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Topics in xenobiochemistry : Application of microdialysis techniques in pharmacokinetic studiesFETTWEIS, G; BORLAK, J.Xenobiotica (London. Print). 1996, Vol 26, Num 5, pp 473-486, issn 0049-8254, 13 p.Article

Microdialysis in neurointensive care : Current status of neuroprotection in traumatic brain injuryUNGERSTEDT, Urban; ROSTAMI, Elham.Current pharmaceutical design. 2004, Vol 10, Num 18, pp 2145-2152, issn 1381-6128, 8 p.Article

In vivo measurements of neurotransmitters by microdialysis, samplingWATSON, Christopher J; VENTON, B. Jill; KENNEDY, Robert T et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 2006, Vol 78, Num 5, pp 1391-1399, issn 0003-2700, 9 p.Article

Effects of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers on Ocular Absorption of Puerarin Using MicrodialysisCHEN YAO; WENYAN WANG; XIUDI ZHOU et al.Journal of ocular pharmacology and therapeutics. 2011, Vol 27, Num 6, pp 565-569, issn 1080-7683, 5 p.Article

Practical aspects of using microdialysis for determination of brain interstitial concentrationsBENVENISTE, H; HANSEN, A. J.Techniques in the behavioral and neural sciences. 1991, Vol 7, pp 81-100, issn 0921-0709Article

Microdialysis and liquid chromatographyKISSINGER, P. T.Techniques in the behavioral and neural sciences. 1991, Vol 7, pp 103-115, issn 0921-0709Article

Methods and issues in microdialysis calibrationSTENKEN, J. A.Analytica chimica acta. 1999, Vol 379, Num 3, pp 337-358, issn 0003-2670Article

Quantitative microdialysisMORRISON, P. F; BUNGAY, P. M; HSIAO, J. K et al.Techniques in the behavioral and neural sciences. 1991, Vol 7, pp 47-80, issn 0921-0709Article

Role of Microdialysis in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: Current Status and Future DirectionsAZEREDO, Francine Johansson; COSTA, Teresa Dalla; DERENDORF, Hartmut et al.Clinical pharmacokinetics. 2014, Vol 53, Num 3, pp 205-212, issn 0312-5963, 8 p.Article

Analytical applications of microdialysisLUNTE, Craig E.Analytica chimica acta. 1999, Vol 379, Num 3, issn 0003-2670, 141 p.Serial Issue

Introduction to intracerebral microdialysisUNGERSTEDT, U.Techniques in the behavioral and neural sciences. 1991, Vol 7, pp 3-22, issn 0921-0709Article

Microdialysis-theoretical background and recent implementation in applied life-sciencesPLOCK, Nele; KLOFT, Charlotte.European journal of pharmaceutical sciences. 2005, Vol 25, Num 1, pp 1-24, issn 0928-0987, 24 p.Article

Microdialysis for neurochemical monitoring of the human brainHILLERED, Lars; PERSSON, Lennart.SCJ. Scandinavian cardiovascular journal. 2003, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 13-17, issn 1401-7431, 5 p.Article

Diffusion and calibration properties of microdialysis sampling membranes in biological mediaSNYDER, Kate L; NATHAN, Colleen E; YEE, Andrew et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2001, Vol 126, Num 8, pp 1261-1268, issn 0003-2654Article

Human adipose tissue glucose uptake determined using [18F]-fluoro-deoxy-glucose ([18F]FDG) and pet in combination with microdialysisVIRTANEN, K. A; PELTONIEMI, P; MARJAMÄKI, P et al.Diabetologia (Berlin). 2001, Vol 44, Num 12, pp 2171-2179, issn 0012-186XArticle

Procedures for microdialysis with smallbore HPLCPETTIT, H. O; JUSTICE, J. B.Techniques in the behavioral and neural sciences. 1991, Vol 7, pp 117-153, issn 0921-0709Article

A study of the use of microdialysis probes as a sampling unit in on-line bioprocess monitoring in conjunction with column liquid chromatographyMARKO-VARGA, G; BUTTLER, T; GORTON, L et al.Chromatographia (Wiesbaden). 1993, Vol 35, Num 5-6, pp 285-289, issn 0009-5893Article

Continuous glucose monitoring by intravenous microdialysisROOYACKERS, O; BLIXT, C; MATTSSON, P et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2010, Vol 54, Num 7, pp 841-847, issn 0001-5172, 7 p.Article

Microdialysis sampling: Challenges and new frontiersTORTO, Nelson; MWATSETEZA, Joncs; LAURELL, Thomas et al.LC GC North America. 2001, Vol 19, Num 5, pp 462-475, issn 1527-5949, 7 p.Article

Coupling microdialysis with flow-injection chemiluminescence detection for a protein-drug interaction studyHUA CHEN; ZHENGJUN GONG; ZHUJUN ZHANG et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2006, Vol 41, Num 4, pp 1412-1417, issn 0731-7085, 6 p.Article

Pharmacokinetic estimations from microdialysis dataSTÅHLE, L.European journal of clinical pharmacology. 1992, Vol 43, Num 3, pp 289-294, issn 0031-6970Article

Microdialysis in the femoral head of the minipig and in a blood cloth of human bloodBOGEHOJ, Morten Foged; EMMELUTH, Claus; OVERGAARD, Soren et al.Acta orthopaedica (Print). 2011, Vol 82, Num 2, pp 241-245, issn 1745-3674, 5 p.Article

Pharmacologic modulation of skeletal muscle metabolism : A microdialysis studySCHUSTER, Frank; TAS, Petrus; MÜLLER, Rainer et al.Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology (Print). 2006, Vol 98, Num 4, pp 372-376, issn 1742-7835, 5 p.Article

In vitro characterization of an in situ microdialysis sampling assay for elastase activity detectionSTEUERWALD, Amy J; VILLENEUVE, Joshua D; LI SUN et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2006, Vol 40, Num 5, pp 1041-1047, issn 0731-7085, 7 p.Article

In vivo microdialysis estimation of histamine in human skinANDERSON, C; ANDERSSON, T; ANDERSSON, R. G. G et al.Skin pharmacology. 1992, Vol 5, Num 3, pp 177-183, issn 1011-0283Article

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