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Dynamics of off-diagonal elements in regularly pumped micromasers with atomic decayMA AIQUN; CHANG SU; KHOURY, A. Z et al.Optics communications. 1993, Vol 100, Num 1-4, pp 303-310, issn 0030-4018Article

Complete population transfer induced by transient nonadiabatic effects in a strongly detuned micromaserGILLOT, J; BOUCHENE, M. A.Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical physics (Print). 2011, Vol 28, Num 5, pp 1324-1327, issn 0740-3224, 4 p.Article

Atomic interference in the micromaser and statistical properties of the micromaser fieldBENSON, O; WEIDINGER, M; RAITHEL, G et al.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1997, Vol 44, Num 10, pp 2011-2019, issn 0950-0340Conference Paper

Nonlinear features of a micromaser in the semiclassical limitRETAMAL, J. C; SAAVEDRA, C; LAZO, E et al.Physical review. A. 1993, Vol 48, Num 3, pp 2482-2485, issn 1050-2947, AArticle

Micromaser with two-photon absorberELLINGER, K; RITSCH, H.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1995, Vol 42, Num 10, pp 2127-2152, issn 0950-0340Article

Micromaser spectrumSCULLY, M. O; WALTHER, H; AGARWAL, G. S et al.Physical review. A. 1991, Vol 44, Num 9, pp 5992-5996, issn 1050-2947Article

Conditional generation of non-classical states in a non-degenerate two-photon micromaser : equal-intensity pair-Fock states preparation. INAPOLI, A; MESSINA, A.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1997, Vol 44, Num 11-12, pp 2075-2091, issn 0950-0340Article

Les lasers à un seul atome = One atom lasersFELD, M. S; KYUNGWON AN.Pour la science. 1998, Num 250, pp 42-47, issn 0153-4092Article

Field oscillations in a micromaser with injected atomic coherenceHILLERY, M; SKVARCEK, J.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1998, Vol 45, Num 8, pp 1717-1724, issn 0950-0340Conference Paper

Exact trapping state dynamics for the 85Rb atom micromaser at very high Q and/or very low TJOSHI, A; KREMID, A; NAYAK, N et al.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1996, Vol 43, Num 5, pp 971-992, issn 0950-0340Conference Paper

Trapping states and measurementORSZAG, M; RAMIREZ, R.Optics communications. 1993, Vol 101, Num 5-6, pp 377-380, issn 0030-4018Article

Phase distribution and linewidth in the micromaserSCHIEVE, W. C; MCGOWAN, R. R.Physical review. A. 1993, Vol 48, Num 3, pp 2315-2323, issn 1050-2947, AArticle

Quantum phase properties of the field in a micromaser : Effect of cooperative atomic interactions, cavity losses and pump fluctuationsMUDASSAR AQUEEL AHMAD; IQBAL, Naveed; QAMAR, Shahid et al.Optics communications. 2006, Vol 260, Num 2, pp 621-632, issn 0030-4018, 12 p.Article

Polarization properties of Raman micromaserRESHETOV, V. A; PIGALEVA, I. N; YEVSEYEV, I. V et al.Laser physics letters (Print). 2009, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 290-296, issn 1612-2011, 7 p.Article

Rabi oscillation angle and transitions in a micromaserNING LU.Physical review. A. 1993, Vol 47, Num 6A, pp 5209-5212, issn 1050-2947Article

Pumping statistics and dynamics of micromasersGUERRA, E. S; ZAGURY, N.Optics communications. 1992, Vol 88, Num 4-6, pp 347-352, issn 0030-4018Article

Sub-Poissonian photon statistics in the micromaserBERGOU, J. A.Quantum and semiclassical optics. 1995, Vol 7, Num 3, pp 327-341, issn 1355-5111Conference Paper

Spectrum of a micromaser with Kerr nonlinearityBIMALENDU DEB; DEB SHANKAR RAY.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1995, Vol 42, Num 5, pp 1145-1153, issn 0950-0340Article

Micromaser line broadening without photon exchangeHENKEL, C.The European physical journal. Special topics. 2008, Vol 160, pp 217-224, issn 1951-6355, 8 p.Conference Paper

The generation of fock-states in the one-atom maserVARCOE, B. T. H; BRATTKE, S; ENGLERT, B.-G et al.Laser physics. 2000, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 1-7, issn 1054-660XConference Paper

Role of spatial mode function in the presence of two-atom events in a micromaserAQUEEL AHMAD, Mudassar; QAMAR, Shahid.Optics communications. 2007, Vol 272, Num 1, pp 138-147, issn 0030-4018, 10 p.Article

One-atom maser pumped by the atoms at mixed statesRESHETOV, V. A; POPOV, E. N; YEVSEYEV, I. V et al.Laser physics letters (Print). 2010, Vol 7, Num 3, pp 218-224, issn 1612-2011, 7 p.Article

The behavior of three quantum radiators in microcavityENAKI, Nicolae; ROSCA, Tudor.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2007, pp 67850Q.1-67850Q.8, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-6949-6, 1VolConference Paper

Trapping states and micromaser dynamics by a quantum-trajectory approachCASAGRANDE, F; GARAVAGLIA, M; LULLI, A et al.Optics communications. 1998, Vol 151, Num 4-6, pp 395-405, issn 0030-4018Article

Quantum theory of the micromaser with ultra-cold Λa-type three-level atomsZHANG, Z.-M; HE, L.-S.Optics communications. 1998, Vol 157, Num 1-6, pp 77-82, issn 0030-4018Article

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