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Performing Studies of Music in Asian Cultures: Some Personal Reflections on What We Have Been and Are Up ToWADE, Bonnie C.Asian music. 2014, Vol 45, Num 2, pp 3-31, issn 0044-9202, 29 p.Article

Singing, Dancing, and Identity in the Karen DiasporaMACLACHLAN, Heather.Asian music. 2014, Vol 45, Num 2, pp 58-83, issn 0044-9202, 26 p.Article

Three Genres of Indonesian Popular Music: Their Trajectories in the Colonial Era and AfterYAMPOLSKY, Philip.Asian music. 2013, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 24-80, issn 0044-9202, 57 p.Article

Dance to Your Roots: Genre Fusions in the Music of Indonesia's Krakatau = Dansez sur vos racines : fusions de genre dans la musique deu groupe indonésien KrakatauHARNISH, David; WALLACH, Jeremy.Asian music. 2013, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 115-134, issn 0044-9202, 20 p.Article

Transatlantic Musical Flows in the Lusophone WorldALGE, Barbara.The World of music (Wilhelmshaven). 2013, Vol 2, Num 2, issn 0043-8774, 146 p.Serial Issue

A Musical Lusofonia? Music Scenes and the Imagination of LisbonDE LA BARRE, Jorge; VANSPAUWEN, Bart.The World of music (Wilhelmshaven). 2013, Vol 2, Num 2, pp 119-146, issn 0043-8774, 28 p.Article

An Aural Tradition with a Pause Button? The Role of Recording Technology in a North East English Folk Session = Une tradition auditive avec un bouton de pause ? Le rôle de la technologie d'enregistrement dans une session de musique populaire anglaise du nord-estKEEGAN-PHIPPS, Simon.Ethnomusicology. 2013, Vol 57, Num 1, pp 34-56, issn 0014-1836, 23 p.Article

NOBODY SHOULD BE FORCED TO MAKE A LIVING BY BEGGING: SOCIAL EXCLUSION AND CULTURAL RIGHTS OF GĀINE/GANDHARVA MUSICIANS OF NEPAL : Music and PovertyMOISALA, Pirkko.Yearbook for traditional music. 2013, Vol 45, pp 13-27, issn 0740-1558, 15 p.Article

SOUND PRAXIS, POVERTY, AND SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: PERSPECTIVES FROM A COLLABORATIVE STUDY IN RIO DE JANEIRO : Music and PovertyARAUJO, Samuel; CAMBRIA, Vincenzo.Yearbook for traditional music. 2013, Vol 45, pp 28-42, issn 0740-1558, 15 p.Article

SURVIVING MATERIAL POVERTY BY EMPLOYING CULTURAL WEALTH: PUTTING MUSIC IN THE SERVICE OF COMMUNITY IN HAITI : Music and PovertyDIRKSEN, Rebecca.Yearbook for traditional music. 2013, Vol 45, pp 43-57, issn 0740-1558, 15 p.Article

L'USAGE DE L'EAU ET SA GESTION DANS UN CONTEXTE MONTAGNARD: L'exemple des moulins à eau en vallée de Soule = THE USE OF WATER AND ITS MANAGEMENT IN A MOUNTAIN CONTEXT: the example of water mills in the Soule valleyLAMOTHE, Mathilde.Bulletin du Musée basque. 2013, Num 180, pp 87-100, issn 1148-8395, 14 p.Article

Dancing Fingers: Embodied Lineages in the Performance of Okinawan Classical Music = Des doigts dansants : les origines incarnées dans la performance de la musique classique d'OkinawaGILLAN, Matt.Ethnomusicology. 2013, Vol 57, Num 3, pp 367-395, issn 0014-1836, 29 p.Article

Ensembles in the Contemporary Korean Soundscape = Des ensembles musicaux dans le paysage sonore coréen contemporainFINCHUM-SUNG, Hilary Vanessa.The World of music (Wilhelmshaven). 2012, Vol 1, Num 1, issn 0043-8774, 143 p.Serial Issue

QUE RESTE-T-IL DU PRÉSENT : COLLECTER LE CONTEMPORAIN DANS LES MUSÉES DE SOCIÉTÉBATTESTI, Jacques.Bulletin du Musée basque. 2012, issn 1148-8395, [377 p.], HSSerial Issue

The Audible Future: Reimagining the Role of Sound Archives and Sound Repatriation in Uganda = L'avenir audible : réimaginer le rôle des archives sonores et le rapatriement des sons en OugandaNANNYONGA-TAMUSUZA, Sylvia; WEINTRAUB, Andrew N.Ethnomusicology. 2012, Vol 56, Num 2, pp 206-233, issn 0014-1836, 28 p.Article

Caught between Heaven and Hell: The Morality of Music and Cosmologies of the Past in Persian Writings on Listening, c. 1040―c. 1800 = Attrapé entre la paradis et l'enfer : la moralité de la musique et les cosmologies du passé dans les écritures persanes à propos de l'écoute, 1040-1800LUCAS, Ann E.Asian music. 2012, Vol 43, Num 1, pp 91-130, issn 0044-9202, 40 p.Article

Nationalism and Musical Style in Interwar Yōgaku: A Reappraisal = Nationalisme et style musical Yogaku dans l'entre deux guerres : une réévaluationPACUN, David.Asian music. 2012, Vol 43, Num 2, pp 3-46, issn 0044-9202, 44 p.Article

The Construction of Āmānnisā Khan as a Uyghur Musical Culture Hero = La Construction d'Amannisa Khan comme héros culturel musical ouïgourANDERSON, Elise.Asian music. 2012, Vol 43, Num 1, pp 66-90, issn 0044-9202, 25 p.Article

The Timbre of Thai Classical Singing = Le timbre de chant classique thaïLATARTARA, John.Asian music. 2012, Vol 43, Num 2, pp 88-114, issn 0044-9202, 27 p.Article

The Trajectories of Transplants: Singing Alha, Birhā, and the Rāmāyan in the Indic Caribbean = Les trajectoires des greffes : chanter le Alha, le Birha et le Ramayan dans les CaraïbesMANUEL, Peter.Asian music. 2012, Vol 43, Num 2, pp 115-154, issn 0044-9202, 40 p.Article

Music in War, Music for Peace: A Review Article = Musique en temps de guerre, musique pour la paixMORGAN O'CONNELL, John.Ethnomusicology. 2011, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 112-127, issn 0014-1836, 16 p.Article

Pop Song as Custom: Weddings, Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurs in West Sumatra = La chanson pop comme tradition : mariages, ethnicité et entrepreneurs dans l'ouest de SumatraFRASER, Jennifer.Ethnomusicology. 2011, Vol 55, Num 2, pp 200-228, issn 0014-1836, 29 p.Article

MUSIC AND DANCE AT SENSOJI IN EDO/TŌKYŌ = MUSIQUE ET DANSE À SENSOJI A l'ERE EDO/TOKYOGROEMER, Gerald.Yearbook for traditional music. 2011, Vol 43, pp 37-61, issn 0740-1558, 25 p.Article

Readings in EthnomusicologyBAUMANN, Max Peter.The World of music (Wilhelmshaven). 2010, Vol 52, Num 1-3, issn 0043-8774, 765 p.Serial Issue

The Mbira, Worldbeat, and the International ImaginationTURINO, Thomas.The World of music (Wilhelmshaven). 2010, Vol 52, Num 1-3, pp 171-192, issn 0043-8774, 22 p.Article

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