms by capillary zone electrophoresis in an uncoated capillary columnVIRTANEN, V; BORDIN, G; RODRIGUEZ, A.-R et al.Chromatographia (Wiesbaden). 1998, Vol 48, Num 9-10, pp 637-642, issn 0009-5893Article

Etude par RMN à haute-résolution en solide de modèles synthétiques des sites actifs des protéines à {4Fe-4S} = High-resolution solid-state NMR study of synthetic models of {4Fe-4S} proteins active sitesChaussade, Marc; Lamotte, Bernard.1998, 192 p.Thesis

Analysis for metallothioneins using coupled techniquesLOBINSKI, R; CHASSAIGNE, H; SZPUNAR, J et al.Talanta (Oxford). 1998, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 271-289, issn 0039-9140Conference Paper

Metallothionein isoforms from horse, rabbit and rat separated by capillary zone electrophoresis at low pHWILHELMSEN, T. W; OLSVIK, P. A; TEIGEN, S. W et al.Talanta (Oxford). 1998, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 291-300, issn 0039-9140Conference Paper

New competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for determination of metallothionein in tissue and seraAPOSTOLOVA, M; NACHEV, C; KOLEVA, M et al.Talanta (Oxford). 1998, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 325-333, issn 0039-9140Conference Paper

Separation of metallothionein isoforms of mouse liver cytosol by capillary zone electrophoresisMINAMI, T; YOSHITA, C; TANAKA, M et al.Talanta (Oxford). 1998, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 347-354, issn 0039-9140Conference Paper

La lactoferrine : Une protétine bonne à tout faire ! = LactoferrinRevue laitière française. 1997, Num 573, issn 0035-3590, p. 24Article

Loss of the metal binding properties of metallothionein induced by hydrogen peroxide and free radicalsJIMENEZ, I; GOTTELAND, M; ZARZUELO, A et al.Toxicology (Amsterdam). 1997, Vol 120, Num 1, pp 37-46, issn 0300-483XArticle

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