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Structure and properties of melted spheres and granules of mullite compositionUSTICHENKO, V. A; PITAK, N. V; KOROVYANSKAYA, A et al.Refractories (New York). 1986, Vol 27, Num 11-12, pp 620-624, issn 0034-3102Article

Mullite grain mixes for steel plant refractoriesEMBLEM, H. G; DAVIES, T. J; HARABI, A et al.Silicates industriels. 1993, Vol 58, Num 1-2, pp 17-22, issn 0037-5225Article

Preparations and properties of mullite grainEMBLEM, H. G; SARGEANT, G. K.Silicates industriels. 1992, Vol 57, Num 5-6, pp 63-67, issn 0037-5225Article

Vibrocast large and intricate products made from fused mulliteUSTICHENKO, V. A; PRIMACHENKO, V. V; ZADOROZHNAYA, T. A et al.Refractories (New York). 1988, Vol 29, Num 1-2, pp 73-76, issn 0034-3102Article

Effect of impurities on wetting of mullite by cordierite liquidEBADZADEH, T; LEE, W. E.Journal of materials science letters. 1999, Vol 18, Num 2, pp 171-172, issn 0261-8028Article

Thermodynamics of Zirconium Deoxidation Equilibrium in Liquid Iron by EMF MeasurementsINOUE, Ryo; ARIYAMA, Tatsuro; SUITO, Hideaki et al.ISIJ international. 2008, Vol 48, Num 9, pp 1175-1181, issn 0915-1559, 7 p.Article

Ti3+ centres in mulliteRAGER, Helmut; SCHNEIDER, Hartmut; BAKHSHANDEH, Abbas et al.European journal of mineralogy. 1993, Vol 5, Num 3, pp 511-514, issn 0935-1221Conference Paper

29Si and 27Al MAS NMR spectroscopy of mulliteMERWIN, L. H; SEBALD, A; RAGER, H et al.Physics and chemistry of minerals. 1991, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 47-52, issn 0342-1791Conference Paper

Paramètres influençant les cinétiques de transformation de l'andalousite en mulliteBOUCHETOU, Marie-Laure; POIRIER, Jacques; HUBERT, Pascal et al.Hommes et fonderie. 2005, Num 358, pp 44-45, issn 0018-4357, 2 p.Article

Mullitisation d'andalousite dans des céramiques réfractaires = Mullitisation of andalousite in refractory ceramicsILDEFONSE, J. P; GABIS, V.Réunion des Sciences de la Terre. 1996, Num 16, 165Conference Paper

Mullite forming minerals : Overlapping and constrating marketsDICKSON, E.M.Industrial minerals international congress. 1994, pp 58-64Conference Paper

Mullite and mullite-type crystal structuresFISCHER, Reinhard X; GAEDE-KÖHLER, Andrea; BIRKENSTOCK, Johannes et al.International journal of materials research. 2012, Vol 103, Num 4, pp 402-407, issn 1862-5282, 6 p.Conference Paper

Kinetics of secondary mullite formation in kaolin-Al2O3 ceramicsCHEN, Yung-Feng; WANG, Moo-Chin; HON, Min-Hsiung et al.Scripta materialia. 2004, Vol 51, Num 3, pp 231-235, issn 1359-6462, 5 p.Article

Synthesis of mullite whiskers by vapour-phase reactionOKADA, K; OTSUKA, N.Journal of materials science letters. 1989, Vol 8, Num 9, pp 1052-1054, issn 0261-8028, 3 p.Article

Occurrence of pseudotetragonal mulliteSCHNEIDER, H; RYMON-LIPINSKI, T.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1988, Vol 71, Num 3, pp C162-C164, issn 0002-7820Article

Mullite formation of colloidal matrix hybrid aluminosilicate gelZHAO, Hailei; HIRAGUSHI, Keisuke; MIZOTA, Yasuo et al.Journal of sol-gel science and technology. 2003, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 287-291, issn 0928-0707, 5 p.Article

The influence of preparation procedure in the mullite preparation by solution method to the mixing of Al and Si and the crystallization behaviorNISHIO, T; KIJIMA, K; KAJIWARA, K et al.Nippon seramikkusu kyokai gakujutsu ronbunshi. 1994, Vol 102, Num 5, pp 462-470, issn 0914-5400Article

Carbothermic Reduction of Mullite at Elevated TemperatureLAN HONG; SAHAJWALLA, Veena.Metallurgical and materials transactions. B, Process metallurgy and materials processing science. 2013, Vol 44, Num 6, pp 1541-1545, issn 1073-5615, 5 p.Article

Inspection of compositionally graded mullite coatings using laser based ultrasonicsMURRAY, T. W; BALOGUN, O; STEEN, T. L et al.International journal of refractory metals & hard materials. 2005, Vol 23, Num 4-6, pp 322-329, issn 0958-0611, 8 p.Conference Paper

Microstructure development of high-purity mullite by high energy mixing of fumed oxide powdersLEE, Hae-Weon; YOO, Jang-Yong; KIM, Joosun et al.Scripta materialia. 2004, Vol 50, Num 8, pp 1175-1179, issn 1359-6462, 5 p.Article

Kaolinite-mullite reaction series : the development and significance of a binary aluminosilicate phaseAKSHOY KUMAR CHAKRAVORTY; DILIP KUMAR GHOSH.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1991, Vol 74, Num 6, pp 1401-1406, issn 0002-7820, 6 p.Article

Microhardness of mullite at temperatures to 1000°CKOLLENBERG, W; SCHNEIDER, H.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1989, Vol 72, Num 9, pp 1739-1740, issn 0002-7820Article

Alumina-silica phase diagram in the mullite regionKLUG, F. J; PROCHAZKA, S; DOREMUS, R. H et al.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1987, Vol 70, Num 10, pp 750-759, issn 0002-7820Article

Porzellane hober Festigkeit = Procelaines de haute resistance = High-strength porcelainsSCHUBERT, H.Sprechsaal (1976). 1986, Vol 119, Num 10, pp 878-887, issn 0341-0676, 9 p.Article

Temperature-dependent iron solubility in mulliteSCHNEIDER, H.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1987, Vol 70, Num 3, pp C43-C45, issn 0002-7820Article

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