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Biologika bei der Therapie der SoJIA (Morbus Still) : Pädiatrische Rheumatologie = Biologicals in the treatment of SoJIA : Pediatric rheumatologyDÜCKERS, G; NIEHUES, T.Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie (Print). 2010, Vol 69, Num 6, issn 0340-1855, 505-515 [10 p.]Article

Kollagenosen im Kindesalter : Pädiatrische dermatologie = Connective tissue diseases in childhood : Pediatric dermatologyGENSCH, K; GUDOWIUS, S; NIEHUES, T et al.Hautarzt. 2005, Vol 56, Num 10, pp 925-936, issn 0017-8470, 11 p.Article

Empfehlungen zur antiretroviralen Therapie bei HIV-infizierten Kindern. Vollständig überarbeitetes und aktualisiertes Konsensusstatement der Pädiatrischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Aids (PAAD) und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Infektiologie (DGPI) = Recommendations for antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children. Completely revised and updated consensus statement of the pediatric AIDS committee (PAAD) and the German society for pediatric infectologyNIEHUES, T; WINTERGERST, U; FUNK, M et al.Monatsschrift für Kinderheilkunde. 2001, Vol 149, Num 12, pp 1372-1382, issn 0026-9298, 10 p.Article

Functional characteristics of human peripheral blood α/βTCR+, CD4- and CD8: Double-negative (DN) T cellsNIEHUES, T; EICHELBAUER, D; SCHNEIDER, E. M et al.Microbiology and immunology. 1999, Vol 43, Num 2, pp 153-159, issn 0385-5600Article

Treatment of pediatric malignant thymoma : Long-term remission in a 14-year-old boy with EBV-associated thymic carcinoma by aggressive combined modality treatmentNIEHUES, T; HARMS, D; JÜRGENS, H et al.Medical and pediatric oncology. 1996, Vol 26, Num 6, pp 419-424, issn 0098-1532Article

Papeln über den dorsalen Interphalangealgelenken und ein unspezifisches Immunstimulans = Papules on the dorsal interpholongeol joints and an unspecific immunostimulating agentLACKMANN, G. M; NDAGIJIMANA, J; NIEHUES, T et al.Klinische Pädiatrie. 2003, Vol 215, Num 5, pp 280-282, issn 0300-8630, 3 p.Article

Ganglioneurome im Kindesalter: CT- und MRT-Charakteristika = Ganglioneuromas in childhood: MRI and CT characteristicsSCHERER, A; NIEHUES, T; ENGELBRECHT, V et al.Rofo. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Rontgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren. 2000, Vol 172, Num 5, pp 482-486, issn 1438-9029Article

CD28 expression in pediatric human immunodeficiency virus infectionNIEHUES, T; NDAGIJIMANA, J; HORNEFF, G et al.Pediatric research. 1998, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 265-268, issn 0031-3998Article

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS) due to Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) in an HIV-positive childKROIDL, A; HUCK, K; WEINSPACH, S et al.Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases. 2006, Vol 38, Num 8, pp 716-718, issn 0036-5548, 3 p.Article

Immunodeficiency and Hodgkin's disease: Treatment and outcome in the DAL HD78-90 and GPOH HD95 studiesNIEHUES, T; SCHELLONG, G; DÖRFFEL, W et al.Klinische Pädiatrie. 2003, Vol 215, Num 6, pp 315-320, issn 0300-8630, 6 p.Article

Vorstellungen zur Pathogenese der juvenilen idiopathischen Arthritis : Pädiatrische Rheumatologie: news = Concepts on the pathogenesis of juvenile idiopathic arthritisNIEHUES, T; FEYEN, O; TELIEPS, T et al.Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie (Print). 2008, Vol 67, Num 2, issn 0340-1855, 111-120 [9 p.]Article

Morbilliformes Exanthem ohne Masernvirus? = Disseminated vesicular efflorescences in varicella infectionLACKMANN, G.-M; SCHMIDT, B; NIEHUES, T et al.Monatsschrift für Kinderheilkunde. 2003, Vol 151, Num 9, pp 979-980, issn 0026-9298, 2 p.Article

