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Journal of enginesSMITH, James E.SAE transactions. 2004, Vol 113, Num 3, issn 0096-736X, 2042 p.Serial Issue

Journal of enginesSMITH, James E.SAE transactions. 2005, Vol 114, Num 3, issn 0096-736X, 1810 p.Serial Issue

Journal of fuels and lubricantsHURLEY, Ronald G.SAE transactions. 2004, Vol 113, Num 4, issn 0096-736X, 2217 p.Serial Issue

Der Druckzellen-Motor: innovatives Konzept für halbierten Kraftstoffverbrauch = The pressure cell engine: innovative concept to halve the fuel consumptionMÄTHNER, M; REITZ, J; SCHELLING, W et al.VDI-Berichte. 2003, pp 289-302, issn 0083-5560, isbn 3-18-091764-4, 14 p.Conference Paper

Design and fabrication of micromachined internal combustion engine as a power source for microsystemsPARK, Dae-Eun; LEE, Dae-Hoon; YOON, Jun-Bo et al.Proceedings, IEEE micro electro mechanical systems. 2002, pp 272-275, issn 1084-6999, isbn 0-7803-7185-2, 4 p.Conference Paper

Evolution et perspectives du marché des carburants en Europe = Evolution and perspective of the market of fuel in europeCHAUMAS, J.Ingénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 2000, Num 738, pp 64-69, issn 0020-1200, 4 p.Conference Paper

Pyrometric Estimation of Exhaust Valve Temperature of an Internal Combustion EngineROMANI, Luca; FERRARI, Lorenzo; FERRARA, Giovanni et al.Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power. 2014, Vol 136, Num 4, issn 0742-4795, 041507.1-041507.8Article

Development of a Reduced Primary Reference Fuel Mechanism for Internal Combustion Engine Combustion SimulationsHU WANG; MINGFA YAO; REITZ, Rolf D et al.Energy & fuels. 2013, Vol 27, Num NOVDEC, pp 7843-7853, issn 0887-0624, 11 p.Conference Paper

Enrico Bernardi genio patavino = Enrico Bernardi, paduan geniusCAPUTO DI CALVISI, Carmelo.Termotecnica (Milano). 2003, Vol 57, Num 6, pp 67-71, issn 0040-3725, 5 p.Article

Honda signe un Diesel moderne = Honda signs a modern dieselIngénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 2003, Num 763, pp 22-23, issn 0020-1200, 2 p.Article

Suralimentation des moteurs de véhicules par turbocompresseur = Turbocharging by turbocompressorPAROIS, Aimé.Techniques de l'ingénieur. Génie mécanique. 2001, Vol BL1, Num BM2631, pp BM2631.1-BM2631.21, issn 1762-8768Article

InnovationsMOUSTACCHI, Freddy.Ingénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 2008, Num 796, issn 0020-1200, [61 p.]Serial Issue

Siegfried Marcus oder Wer war der Erste ? = Siegfried Marcus or who was the first?SIEVERS, I.ATZ. Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift. 1998, Vol 100, Num 7-8, pp 546-550, issn 0001-2785, 4 p.Article

Analyse des transferts énergétiques dans les moteurs automobiles = Energy transfer analysis in the automotive enginesALEXANDRE, Alain; TOMASELLI, Ludovic.Techniques de l'ingénieur. Génie mécanique. 2004, Vol BL1, Num BM2900, pp BM2900.1-BM2900.16, issn 1762-8768Article

L'offre matériau pour répondre à l'augmentation des performances des moteurs = The material offer to respond the performance growth of the enginesDELCOURT, O.Ingénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 2003, Num 760, pp 62-64, issn 0020-1200, 3 p.Conference Paper

Duty cycle for recreational marine enginesMORGAN, E. J; LINCOLN, R. H.SAE transactions. 1990, Vol 99, Num 3, pp 1857-1872, issn 0096-736X, 1Article

The Spark Ignition engine of the Future technologies to meet the CO2 challenge. International conferenceIngénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 2008, Num 792, pp 51-62, issn 0020-1200, 11 p.Conference Paper

Moteur à allumage commandé = Controlled ignition engineTRAPY, Jean.Techniques de l'ingénieur. Génie mécanique. 2000, Vol BL1, Num BM2540, pp BM2540.1-BM2540.20, issn 1762-8768, Doc.BM2540Article

Why the roar of the mighty recips was silenced foreverBERKOWITZ, B. D.Lubrication engineering. 1998, Vol 54, Num 6, pp 10-15, issn 0024-7154Article

The development of low noise engine on hino new «H» seriesMUTOH, H; NIIKURA, T; YAMAMOTO, A et al.SAE transactions. 1990, Vol 99, Num 3, pp 793-803, issn 0096-736X, 1Article

Base engine design improves fuel efficiencySCHWADERLAPP, Markus; DOHMEN, Jürgen; ANDRAOS, Nadim et al.Ingénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 2003, Num 762, pp 44-46, issn 0020-1200, 3 p.Conference Paper

Moteurs = EnginesLEONHARD, Rolf.Ingénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 2000, Num 738, pp 28-53, issn 0020-1200, 22 p.Serial Issue

BMW 740 d: diesel d'autoroute = BMW 740 d: highway dieselIngénieurs de l'automobile (Paris). 1999, Num 731, issn 0020-1200, p. 26Article

The effect of water on the acid-base properties of new and used IC engine lubricating oilsFOX, M. F; PICKEN, J. D; PAWLAK, Z et al.Tribology international. 1990, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 183-187, issn 0301-679X, 5 p.Article

Theoretical and experimental investigation of knock induced surface destructionMALY, R. R; KLEIN, R; PETERS, N et al.SAE transactions. 1990, Vol 99, Num 3, pp 99-137, issn 0096-736X, 1Article

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