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Miscellanea geographica1990, 246 p.Book

Problems of delimitation and typology of border regionsKAŁUSKI, S.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 167-171Book Chapter

Cognitive and methodological attributes of cartographyGRYGORENKO, W.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 229-236Book Chapter

Prediction of design floods in ungauged basinsSOCZYŃSKA, U.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 97-105Book Chapter

Systems of landscape classifications in PolandRICHLING, A.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 5-15Book Chapter

Quaternary deposits of Orustdalen (West Spitsbergen)MUSIAŁ, A; DRECKI, J; HORODYSKI, B et al.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 53-62Book Chapter

Some notes on population migration in BangladeshWINID, J.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 221-224Book Chapter

Remarques sur l'inspiration chrétienne dans les recherches géographiquesPLIT, F.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 145-150Book Chapter

Policies and prospects of urban redevelopment in PolandGORZELAK, G.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 173-179Book Chapter

The role and place of hyperthermal geocomplexes in the landscape-geochimical systemsWICIK, B; LEWANDOWSKI, W; VELCHEV, A et al.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 23-29Book Chapter

Cartographic aspects of geomorphological maps of polar areasHORODYSKI, B.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 63-69Book Chapter

International remote sensing experiment : « Telegeo-87-Narew »OLĘDZKI, J. R.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 243-246Book Chapter

Hierarchization of the components of the natural environment and the studies on relations between nature and manGOCŁOWSKI, A.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 135-143Book Chapter

Second homes and functional changes in the suburban zone of WarsawKOWALCZYK, A.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 197-204Book Chapter

Changes in Earth's climate in the 18th through 21st centuries and their reasonsBORYCZKA, J.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 71-78Book Chapter

Settlements of agricultural production cooperatives and their place in the settlement system of CubaSKOCZEK, M.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 211-219Book Chapter

L'agriculture dans les petites îles tropicales. Pourquoi est-elle diversifiée?JĘDRUSIK, M.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 225-228Book Chapter

Wind hazard in rural Poland (1975-1986)LISOWSKI, A.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 121-128Book Chapter

System of social information in the practice of social geographyOTOK, S.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 151-157Book Chapter

The climate of Poland against a background of climates of the Northern hemisphereSTOPA-BORYCZKA, M.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 79-87Book Chapter

Polar research of the faculty of geography and regional studies of the university of Warsaw at Spitsbergen in the years 1980-1988MUSIAŁ, A.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 49-51Book Chapter

The role of air mass types in shaping twenty-four hour's variations in cloudinessOLSZEWSKI, K.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 89-95Book Chapter

Changes in the structure of GDP VS. Changes in the employment pattern in Latin America in the years 1950 and 1980BONASEWICZ, A.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 205-210Book Chapter

Morphodynamic processes in the light of an analysis of differentage alluvial deposits in the Vistula valley near PłockMYCIELSKA-DOWGIAŁŁO, E; CICHOSZ-KOSTECKA, A; FLOREK, W et al.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 37-47Book Chapter

Images and attitudes towards towns built in people's Poland. The case of Nowa HutaLIBURA, H.Miscellanea geographica. 1990, pp 191-196Book Chapter

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