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High frequencies of preprophase bands in soybean protoplast culturesWANG, H; CUTLER, A. J; FOWKE, L. C et al.Journal of Cell Science. 1989, Vol 92, pp 575-580, issn 0021-9533, 6 p., 4Article

Un nouveau rôle de p27 KIP1dans la mitose ? = A new function for p27KIP1 in mitosisLECLERCQ, Bérénice; BESSON, Arnaud.MS. Médecine sciences. 2012, Vol 28, Num 6-7, pp 570-572, issn 0767-0974, 3 p.Article

The recovery of microtubules in mitotic cells of the onion root tip (aalium cepa) after colcemid treatmentSMIRNOVA, E. A; CHENTSOV, YU. S.Citologiâ. 1991, Vol 33, Num 10, pp 47-54, issn 0041-3771Article

La catastrophe mitotique : un cas particulier d'apoptose = Mitotic catastrophe: a special case of apoptosisCASTEDO, Maria; KROEMER, Guido.Journal de la Société de biologie. 2004, Vol 198, Num 2, pp 97-103, issn 1295-0661, 7 p.Conference Paper

The entry into S-period of nuclei in heterodikaryons modified by the cycloheximideSETKOV, N. A; KAZAKOV, V. N; ANDREEVA, T. V et al.Citologiâ. 1991, Vol 33, Num 12, pp 73-78, issn 0041-3771Article

Ki-67 detects a nuclear matrix-associated proliferation-related antigen. II: Localization in mitotic cells and association with chromosomesVERHEIJEN, R; KUIJPERS, H. J. H; VAN DRIEL, R et al.Journal of Cell Science. 1989, Vol 92, pp 531-540, issn 0021-9533, 10 p., 4Article

New elements in the mitotic control of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombeFANTES, P. A; WARBRICK, E; HUGHES, D. A et al.Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology. 1991, Vol 56, pp 605-611, issn 0091-7451Conference Paper

Modulation of mitogen-induced lymphoproliferation by cerebral neocortexNEVEU, P. J; TAGHZOUTI, K; DANTZER, R et al.Life sciences (1973). 1986, Vol 38, Num 21, pp 1907-1913, issn 0024-3205Article

Nuclear anarchy : asynchronous mitosis in multinucleated fungal hyphaeGLADFELTER, Amy S.Current opinion in microbiology. 2006, Vol 9, Num 6, pp 547-552, issn 1369-5274, 6 p.Article

Non-spindle microtubule organizing centers in metaphase II-arrested mouse oocytesMARO, B; HOWLETT, S. K; WEBB, M et al.The Journal of cell biology. 1985, Vol 101, Num 5, pp 1665-1672, issn 0021-9525Article

The Naegleria genome: a free-living microbial eukaryote lends unique insights into core eukaryotic cell biologyFRITZ-LAYLIN, Lillian K; GINGER, Michael L; WALSH, Charles et al.Research in microbiology (Paris). 2011, Vol 162, Num 6, pp 607-618, issn 0923-2508, 12 p.Article

Interleukin-15 increases hepatic regenerative activitySUZUKI, Ayako; MCCALL, Shannon; CHOI, Steve S et al.Journal of hepatology. 2006, Vol 45, Num 3, pp 410-418, issn 0168-8278, 9 p.Article

HSF1 as a Mitotic Regulator : Phosphorylation of HSF1 by PIk1 Is Essential for Mitotic ProgressionLEE, Yoon-Jin; KIM, Eun-Ho; JAE SEON LEE et al.Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.). 2008, Vol 68, Num 18, pp 7550-7560, issn 0008-5472, 11 p.Article

Effect of UV microirradiation of the centrosome on cell behaviour. II : Consequences of microirradiation in anaphase : the completion of cell division and destination of the interphase cellUZBEKOV, R. E; VOROBJEV, I. A.Citologiâ. 1991, Vol 33, Num 10, pp 79-84, issn 0041-3771Article

Mitosis counting in tumorsBAAK, J. P. A.Human pathology. 1990, Vol 21, Num 7, pp 683-685, issn 0046-8177Article

Microtubule dynamics determine chromosome lagging and transport of acentric fragmentsBAJER, A. S; VANTARD, M.Mutation research. 1988, Vol 201, Num 2, pp 271-281, issn 0027-5107Article

The mechanism of mitosis its elucidation as carried through the analysis of the teleonomic structure of the karyokinetic spindleWADA, B.Cytologia. 1985, Vol 50, Num 4, pp 927-941, issn 0011-4545Article

Repo-Man Coordinates Chromosomal Reorganization with Nuclear Envelope Reassembly during Mitotic ExitVAGNARELLI, Paola; RIBEIRO, Susana; SENNELS, Lau et al.Developmental cell. 2011, Vol 21, Num 2, pp 328-342, issn 1534-5807, 15 p.Article

Comparative conservation analysis of the human mitotic phosphoproteomeMALIK, Rainer; NIGG, Erich A; KÖRNER, Roman et al.Bioinformatics (Oxford. Print). 2008, Vol 24, Num 12, pp 1426-1432, issn 1367-4803, 7 p.Article

Duplication mitosis in epithelio-glandular tissueHIRATA, Y.Medical hypotheses. 1992, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 44-46, issn 0306-9877Article

cdc25 M-phase inducerMILLAR, J; MCGOWAN, C; JONES, R et al.Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology. 1991, Vol 56, pp 577-584, issn 0091-7451Conference Paper

The fertilization in angiospermsGERASIMOVA-NAVASHINA, E. N.Botaničeskij žurnal. 1990, Vol 75, Num 8, pp 1061-1071, issn 0006-8136, 11 p.Article

Mitotic disturbances : about causality and terminologyCHAMLA, Y; SAURA, R.Annales de génétique (Paris). 1990, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 243-244, issn 0003-3995Article

Sur la nature de 3 phénomènes cytogénétiques: spiralisation retard des portions des chromosomes en métaphase, rupture tardive des maillons télomériques entre chromosomes et la division prématurée du centromère du chromosome XSTOBETSKIJ, V. I.Citologiâ. 1988, Vol 30, Num 1O, pp 1270-1272, issn 0041-3771Article

Mitotic inhibitors arrest the growth of Plasmodium falciparumUSANGA, E. A; O'BRIEN, E; LUZZATO, L et al.FEBS letters. 1986, Vol 209, Num 1, pp 23-27, issn 0014-5793Article

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