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The role of cortical sympathetic ingrowth in the behavioral effects of nucleus basalis magnocellularis lesionsHARRELL, L. E; PARSONS, D. S.Brain research. 1988, Vol 474, Num 2, pp 353-358, issn 0006-8993Article

The disappearing basal ganglia signSAENZ, Rocky C.Radiology. 2005, Vol 234, Num 1, pp 242-243, issn 0033-8419, 2 p.Article

Physiology of peptides in basal gangliaHOSOKAWA, S; KATO, M.Progress in brain research. 1986, Vol 66, pp 73-89, issn 0079-6123Article

The basal ganglia and the locomotor regionsGARCIA-RILL, E.Brain research. 1986, Vol 396, Num 1, pp 47-63, issn 0006-8993Article

Syndrome Parkinsonien par hématomes traumatiques des noyaux gris centraux = Parkinsonian syndrome with hematoma in basal gangliaGIROUD, M; VINCENT, M. C; VINCENT, M. C et al.VINCENT, M. C; VINCENT, M. C et al.Neuro-chirurgie (Paris). 1988, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 61-63, issn 0028-3770Article

Functional anatomy of thalamus and basal gangliaHERRERO, Maria-Trinidad; BARCIA, Carlos; MARI NAVARRO, Juana et al.Child's nervous system (Print). 2002, Vol 18, Num 8, pp 386-404, issn 0256-7040Article

The significance of haematomas of the basal ganglia in closed head injuryCOLQUHOUN, I. R; RAWLINSON, J.Clinical radiology. 1989, Vol 40, Num 6, pp 619-621, issn 0009-9260, 3 p.Article

Communication and Integration in the Basal Ganglia. From Molecules to the ClinicFUXE, K; AGNATI, L. F; MORA, F et al.Brain research reviews. 2008, Vol 58, Num 2, issn 0165-0173, 235 p.Conference Proceedings

Disconnection of the amygdala central nucleus and the substantia innominata/nucleus basalis magnocellularis disrupts performance in a sustained attention taskHOLLAND, Peter C.Behavioral neuroscience. 2007, Vol 121, Num 1, pp 80-89, issn 0735-7044, 10 p.Article

Lateral nucleus of the rat amygdala is reciprocally connected with basal and accessory basal nuclei : A light and electron microscopic studySAVANDER, V; MIETTINEN, R; LEDOUX, J. E et al.Neuroscience. 1997, Vol 77, Num 3, pp 767-781, issn 0306-4522Article

The primate nucleus basalis of Meynert: neuronal activity related to a visuomotor tracking taskMITCHELL, S. J; RICHARDSON, R. T; BAKER, F. H et al.Experimental brain research. 1987, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 506-515, issn 0014-4819Article

Nucleus basalis prosencephali, a substrate of apomorphine-induced pecking in pigeonsLINDENBLATT, U; DELIUS, J. D.Brain research. 1988, Vol 453, Num 1-2, pp 1-8, issn 0006-8993Article

Changes in choline acetyltransferase immunoreactivity and the number of immunoreactive fibers remaining after lesions to the magnocellular basal nucleus of ratsOJIMA, H; SAKURAI, T; YAMASAKI, T et al.Neuroscience letters. 1988, Vol 95, Num 1-3, pp 31-36, issn 0304-3940Article

Basal forebrain in the context of schizophreniaHEIMER, L.Brain research reviews. 2000, Vol 31, Num 2-3, pp 205-235, issn 0165-0173Conference Paper

Lage und Ausdehnung der magnozellulären Kerne im basalen Vorderhirn von Nagetieren und Hasenartigen = Organisation topographique et extension des noyaux magnocellulaires des structures télencéphaliques basales chez les rongeurs, lièvres et lapins = Topographic organization and extend of the magnocellular nuclei of the basal forebrain in Rodents, Hares and RabbitsSCHOBER, W; BRAUER, K; WERNER, L et al.Journal für Hirnforschung. 1988, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 443-459, issn 0021-8359Article

Cortical effects of neurotoxic damage to the nucleus pasalis in rats: persistent loss of extrinsic cholinergic input and lack of transsynaptic effect upon the number of somatostatin-containing cholinesterase-positive, and cholinergic cortical neuronsMUFSON, E. J; KEHR, A. D; WAINER, B. H et al.Brain research. 1987, Vol 417, Num 2, pp 385-388, issn 0006-8993Article

The projection from the striatum to the nucleus basalis in the rat : An electron microscopic studyHENDERSON, Z.Neuroscience. 1997, Vol 78, Num 4, pp 943-955, issn 0306-4522Article

Effect of bilateral decortication on nerve growth factor content in basal nucleus and neostriatum of adult rat brainLOREZ, H. P; VON FRANKENBERG, M; WESKAMP, G et al.Brain research. 1988, Vol 454, Num 1-2, pp 355-360, issn 0006-8993Article

Excitatory amino acid uptake sites in the human nucleus of MeynertCHARLTON, F. A; CANDY, J. M.European journal of pharmacology. 1988, Vol 151, Num 1, pp 163-164, issn 0014-2999Article

Nucleus basalis magnocellularis lesions: lack of biochemical and immunocytochemical recovery and effect of cholinesterase inhibitors on passive avoidanceTHAL, L. J; DOKLA, C. P. J; ARMSTRONG, D. M et al.Behavioral neuroscience. 1988, Vol 102, Num 6, pp 852-860, issn 0735-7044Article

Lamellar bodies are markers of cholinergic neurons in ferret nucleus basalisHENDERSON, Z.Journal of neurocytology. 1989, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 95-103, issn 0300-4864Article

Imunohistochemical localization of β-nerve growth factor receptors in the forebrain of the ratDAWBARN, D; ALLEN, S. J; SEMENENKO, F. M et al.Brain research. 1988, Vol 440, Num 1, pp 185-189, issn 0006-8993Article

Effect of cholinesterase inhibitors on morris water task behavior following lesions of the nucleus basalis magnocellularisDOKLA, C. P. J; THAL, L. J.Behavioral neuroscience. 1988, Vol 102, Num 6, pp 861-871, issn 0735-7044Article

Anatomical relationship between the basal ganglia and the basal nucleus of Meynert in human and monkey forebrainHABER, S.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1987, Vol 84, Num 5, pp 1408-1412, issn 0027-8424Article

A small proportion of cholinergic neurones in the nucleus basalis magnocellularis of ferret appear to stain positively for tyrosine hydroxylaseHENDERSON, Z.Brain research. 1987, Vol 412, Num 2, pp 363-369, issn 0006-8993Article

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