Evidenzbasierter Einsatz von Methotrexat bei Kindern mit rheumatischen Erkrankungen: Konsensusstatement der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendrheumatologie Deutschland (AGKJR) und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädiatrische Rheumatologie Österreich = Evidence-based use of methotrexate in children with rheumatic disordersNIEHUES, T; HORNEFF, G; MICHELS, H et al.Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie (Print). 2004, Vol 63, Num 2, pp 147-159, issn 0340-1855, 13 p.Article

Evidenzbasierter Einsatz von Methotrexat bei Kindern mit rheumatischen Erkrankungen: Konsensusstatement der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendrheumatologie Deutschland (AGKJR) und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädiatrische Rheumatologie Österreich = Evidence-based treatment with methotrexate in children with rheumatic disorders. Consensus statement of the Working Group for Children and Adolescents with Rheumatic Diseases in Germany and the Working Group on Pediatric Rheumatology in AustriaNIEHUES, T; HORNEFF, G; MICHELS, H et al.Monatsschrift für Kinderheilkunde. 2003, Vol 151, Num 8, pp 881-890, issn 0026-9298, 10 p.Article

Relapsing polychondritis in childhood: case report and short reviewKNIPP, S; BIER, H; HORNEFF, G et al.Rheumatology international (Berlin. Print). 2000, Vol 19, Num 6, pp 231-234, issn 0172-8172Article

Successful treatment of relapsed CML after cord blood transplantation with donor leukocyte infusion IL-2 and IFNαLAWS, H. J; NÜRNBERGER, W; KÖRHOLZ, D et al.Bone marrow transplantation (Basingstoke). 2000, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 219-222, issn 0268-3369Article

Treatment-resistant expansion of CD8+CD28-cells in pediatric HIV infectionNIEHUES, T; HORNEFF, G; KNIPP, S et al.Pediatric research. 2000, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 418-421, issn 0031-3998Article

Unique phenotype and distinct TCR Vβ repertoire in human peripheral blood αβTCR+, CD4-, and CD8- double negative T cellsNIEHUES, T; GULWANI-ALKOLKAR, B; AKOLKAR, P. N et al.The Journal of immunology (1950). 1994, Vol 152, Num 3, pp 1072-1081, issn 0022-1767Article

Multiple eruptive myxoid dermatofibromas : report of first case and review of literatureANTAL, A; ZELGER, B; REIFENBERGER, J et al.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2007, Vol 157, Num 2, pp 382-385, issn 0007-0963, 4 p.Article

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and mucocutaneous ulcerationsLACKMANN, G. M; LYDING, S; SCHERER, A et al.Neuropediatrics. 2004, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 253-254, issn 0174-304X, 2 p.Article

Diagnostik und Therapie von Pseudorheumaknötchen (subkutanes Granuloma anulare) = Diagnosis and therapy of pseudorheumatoid nodules (subcutaneous granuloma annulare)LAINKA, E; NIEHUES, T; ENGERS, R et al.Monatsschrift für Kinderheilkunde. 2002, Vol 150, Num 9, pp 1101-1104, issn 0026-9298Article

Familial Mediterranean fever in Germany: epidemiological, clinical, and genetic characteristics of a pediatric populationLAINKA, E; BIELAK, M; LOHSE, P et al.European journal of pediatrics. 2012, Vol 171, Num 12, pp 1775-1785, issn 0340-6199, 11 p.Article

A teenager with X-linked agammaglobulinemia and vitamin B12 deficiency anemiaLACKMANN, G. M; WAHN, V; POREMBA, C et al.Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition. 2005, Vol 41, Num 3, pp 360-362, issn 0277-2116, 3 p.Article

Complete regression of AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma in a child treated with highly active antiretroviral therapyNIEHUES, T; HORNEFF, G; MEGAHED, M et al.AIDS (London). 1999, Vol 13, Num 9, pp 1148-1149, issn 0269-9370Article

Delayed motor learning and psychomotor slowing in HIV-infected childrenVON GIESEN, H. J; NIEHUES, T; REUMEL, J et al.Neuropediatrics. 2003, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 177-181, issn 0174-304X, 5 p.Article

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