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Tamīm Al-Dārī: A portrait of Him as the first muslim artisanSHALEM, Avinoam.Oriente moderno. 2004, Vol 84, Num 2, pp 507-515, issn 0030-5472, 9 p.Article

Green demons: Irish-Catholics and Muslims in Australian historyFRANCES, Raelene.Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. 2011, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 443-450, issn 0959-6410, 8 p.Article

Arguing about Muslims : (Un)Reasonable argumentation in letters to the editorATKIN, Albert; RICHARDSON, John E.Text & talk (Print). 2007, Vol 27, Num 1, pp 1-25, issn 1860-7330, 25 p.Article

With guarded optimism? Evidence from focus groups of 'mainstream' Australians' perceptions of MuslimsLENTINI, Pete; HALAFOFF, Anna; OGRU, Ela et al.Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. 2011, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 409-432, issn 0959-6410, 24 p.Article

The Muslim News (1973-1986) : its contribution towards the establishment of an alternative press at the CapeMUHAMMED HARON.The Muslim world (Hartford). 1995, Vol 85, Num 3-4, pp 317-332, issn 0027-4909Article

Islam, HIV/AIDS and activism: a critical analysis of some themes in Positive Muslims' 'theology of compassion' = Islam, VIH/SIDA et activisme : une analyse critique de la théologie de la compassion des Positive MuslimsSVENSSON, Jonas.Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. 2013, Vol 24, Num 1, pp 91-109, issn 0959-6410, 19 p.Article

Applying the Sharī'ah in modern societies : Main developments and issuesKARCIC, Fikret.Islamic studies. 2001, Vol 40, Num 2, pp 207-226, issn 0578-8072Article

Agriculture among the Christian population of early Islamic Egypt : Practice and theory = L'agriculture chez la population chrétienne de l'Egypte islamique tardive : Pratique et théorieWILFONG, T. G.Proceedings of the British Academy. 1999, Vol 96, pp 217-235, issn 0068-1202Article

Toward a theory of Arab-Muslim women as activists in secular and religious movementsFLUEHR-LOBBAN, C.Arab studies quarterly. 1993, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 87-106, issn 0271-3519Article

Making majority, undoing family: law, religion and the Islamization of the state in MalaysiaMOHAMAD, Maznah.Economy and society. 2010, Vol 39, Num 3, pp 360-384, issn 0308-5147, 25 p.Article

Constructions of collective Muslim identity by advocates of Muslim schools in BritainTINKER, Claire; SMART, Andrew.Ethnic and racial studies. 2012, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 643-663, issn 0141-9870, 21 p.Article

Muslim Ritual Practices and their Multilayered Mes- sages in a Non-Muslim Environment: Examples from the Dutch ContextBECK, Herman L.Temenos (Helsinki). 2010, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 197-213, issn 0497-1817, 17 p.Article

Usage des concepts psychanalytiques dans l'étude du monde arabo-musulman réflexion critique = Uses of psychanalytic concepts in the study of Arabo-Muslim world : critical reflexionZAKHARIA, K.Arabica. 1995, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 235-279, issn 0570-5398Article

Can Muslims Engage in Interreligious Dialogue? A Study of Malay Muslim Identity in Contemporary MalaysiaHUNT, Robert.The Muslim world (Hartford). 2009, Vol 99, Num 4, pp 581-607, issn 0027-4909, 27 p.Article

L'identité bosniaque musulmane en tant que source de conflit = The bosnian muslim identity as a source of conflictÖKTEM, E.Islamochristiana. 1996, Num 22, pp 119-141, issn 0392-7288Article

Le besoin d'un renouveau musulman dans un monde pluraliste = The Need for a Muslim Renewal in a Pluralist WorldIBRAHIM, A.Conscience et liberté. 1995, Num 49, pp 25-28, issn 0259-0360Article

Embracing Footy: The Sporting Dimensions of Australian Muslim Identity in Greater Western SydneyBAHFEN, Nasya.Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. 2013, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 445-457, issn 0959-6410, 13 p.Article

Syncretic Spirituality: Islam in Indigenous AustraliaSTEPHENSON, Peta.Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. 2013, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 427-444, issn 0959-6410, 18 p.Article

Hardcore muslims : Islamic themes in turkish rap in diaspora and in the homeland = Musulmans hardcores : les thèmes islamiques dans le rap turc, dans la diaspora et dans la patrieSOLOMON, Thomas.Yearbook for traditional music. 2006, Vol 38, pp 59-78, issn 0740-1558, 20 p.Article

Pyramids, prophets, and progress: Ancient Egypt in the writings of ⊂Alī MubārakDYKSTRA, D.Journal of the American Oriental Society. 1994, Vol 114, Num 1, pp 54-65, issn 0003-0279Article

Can Muslims and Christians Live Together Peacefully in Nigeria?SODIQ, Yushau.The Muslim world (Hartford). 2009, Vol 99, Num 4, pp 646-688, issn 0027-4909, 43 p.Article

Shah Walï Allah Dihlawī : A Traditionist's perspective of gender relationsKHAN, Gulfishan.Islamic studies. 2006, Vol 45, Num 4, pp 559-578, issn 0578-8072, 20 p.Article

Autonomie des patients et le patient musulman dans une société aux valeurs plurielles = Autonomy of patients and muslim patient in a society with plural valuesILKILIC, Ilhan; KREMER, Robert.Concilium (Ed. française). 2001, Num 292, pp 157-170, issn 1140-7654, 14 p.Article

Keeping identity at a distance : Explaining France's new legal restrictions on the islamic headscarf = Tenir l'identité à distance: expliquer les nouvelles restrictions juridiques du foulard islamiqueTHOMAS, Elaine R.Ethnic and racial studies. 2006, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 237-259, issn 0141-9870, 23 p.Article

The effect of the Arab Muslim conquest on the administrative division of Sasanian Persis/farsDARYAEE, Tourai.Iran (London). 2003, Vol 41, pp 193-204, issn 0578-6967, 12 p.Article

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