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Tuberculosis in Alpacas (Lama pacos) Caused by Mycobacterium bovisGARCIA-BOCANEGRA, I; BARRANCO, I; RODRIGUEZ-GOMEZ, I. M et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2010, Vol 48, Num 5, pp 1960-1964, issn 0095-1137, 5 p.Article

Differential transcriptome profiles of attenuated and hypervirulent strains of Mycobacterium bovisBLANCO, Federico C; NUNEZ-GARCIA, Javier; GARCIA-PELAYO, Carmen et al.Microbes and infection. 2009, Vol 11, Num 12, pp 956-963, issn 1286-4579, 8 p.Article

Influence of contact heterogeneity on TB reproduction ratio R0 in a free-living brushtail possum Trichosurus vulpecula populationPORPHYRE, Thibaud; STEVENSON, Mark; JACKSON, Ron et al.Veterinary research (Print). 2008, Vol 39, Num 3, pp 1-13, issn 0928-4249, 13 p.Article

Isolation of Mycobacterium bovis and other mycobacterial species from ferrets and stoatsDE LISLE, Geoffrey W; KAWAKAMI, R. Pamela; YATES, Gary F et al.Veterinary microbiology (Amsterdam). 2008, Vol 132, Num 3-4, pp 402-407, issn 0378-1135, 6 p.Article

Global transcriptome analysis of the Mycobacterium bovis BCG response to sodium hypochloriteJANG, Hyeung-Jin; NDE, Chantal; TOGHROL, Freshteh et al.Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 2009, Vol 85, Num 1, pp 127-140, issn 0175-7598, 14 p.Article

High spoligotype diversity within a Mycobacterium bovis population: Clues to understanding the demography of the pathogen in EuropeRODRIGUEZ, Sabrina; ROMERO, Beatriz; MATEOS, Ana et al.Veterinary microbiology (Amsterdam). 2010, Vol 141, Num 1-2, pp 89-95, issn 0378-1135, 7 p.Article

Gold nanoprobe assay for the identification of mycobacteria of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complexCOSTA, P; AMARO, A; BOTELHO, A et al.Clinical microbiology and infection. 2010, Vol 16, Num 9, pp 1464-1469, issn 1198-743X, 6 p.Article

Mycobacterium bovis (Bacille Calmette-Guérin) bacteremia in immunocompetent neonates following vaccinationTHAMTHITIWAT, Somsak; MARIN, Nongnush; BAGGETT, Henry C et al.Vaccine. 2011, Vol 29, Num 9, pp 1727-1730, issn 0264-410X, 4 p.Article

Mapping of IS6110 insertion sites in Mycobacterium bovis isolates in relation to adaptation from the animal to human hostISABEL, Otal; GOMEZ, Ana B; KREMER, Kristin et al.Veterinary microbiology (Amsterdam). 2008, Vol 129, Num 3-4, pp 333-341, issn 0378-1135, 9 p.Article

Spoligotype diversity of Mycobacterium bovis strains isolated in France from 1979 to 2000HADDAD, N; OSTYN, A; KAROUI, C et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2001, Vol 39, Num 10, pp 3623-3632, issn 0095-1137Article

Biochemical and immunological characterization of a cpn60.1 knockout mutant of Mycobacterium bovis BCGWANG, Xiao-Ming; CHANGLONG LU; HUYGEN, Kris et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2011, Vol 157, pp 1205-1219, issn 1350-0872, 15 p., 4Article

Chest Wall Abscess Due to Mycobacterium bovis BCG after Intravesical BCG TherapyKANAMORI, Hajime; ISOGAMI, Katsuhiko; HATAKEYAMA, Takashi et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2012, Vol 50, Num 2, pp 533-535, issn 0095-1137, 3 p.Article

High Mobility Group Box 1 Protein Induction by Mycobacterium Bovis BCGHOFNER, Péter; SEPRENYI, György; MICZAK, Andras et al.Mediators of inflammation. 2007, Vol 2007, Num 2, pp 1-8, issn 0962-9351, 8 p.Article

Evaluation of the BD probeTec ET system for direct detection of Mycobacterium bovis in veterinary specimensBEAN, David C; HILLS, Andrea; RYAN, Terry et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2007, Vol 45, Num 10, pp 3434-3435, issn 0095-1137, 2 p.Article

Revisiting the evolution of Mycobacterium bovisMOSTOWY, Serge; INWALD, Jackie; GORDON, Steve et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2005, Vol 187, Num 18, pp 6386-6395, issn 0021-9193, 10 p.Article


Double Recombinant Mycobacterium bovis BCG Strain for Screening of Primary and Rationale-Based Antimycobacterial CompoundsSINGH, Vandana; RAJESH KUMAR BISWAS; SINGH, Bhupendra N et al.Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2014, Vol 58, Num 3, pp 1389-1396, issn 0066-4804, 8 p.Article

Mycobacterium bovis BCG-Russia Clinical Isolate with Noncanonical Spoligotyping ProfileMOKROUSOV, Igor; VYAZOVAYA, Anna; POTAPOVA, Yulia et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2010, Vol 48, Num 12, pp 4686-4687, issn 0095-1137, 2 p.Article

Functional analysis of a clonal deletion in an epidemic strain of Mycobacterium bovis reveals a role in lipid metabolismWHEELER, Paul R; BROSCH, Roland; COLDHAM, Nicholas G et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2008, Vol 154, pp 3731-3742, issn 1350-0872, 12 p., 12Article

Mycobacterium bovis découvert sur des squelettes de l'Âge du ferGUIGUEN, Anthony.Biofutur (Puteaux). 2007, Num 278, pp 13-13, issn 0294-3506, 1 p.Article

Continuing Mycobacterium bovis transmission from animals to humans in New ZealandBAKER, M. G; LOPEZ, L. D; CANNON, M. C et al.Epidemiology and infection. 2006, Vol 134, Num 5, pp 1068-1073, issn 0950-2688, 6 p.Article

Bacillus calmette-guerin, Mycobacterium bovis, as an immunomodulator in atopic diseasesBARLAN, Isil; BAHCECILER, Nerin N; AKDIS, Mübeccel et al.Immunology and allergy clinics of North America. 2006, Vol 26, Num 2, issn 0889-8561, ix, 365-377 [14 p.]Article

Molecular detection of Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium bovis BCG (Pasteur) in soilYOUNG, Jamie S; GORMLEY, Eamonn; WELLINGTON, Elizabeth M. H et al.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 2005, Vol 71, Num 4, pp 1946-1952, issn 0099-2240, 7 p.Article

Épidémiologie moléculaire de Mycobacterium bovis en France = Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium bovis in FranceHADDAD, Nadia; OSTYN, Annick; KAROUI, Claudine et al.Bulletin de l'Académie vétérinaire de France. 2002, Vol 155, Num 1-2, pp 119-130, issn 0001-4192, 12 p.Article

A stable Escherichia coli-mycobacteria shuttle vector 'pSO246' in Mycobacterium bovis BCGMATSUMOTO, S; TAMAKI, M; YUKITAKE, H et al.FEMS microbiology letters. 1996, Vol 135, Num 2-3, pp 237-243, issn 0378-1097Article

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