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Statistics of neutron stars at the stage of a supersonic propellerBESKIN, V. S; ELISEEVA, S. A.Astronomy letters (Print). 2005, Vol 31, Num 9, pp 579-585, issn 1063-7737, 7 p.Article

Disorder resistivity of solid neutron-star matterJONES, P. B.Physical review letters. 2004, Vol 93, Num 22, pp 221101.1-221101.4, issn 0031-9007Article

Do Magnetars Really Exist?MALOV, I. F; YUNGEL'SON, L.Astronomy reports. 2012, Vol 56, Num 1, pp 29-34, issn 1063-7729, 6 p.Article

Status of LIGO at the start of the fifth science runWALDMAN, Samuel J.Classical and quantum gravity (Print). 2006, Vol 23, Num 19, issn 0264-9381, S653-S660Conference Paper

Two magnetars: SGR 1627―41 and IE 1547―5408MEREGHETTI, S; TIENGO, A; REA, N et al.Advances in space research. 2011, Vol 47, Num 8, pp 1312-1316, issn 0273-1177, 5 p.Article

Neutron-rich nuclei and neutron stars : A new accurately calibrated interaction for the study of Neutron-Rich matterTODD-RUTEL, B. G; PIEKAREWICZ, J.Physical review letters. 2005, Vol 95, Num 12, pp 122501.1-122501.4, issn 0031-9007Article

The physics of neutron stars : PulsarsLATTIMER, J. M; PRAKASH, M.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2004, Vol 304, Num 5670, pp 536-542, issn 0036-8075, 7 p.Article

Testing the detection pipelines for inspirals with Virgo commissioning run C4 dataACERNESE, F; AMICO, P; BARSUGLIA, M et al.Classical and quantum gravity (Print). 2005, Vol 22, Num 18, pp S1139-S1148, issn 0264-9381Conference Paper

Mechanism of Thermonuclear Burning Propagation in a Helium Layer on a Neutron Star Surface: A Simplified Adiabatic ModelSIMONENKO, V. A; GRYAZNYKH, D. A; LITVINENKO, I. A et al.Astronomy letters (Print). 2012, Vol 38, Num 4, pp 231-237, issn 1063-7737, 7 p.Article

Donors of Persistent Neutron-Star Low-Mass X-Ray BinariesCHUNHUA ZHU; GUOLIANG LÜ; ZHAOJUN WANG et al.Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 2012, Vol 124, Num 913, pp 195-203, issn 0004-6280, 9 p.Article

Probing the physics of neutron stars with gravitational wavesFERRARI, V.Classical and quantum gravity (Print). 2010, Vol 27, Num 19, issn 0264-9381, 194006.1-194006.9Conference Paper

Virgo statusACERNESE, F; ALSHOURBAGY, M; BARONE, F et al.Classical and quantum gravity (Print). 2008, Vol 25, Num 18, issn 0264-9381, 184001.1-184001.9Conference Paper

Unusual glitch behaviours of two young pulsarsZOU, W. Z; WANG, N; WANG, H. X et al.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 2004, Vol 354, Num 3, pp 811-814, issn 0035-8711, 4 p.Article

On the Possible Observational Manifestation of the Impact of a Supernova Shock on the Neutron Star MagnetosphereEGOROV, A. E; POSTNOV, K. A.Astronomy letters (Print). 2009, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 241-246, issn 1063-7737, 6 p.Article

Gravitational Radiation from Approaching Neutron Stars and the Rotational Explosion Mechanism for Collapsing SupernovaeIMSHENNIK, V. S.Astronomy letters (Print). 2008, Vol 34, Num 6, pp 375-388, issn 1063-7737, 14 p.Article

Probing the interior of neutron stars with gravitational wavesTSUI, L. K; LEUNG, P. T.Physical review letters. 2005, Vol 95, Num 15, pp 151101.1-151101.4, issn 0031-9007Article

Neutron star crustal interface wavesPIRO, Anthony L; BILDSTEN, Lars.The Astrophysical journal. 2005, Vol 619, Num 2, pp 1054-1063, issn 0004-637X, 10 p., 1Article

On the Origin of the High-Q High-Frequency Oscillations of MagnetarsSTEPANOV, A. V; ZAITSEV, V. V; VALTAOJA, E et al.Astronomy letters (Print). 2011, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 276-280, issn 1063-7737, 5 p.Article

Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beamsBERTULANI, C. A; GADE, A.Physics reports. 2010, Vol 485, Num 6, pp 195-259, issn 0370-1573, 65 p.Article

Space and Velocity Distributions of Galactic Isolated Old Neutron StarsOFEK, Eran O.Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 2009, Vol 121, Num 882, pp 814-826, issn 0004-6280, 13 p.Article

High-energy emission from magnetarsTHOMPSON, C; BELOBORODOV, A. M.The Astrophysical journal. 2005, Vol 634, Num 1, pp 565-569, issn 0004-637X, 5 p., 1Article

Superfluidity in the inner crust of neutron starsVIGEZZI, E; BARRANCO, F; BROGLIA, R. A et al.The European physical journal. A, Hadrons and nuclei. 2004, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 101-102, 2 p.Conference Paper

Long-Period Variations of Pulsar Emission and the Dynamical Ellipticity of Neutron StarsKITIASHVILI, I. N; GUSEV, A. V.Astronomy reports. 2008, Vol 52, Num 1, pp 61-69, issn 1063-7729, 9 p.Article

Status of VirgoACERNESE, F; ALSHOURBAGY, M; BARSOTTI, L et al.Classical and quantum gravity (Print). 2008, Vol 25, Num 11, issn 0264-9381, 114045.1-114045.8Conference Paper

Experimental nuclear masses and the ground state of cold dense matterHAENSEL, P; PICHON, B.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1994, Vol 283, Num 1, pp 313-318, issn 0004-6361Article

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