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Statistical methods for clinical psychopharmacology trialsOTTO, M. W.Techniques in the behavioral and neural sciences. 1992, Vol 9, pp 247-266, issn 0921-0709Article

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder : Model, methods, and outcomeOTTO, M. W.The Journal of clinical psychiatry. Supplement. 1999, Vol 60, Num 9, pp 14-19Conference Paper

Prevalence and predictors of depressive symptoms in older premenopausal women : The Harvard Study of Moods and cyclesHARLOW, B. L; COHEN, L. S; OTTO, M. W et al.Archives of general psychiatry. 1999, Vol 56, Num 5, pp 418-424, issn 0003-990XArticle

Quality of life in patients with panic disorderCANDILIS, P. J; MCLEAN, R. Y. S; OTTO, M. W et al.The Journal of nervous and mental disease. 1999, Vol 187, Num 7, pp 429-434, issn 0022-3018Article

Cognitive behavioral and pharmacological treatment of generalized anxiety disorder : A preliminary meta-analysisGOULD, R. A; OTTO, M. W; POLLACK, M. H et al.Behavior therapy. 1997, Vol 28, Num 2, pp 285-305, issn 0005-7894Article

Relationship of childhood anxiety to adult panic disorder : correlates and influence on coursePOLLACK, M. H; OTTO, M. W; SABATINO, S et al.The American journal of psychiatry. 1996, Vol 153, Num 3, pp 376-381, issn 0002-953XArticle

Premenstrual exacerbation of symptoms in women with panic disorderKASPI, S. P; OTTO, M. W; POLLACK, M. H et al.Journal of anxiety disorders. 1994, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 131-138, issn 0887-6185Article

A novel contact-lens system to assess visual hemispheric asymmetriesFOUTY, H. E; OTTO, M. W; YEO, R. A et al.Perceptual and motor skills. 1992, Vol 74, Num 2, pp 567-575, issn 0031-5125Article

The tyrotropin response to thyrotropin-releasing hormone as a predictor of response to treatment in depressed outpatientsFAVA, M; ROSENBAUM, J. F; BIRNBAUM, R et al.Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica. 1992, Vol 86, Num 1, pp 42-45, issn 0001-690XArticle

Pilot outreach services to homebound agoraphobic patientsPOLLACK, M. H; SACHS, G. S; TESAR, G. E et al.Hospital & community psychiatry. 1991, Vol 42, Num 3, pp 315-317, issn 0022-1597, 3 p.Article

Age at onset, course of illness and response to psychotherapy in bipolar disorder: results from the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder (STEP-BD)PETERS, A; SYLVIA, L. G; DECKERSBACH, T et al.Psychological medicine (Print). 2014, Vol 44, Num 16, pp 3455-3467, issn 0033-2917, 13 p.Article

Rate of improvement during cognitive-behavioral group treatment for panic disorderPENAVA, S. J; OTTO, M. W; MAKI, K. M et al.Behaviour research and therapy. 1998, Vol 36, Num 7-8, pp 665-673, issn 0005-7967Article

Dichotic listening before and after fluoxetine treatment for major depression : Relations of laterality to therapeutic responseBRUDER, G. E; OTTO, M. W; MCGRATH, P. J et al.Neuropsychopharmacology (New York, NY). 1996, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 171-179, issn 0893-133XArticle

Symptom subtypes of obsessive-compulsive disorder in behavioral treatment studies : a quantitative reviewBALL, S. G; BAER, L; OTTO, M. W et al.Behaviour research and therapy. 1996, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 47-51, issn 0005-7967Article

Anxiety psychopathology predictive of outcome in patients with panic disorder and depression treated with imipramine, alprazolam and placeboPOLLACK, M. H; OTTO, M. W; SACHS, G. S et al.Journal of affective disorders. 1994, Vol 30, Num 4, pp 273-281, issn 0165-0327Article

Cognitive-behavioral treatment of choking phobia: 3 case studiesBALL, S. G; OTTO, M. W.Psychotherapy and psychosomatics. 1994, Vol 62, Num 3-4, pp 207-211, issn 0033-3190Article

Discontinuation of benzodiazepine treatment : efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy for patients with panic disorderOTTO, M. W; POLLACK, M. H; SACHS, G. S et al.The American journal of psychiatry. 1993, Vol 150, Num 10, pp 1485-1490, issn 0002-953XArticle

Depression, pain, and hemispheric activationOTTO, M. W; DOUGHER, M. J; YEO, R. A et al.The Journal of nervous and mental disease. 1989, Vol 177, Num 4, pp 210-218, issn 0022-3018Article

Respondent conditioning of self-injurious behavior in early socially deprived Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)GLUCK, J. P; OTTO, M. W; BEAUCHAMP, A. J et al.Journal of abnormal psychology (1965). 1985, Vol 94, Num 2, pp 222-226, issn 0021-843XArticle

Sex differences and personality factors in responsitivity to painOTTO, M. W; DOUGHER, M. J.Perceptual and motor skills. 1985, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 383-390, issn 0031-5125Article

Empirically supported treatments for panic disorder : Costs, benefits, and stepped care : Stepped care models in psychotherapyOTTO, M. W; POLLACK, M. H; MAKI, K. M et al.Journal of consulting and clinical psychology. 2000, Vol 68, Num 4, pp 556-563, issn 0022-006XArticle

Additional findings on the association between anxiety sensitivity and hypochondriacal concerns : Examination of patients with major depressionOTTO, M. W; DEMOPULOS, C. M; MCLEAN, N. E et al.Journal of anxiety disorders. 1998, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 225-232, issn 0887-6185Article

Selective encoding of threat in panic disorder : Application of a dual priming paradigmMCNALLY, R. J; HORNIG, C. D; OTTO, M. W et al.Behaviour research and therapy. 1997, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 543-549, issn 0005-7967Article

Panic anxiety, dyspnea, and respiratory disease : Theoretical and clinical considerationsSMOLLER, J. W; POLLACK, M. H; OTTO, M. W et al.American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 1996, Vol 154, Num 1, pp 6-17, issn 1073-449XArticle

Maintenance of remission following cognitive behavior therapy for panic disorder : Possible deleterious effects of concurrent medication treatmentOTTO, M. W; POLLACK, M. H; SABATINO, S. A et al.Behavior therapy. 1996, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 473-482, issn 0005-7894Article

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