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Besonderheiten bei der dermatologischen Rehabilitation von Kindern und Jugendlichen : Dermatologische Rehabilitation = Special features of dermatologic rehabilitation for children and adolescents : Dermatological rehabilitationNÜRNBERG, W.Der Hautarzt. 2010, Vol 61, Num 4, issn 0017-8470, 302-309 [6 p.]Article

Stationäre Rehabilitation von chronischen Hauterkrankungen am Beispiel des atopischen Ekzems : Rehabilitation in der Dermatologie = Inpatient rehabilitation of chronic dermatoses illustrated by atopic dermatitis : Rehabilitation in dermatologyNÜRNBERG, W.Hautarzt. 2005, Vol 56, Num 7, pp 644-648, issn 0017-8470, 5 p.Article

Nutzen-Risiko-Abwägung bei Rezeptur der TriphenylmethanfarbstoffeNÜRNBERG, W; REIMANN, H.Hautarzt. 2008, Vol 59, Num 10, pp 833-837, issn 0017-8470, 5 p.Article

Beantragung medizinischer Rehabilitation in der Dermatologie = Applications for medical rehabilitation in the field of dermatologyNÜRNBERG, W; BREUER, K.Der Hautarzt. 2010, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 47-54, issn 0017-8470, 8 p.Article

Ganzheitlicher Ansatz der stationären dermatologischen Rehabilitation : Dermatologische Rehabilitation = Holistic approach to in-patient dermatological rehabilitation : Dermatological rehabilitationGUDAT, W; NÜRNBERG, W.Der Hautarzt. 2010, Vol 61, Num 4, pp 310-316, issn 0017-8470, 7 p.Article

Sozialmedizinische Bedeutung der Wegefähigkeit bei der Kälteurtikaria = Sociomedical implications of the inability to commute in patients with cold urticariaNÜRNBERG, W; GRABBE, J; GLAWE, H.-J et al.Der Hautarzt. 2010, Vol 61, Num 3, pp 241-245, issn 0017-8470, 5 p.Article

Glucocorticoid-induced modulation of cytokine secretion from normal and leukemic human myelomonocytic cellsWELKER, P; LIPPERT, U; NÜRNBERG, W et al.International archives of allergy and immunology. 1996, Vol 109, Num 2, pp 110-115, issn 1018-2438Article

Expression of interleukin-8 detected by in situ hybridization correlates with worse prognosis in primary cutaneous melanomaNÜRNBERG, W; TOBIAS, D; OTTO, F et al.Journal of pathology. 1999, Vol 189, Num 4, pp 546-551, issn 0022-3417Article

Keratin 17 gene expression during the murine hair cyclePANTELEYEV, A. A; PAUS, R; WANNER, R et al.Journal of investigative dermatology. 1997, Vol 108, Num 3, pp 324-329, issn 0022-202XConference Paper

Nuclear proto-oncogene products transactivate the human papillomavirus type 16 promoterNÜRNBERG, W; ARTUC, M; VORBRUEGGEN, G et al.British journal of cancer. 1995, Vol 71, Num 5, pp 1018-1024, issn 0007-0920Article

DIG-labeled DNA in situ hybridization without coversplippingNÜRNBERG, W; CZARNETZKI, B. M; SCHADENDORF, D et al.BioTechniques. 1995, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 406-408, issn 0736-6205Article

Urticarial vasculitis syndrome effectively treated with dapsone and pentoxifyllineNÜRNBERG, W; GRABBE, J; CZARNETZKI, B. M et al.Acta dermato-venereologica. 1995, Vol 75, Num 1, pp 54-56, issn 0001-5555Article

Erfolgreiche Behanddlung des chronisch diskoiden Lupus eruthematodes mittels Argon-Laser = Successful treatment of chronic discoid lupus erythematosus with argon-laserNÜRNBERG, W; ALGERMISSEN, B; HERMES, B et al.Hautarzt. 1996, Vol 47, Num 10, pp 767-770, issn 0017-8470Article

Human c-myb is expressed in cervical carcinomas and transactivates the HPV-16 promoterNÜRNBERG, W; ARTUC, M; NAWRATH, M et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 1995, Vol 55, Num 19, pp 4432-4437, issn 0008-5472Article

Interferon treatment of patients with chronic urticaria and mastocytosisCZARNETZKI, B. M; ALGERMISSEN, B; JEEP, S et al.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 1994, Vol 30, Num 3, pp 500-501, issn 0190-9622Article

Evidence for direct anti-heparin-sulphate reactivity in sera of SLE patientsPIRNER, K; RASCU, A; NÜRNBERG, W et al.Rheumatology international (Berlin. Print). 1994, Vol 14, Num 4, pp 169-174, issn 0172-8172Article

Cell-cycle-related metabolic and enzymatic events in proliferating rat thymocytesBRAND, K; AICHINGER, S; FORSTER, S et al.European journal of biochemistry (Print). 1988, Vol 172, Num 3, pp 695-702, issn 0014-2956Article

Arsenic in seawater and brown algae of the Baltic and the North Sea = L'arsenic dans l'eau de mer et les algues brunes de la Mer du Nord et de la Mer BaltiqueSTOEPPLER, M; BURROW, M; BACKHAUS, F et al.Marine chemistry. 1986, Vol 18, Num 2-4, pp 321-324, issn 0304-4203Article

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