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Is There Subclinical Synovitis in Patients with Palindromic Rheumatism in the Intercritical Period? A Clinical and Ultrasonographic Study According to Anticitrullinated Protein Antibody StatusCABRERA-VILLALBA, Sonia; RAMIREZ, Julio; SALVADOR, Georgina et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2014, Vol 41, Num 8, pp 1650-1655, issn 0315-162X, 6 p.Article

Loneliness, Daily Pain, and Perceptions of Interpersonal Events in Adults With FibromyalgiaWOLF, Laurie Dempsey; DAVIS, Mary C.Health psychology (Hillsdale, N.J.). 2014, Vol 33, Num 9, pp 929-937, issn 0278-6133, 9 p.Article

The making of expert patients: The role of online health communities in arthritis self-managementWILLIS, Erin.Journal of health psychology. 2014, Vol 19, Num 12, pp 1613-1625, issn 1359-1053, 13 p.Article

Upper Body Musculoskeletal Symptoms of Latino Poultry Processing Workers and a Comparison Group of Latino Manual WorkersSCHULZ, Mark R; GRZYWACZ, Joseph G; HAIYING CHEN et al.American journal of industrial medicine. 2013, Vol 56, Num 2, pp 197-205, issn 0271-3586, 9 p.Article

Work health determinants in employees without sickness absenceSCHELL, E; THEORELL, T; NILSSON, B et al.Occupational medicine (Oxford). 2013, Vol 63, Num 1, pp 17-22, issn 0962-7480, 6 p.Article

Comparisons of tibial accelerations when walking on a wood composite vs. a concrete mezzanine surfaceLAVENDER, Steven A; MEHTA, Jay P; ALLREAD, W. Gary et al.Applied Ergonomics. 2013, Vol 44, Num 5, pp 824-827, issn 0003-6870, 4 p.Article

A 9-Year-Old Girl With Ankle, Knee, and Shoulder PainSHINER, Erin K; MCLEAN, Thomas; PANG, Changlee S et al.Arthritis care and research. 2012, Vol 64, Num 1, pp 149-156, issn 0893-7524, 8 p.Article

A 5-year prospective population-based study of juvenile chronic arthritis: onset, disease process, and outcomeBERTILSSON, L; ANDERSSON-GÄRE, B; ASTH, A. F et al.Scandinavian journal of rheumatology. 2012, Vol 41, Num 5, pp 379-382, issn 0300-9742, 4 p.Article

A European League Against Rheumatism/American College of Rheumatology Collaborative InitiativeDASGUPTA, Bhaskar; CIMMINO, Marco A; DUHAUT, Pierre et al.Arthritis and rheumatism. 2012, Vol 64, Num 4, pp 943-954, issn 0004-3591, 12 p.Article

Conflit postérosupérieur de WalchBARON-SARRABERE, M. P; CYTEVAL, C.La Lettre du rhumatologue. 2012, Num 381, pp 32-33, issn 0761-5027, 2 p.Article

Biomarkers in rheumatology, now and in the futureGIBSON, David S; ROONEY, Madeleine E; FINNEGAN, Sorcha et al.Rheumatology (Oxford. Print). 2012, Vol 51, Num 3, pp 423-433, issn 1462-0324, 11 p.Article

Factors affecting work-related shoulder painBEACH, J; SENTHILSELVAN, A; CHERRY, N et al.Occupational medicine (Oxford). 2012, Vol 62, Num 6, pp 451-454, issn 0962-7480, 4 p.Article

History and Evolution of the Sauvé-Kapandji ProcedureSEBASTIN, Sandeep J; LARSON, Bradley P; CHUNG, Kevin C et al.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 2012, Vol 37A, Num 9, pp 1895-1902, issn 0363-5023, 8 p.Article

Link Between Traditional Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Inflammation in Patients With Early Arthritis: Results From a French Multicenter CohortBOYER, Jean-Frederic; BONGARD, Vanina; ARVEILER, Dominique et al.Arthritis care and research. 2012, Vol 64, Num 6, pp 872-880, issn 0893-7524, 9 p.Article

Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cells Promote Inflammation and Exacerbate Disease in Murine Models of ArthritisCHIBA, Asako; TAJIMA, Ryohsuke; TOMI, Chiharu et al.Arthritis and rheumatism. 2012, Vol 64, Num 1, pp 153-161, issn 0004-3591, 9 p.Article

Optimising case definitions of upper limb disorder for aetiological research and prevention: a reviewPALMER, Keith T; HARRIS, E. Clare; LINAKER, Cathy et al.Occupational and environmental medicine (London). 2012, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 71-78, issn 1351-0711, 8 p.Article

Perceived muscular tension predicts future neck-shoulder and arm—wrist—hand symptomsHUYSMANS, Maaike A; BLATTER, Birgitte M; DER BEEK, Allard J.van et al.Occupational and environmental medicine (London). 2012, Vol 69, Num 4, pp 261-267, issn 1351-0711, 7 p.Article

Safety and Efficacy of Esreboxetine in Patients With Fibromyalgia: A Fourteen-Week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Clinical TrialARNOLD, Lesley M; HIRSCH, Ian; SANDERS, Paul et al.Arthritis and rheumatism. 2012, Vol 64, Num 7, pp 2387-2397, issn 0004-3591, 11 p.Article

Single-Legged Hop Tests as Predictors of Self-Reported Knee Function After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: The Delaware-Oslo ACL Cohort StudyLOGERSTEDT, David; GRINDEM, Hege; LYNCH, Andrew et al.American journal of sports medicine. 2012, Vol 40, Num 10, pp 2348-2356, issn 0363-5465, 9 p.Article

The Influence of Job Satisfaction, Burnout, Pain, and Worker's Compensation Status on Disability After Finger InjuriesKADZIELSKI, John J; BOT, Arjan G. J; RING, David et al.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 2012, Vol 37A, Num 9, pp 1812-1819, issn 0363-5023, 8 p.Article

The anti-inflammatory effects of sympathectomy in murine antigen-induced arthritis are associated with a reduction of Th 1 and Th 17 responsesEBBINGHAUS, Matthias; GAJDA, Mieczyslaw; BOETTGER, Michael K et al.Annals of the rheumatic diseases. 2012, Vol 71, Num 2, pp 253-261, issn 0003-4967, 9 p.Article

Le syndrome douloureux du grand trochanter = Great trochanter pain syndromeBARD, H; VUILLEMIN, V.La Lettre du rhumatologue. 2012, Num 382, pp 14-20, issn 0761-5027, 7 p.Article

Modèle d'arthrite au collagène chez le rat: le transfert du gène codant pour l'ostéoprotégérine via des virus adeno-associated protège contre la destruction articulaireLIZHI BAO; TINGTING ZHU; DONGBAO ZHAO et al.Revue du rhumatisme (Ed. française). 2012, Vol 79, Num 5, pp 425-431, issn 1169-8330, 7 p.Article

Douleur et fibromyalgie: Pas de révélation fracassanteCHABOT, Agnès.Rhumatos. 2012, Vol 9, Num 79, issn 1771-0081, p. 204Article

Maladies génétiques avec troubles du métabolisme phosphocalcique = Genetic diseases with calcium and phosphorus metabolism disordersMARCELLI, Christian.Revue du rhumatisme monographies (Print). 2012, Vol 79, Num 4, pp 262-268, issn 1878-6227, 7 p.Article

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