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Circulation centrale au cours d'une décompression de la jambeRUMYANTSEV, V. V; KATKOV, V. E.Kosmičeskaâ biologiâ i aviakosmičeskaâ medicina. 1986, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 35-37, issn 0321-5040Article

Response synergies over a single leg when it is perturbed during the complex rhythmic movement of pedallingMCILROY, W. E; BROOKE, J. D.Brain research. 1987, Vol 407, Num 2, pp 317-326, issn 0006-8993Article

Electromyographic kinesiology of lower extremity muscles during slope walkingTOKUHIRO, A; NAGASHIMA, H; TAKECHI, H et al.Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 1985, Vol 66, Num 9, pp 610-613, issn 0003-9993Article

Maturation of cutaneous reflex responses recorded in the lower limb in manROWLANDSON, P. H; STEPHENS, J. A.Developmental medicine and child neurology (Print). 1985, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 425-433, issn 0012-1622Article

Vascularized growth-plate transplantation: a comparative study in the ratDRZEWIECKI, A. E; RANDOLPH, M. A; HOTCHKISS, R. H et al.Journal of reconstructive microsurgery. 1992, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 93-100, issn 0743-684XConference Paper

A model of persistent partial hindlimb ischemia in the rabbitHENDRICKS, D. L; PEVEC, W. C; SHESTAK, K. C et al.The Journal of surgical research. 1990, Vol 49, Num 5, pp 453-457, issn 0022-4804Article

The site of the tendinous interruption in semitendinosus in manLEE, T. C; O'DRISCOLL, K. J; MCGETTIGAN, P et al.Journal of anatomy (Print). 1988, Vol 157, pp 229-231, issn 0021-8782Article

Muscle activation during proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching techniquesOSTERNIG, L. R; ROBERTSON, R; TROXEL, R et al.American journal of physical medicine. 1987, Vol 66, Num 5, pp 298-307, issn 0002-9491Article

Skeletal relationships in the human embryonic foot based on three-dimensional reconstructionsMCKEE, P. R; BAGNALL, K. M.Acta anatomica. 1987, Vol 129, Num 1, pp 34-42, issn 0001-5180Article

Phase plane modeling of leg motionBEUTER, A; FLASHNER, H; ARABYAN, A et al.Biological cybernetics. 1986, Vol 53, Num 5, pp 273-284, issn 0340-1200Article

Differential effect of dichloroacetate on branched-chain amino acid catabolism in perfused rat hindlimbsSCHADEWALDT, P; RADECK, W; STAIB, W et al.FEBS letters. 1985, Vol 183, Num 1, pp 33-36, issn 0014-5793Article

Digital morphology in the chiroptera : the passive digital lockSCHUTT, W. A.Acta anatomica. 1993, Vol 148, Num 4, pp 219-227, issn 0001-5180Article

Hind limb scaling in birds and other theropods : implications for terrestrial locomotionGATESY, S. M.Journal of morphology (1931). 1991, Vol 209, Num 1, pp 83-96, issn 0362-2525Article

Surface myoelectric signal cross-talk among muscles of the legDE LUCA, C. J; MERLETTI, R.Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology. 1988, Vol 69, Num 6, pp 568-575, issn 0013-4694Article

Short-range elasticity and resting tension of relaxed human lower leg musclesHUFSCHMIDT, A; SCHWALLER, I.Journal of physiology. 1987, Vol 391, pp 451-465, issn 0022-3751Article

Anatomie fonctionnelle du pied de l'enfant = Functional anatomy of child footBENSAHEL, H.Cahiers de kinésithérapie. 1986, Num 5, pp 7-10, issn 0007-9782Article

Internal work and physiological responses during concentric and eccentric cycle ergometryWELLS, R; MORRISSEY, M; HUGHSON, R et al.European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology. 1986, Vol 55, Num 3, pp 295-301, issn 0301-5548Article

Knee flexor moments during propulsion in cycling. A creative solution to Lombard's paradoxGREGOR, R. J; CAVANAGH, P. R; LAFORTUNE, M et al.Journal of biomechanics. 1985, Vol 18, Num 5, pp 307-316, issn 0021-9290Article

Etude morphométrique de la biopsie du nerf musculo-cutané: résultats normaux = A morphometric study of the musculocutaneous nerve: normal findingsGHERARDI, R; BENAIS, J. P; MUSSINI, J. M et al.Archives d'anatomie et de cytologie pathologiques. 1986, Vol 34, Num 5-6, pp 261-267, issn 0395-501XArticle

Application des changements passifs de la position du membre inférieur dans des études de circulation sanguine par la méthode de pléthysmographieSKUCHAS, I. YU; KIBISHA, R. P; GRYUNOVAS, A. P et al.Fiziologičeskij žurnal SSSR im. I.M. Sečenova. 1985, Vol 71, Num 10, pp 1308-1311, issn 0015-329XArticle

Relation between saggital distribution of the foot pressure in upright stance and relative EMG magnitude in some leg and foot musclesOKADA, M; FUJIWARA, K.Journal of human ergology. 1984, Vol 13, Num 2, pp 97-105, issn 0300-8134Article

Une cire anatomique du membre pelvien profond (par Tramond, XIXe siècle): observation et rotation photographique tridimensionnelle = An anatomical wax of the deep structures of the pelvic limb (by Tramond, 19th century): Observation of the tridimensional photographic rotationCAZENOVES, A; LE FLOCH-PRIGENT, P.Morphologie. 2011, Vol 95, Num 309, pp 42-50, issn 1286-0115, 9 p.Article

Instilled or Injected Purified Natural Capsaicin Has No Adverse Effects on Rat Hindlimb Sensory-Motor Behavior or Osteotomy RepairKRAMER, Susan M; MAY, Jonelle R; PATRICK, Daniel J et al.Anesthesia and analgesia. 2009, Vol 109, Num 1, pp 249-257, issn 0003-2999, 9 p.Article

A theoretical approach to the estimation of tissue flows using tritiated water as indicatorNAVARRO, A. S.Journal of pharmaceutical sciences. 1995, Vol 84, Num 5, pp 643-646, issn 0022-3549Article

Metamorphic and speed effects on hindlimb kinematics during terrestrial locomotion in the salamander Dicamptodon tenebrosusASHLEY-ROSS, M. A.Journal of experimental biology. 1994, Vol 193, pp 285-305, issn 0022-0949Article

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