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Biomechanics of active movement and deformation of cells, Istanbul, Turkey, September 3-13, 1989AKKAS, Nuri.NATO ASI series. Series H : cell biology. 1990, Vol 42, issn 1010-8793, 536 p.Conference Proceedings

Effects of serum from human subjects of different ages on migration in vitro of human fibroblastsKONDO, H; NOMAGUCHI, T. A; YONEZAWA, Y et al.Mechanisms of ageing and development. 1989, Vol 47, Num 1, pp 25-37, issn 0047-6374, 13 p.Article

ADAM et migration cellulaire Rôle inattendu du domaine cytoplasmique = ADAM and cell migration: the unexpected role of the cytoplasmic domainCOUSIN, Hélène; ALFANDARI, Dominique.MS. Médecine sciences. 2011, Vol 27, Num 12, pp 1069-1071, issn 0767-0974, 3 p.Article

ACTIVINS AND CELL MIGRATIONKANG, Hong-Yo; SHYR, Chih-Rong.Vitamins and hormones. 2011, Vol 85, pp 129-148, issn 0083-6729, 20 p.Article

Proceedings/Cell motility symposium, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, September 8-12, 1985CACHON, M.Cell motility and the cytoskeleton. 1986, Vol 6, Num 2, pp 83-245, issn 0886-1544Conference Proceedings

Migrations collectives de cellules mésenchymateuses Un facteur du complément à la rescousse = Collective migration of mesenchymal cells: a complement factor to the rescueTHEVENEAU, Eric.MS. Médecine sciences. 2012, Vol 28, Num 4, pp 360-362, issn 0767-0974, 3 p.Article

EPS8 upregulates FOXM1 expression, enhancing cell growth and motilityHUIXIN WANG; TEH, Muy-Teck; YOUNGMI JI et al.Carcinogenesis (New York. Print). 2010, Vol 31, Num 6, pp 1132-1141, issn 0143-3334, 10 p.Article

Significance of the Rac signaling pathway in HCC cell motility : implications for a new therapeutic targetLEE, Terence K; MAN, Kwan; HO, Joanna W et al.Carcinogenesis (New York. Print). 2005, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 681-687, issn 0143-3334, 7 p.Article

IRSp53/Eps8 complex is important for positive regulation of Rac and cancer cell motility/invasivenessFUNATO, Yosuke; TERABAYASHI, Takeshi; SUENAGA, Naoko et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 2004, Vol 64, Num 15, pp 5237-5244, issn 0008-5472, 8 p.Article

Cell motilityTAYLOR, E. W.Journal of Cell Science. 1986, Vol 20, pp 89-102, issn 0021-9533, suppl. 4Article

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Arginylation of β-actin regulates actin cytoskeleton and cell motilityKARAKOZOVA, Marina; KOZAK, Marina; WONG, Catherine C. L et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2006, Vol 313, Num 5784, pp 192-196, issn 0036-8075, 5 p.Article

On the cytomechanics and fluid dynamics of growth cone motilityHEIDEMANN, S. R; LAMOUREUX, P; BUXBAUM, R. E et al.Journal of Cell Science. 1991, pp 35-44, issn 0021-9533, SUP15Conference Paper

Proceedings/Optical approaches to the dynamics of cellular motility, symposium in Honor of Robert Day Allen, October 5-8, 1987, Woods Hole, MA, USAREBHUN, L. I; LANSING TAYLOR, D; CONDEELIS, J. S et al.Cell motility and the cytoskeleton. 1988, Vol 10, Num 1-2, issn 0886-1544, 340 p.Conference Proceedings

Proceedings/2nd. International conference on cell locomotion and chemotaxis, Paris, March 25-27, 1987GIROUD, J. P; KELLER, H. U; TILL, G et al.Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy. 1987, Vol 41, Num 6, pp 263-367, issn 0753-3322Conference Proceedings

Switching mechanisms in the control of ciliary motilitySATIR, P.Modern cell biology. 1985, Vol 4, pp 1-46, issn 0745-3000Article

Interaction of monocarboxylate transporter 4 with β1-integrin and its role in cell migrationGALLAGHER, Shannon M; CASTORINO, John J; PHILP, Nancy J et al.American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 2009, Vol 65, Num 3, issn 0363-6143, C414-C421Article

Growth of attached actin filamentsZHU, J; CARLSSON, A. E.The European physical journal. E, Soft matter (Print). 2006, Vol 21, Num 3, pp 209-222, issn 1292-8941, 14 p.Article

CellTrack : an open-source software for cell tracking and motility analysisSACAN, Ahmet; FERHATOSMANOGLU, Hakan; COSKUN, Huseyin et al.Bioinformatics (Oxford. Print). 2008, Vol 24, Num 14, pp 1647-1649, issn 1367-4803, 3 p.Article

Epigenetic regulation of human trophoblastic cell migration and invasionRAHNAMA, Fahimeh; SHAFIEI, Farhad; GLUCKMAN, Peter D et al.Endocrinology (Philadelphia). 2006, Vol 147, Num 11, pp 5275-5283, issn 0013-7227, 9 p.Article

Rho-regulatory proteins in breast cancer cell motility and invasionMIN LIN; VAN GOLEN, Kenneth L.Breast cancer research and treatment. 2004, Vol 84, Num 1, pp 49-60, issn 0167-6806, 12 p.Article

Role of the Fos family members, c-Fos, Fra-1 and Fra-2, in the regulation of cell motilityTKACH, Vadim; TULCHINSKY, Eugene; LUKANIDIN, Eugene et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2003, Vol 22, Num 32, pp 5045-5054, issn 0950-9232, 10 p.Article

Muscles and molecules : uncovering the principles of biological motionPOLLACK, G. H.Journal of biomechanics. 1991, Vol 24, Num 7, pp 655-656, issn 0021-9290Article

A five-amino-acid peptide blocks met- and ron-dependent cell migrationMATZKE, Alexandra; HERRLICH, Peter; PONTA, Helmut et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 2005, Vol 65, Num 14, pp 6105-6110, issn 0008-5472, 6 p.Article

One motor, many tails : an expanding repertoire of force-generating enzymesVALE, R. D; GOLDSTEIN, L. S. B.Cell (Cambridge). 1990, Vol 60, Num 6, pp 883-885, issn 0092-8674Article

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