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Cardiovascular abnormalities in sleep-disordered breathingJUDD, Brooke G; LIU, Stephen; SATEIA, Michael J et al.Seminars in respiratory and critical care medicine. 2003, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 315-321, issn 1069-3424, 7 p.Article

Avoiding adverse outcomes in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA): development and implementation of a perioperative OSA protocolBOLDEN, Norman; SMITH, Charles E; AUCKLEY, Dennis et al.Journal of clinical anesthesia. 2009, Vol 21, Num 4, pp 286-293, issn 0952-8180, 8 p.Article

Comparison of hypopnea definitions in lean patients with known obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS)GUILLEMINAULT, C; HAGEN, C. C; HUYNH, N. T et al.Sleep & breathing. 2009, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 341-347, issn 1520-9512, 7 p.Article

Association between refractory hypertension and obstructive sleep apneaRUTTANAUMPAWAN, Pimon; NOPMANEEJUMRUSLERS, Cherdchai; LOGAN, Alexander G et al.Journal of hypertension. 2009, Vol 27, Num 7, pp 1439-1445, issn 0263-6352, 7 p.Article

Effects of venous compression of the legs on overnight rostral fluid shift and obstructive sleep apneaREDOLFI, Stefania; ARNULF, Isabelle; POTTIER, Michel et al.Respiratory physiology & neurobiology. 2011, Vol 175, Num 3, pp 390-393, issn 1569-9048, 4 p.Article

Metabolic Complications of Obstructive Sleep Apnea SyndromeAHMED, Qanta A.The American journal of the medical sciences. 2008, Vol 335, Num 1, pp 60-64, issn 0002-9629, 5 p.Article

Chemoreflex control of ventilation is altered during wakefulness in humans with OSAMATEIKA, Jason H; ELLYTHY, Marzouk.Respiratory physiology & neurobiology. 2003, Vol 138, Num 1, pp 45-57, issn 1569-9048, 13 p.Article

Changes in lung volume and upper airway using MRI during application of nasal expiratory positive airway pressure in patients with sleep-disordered breathingBRAGA, C. W; CHEN, Q; BURSCHTIN, O. E et al.Journal of applied physiology (1985). 2011, Vol 111, Num 5, pp 1400-1409, issn 8750-7587, 10 p.Article

Accuracy of autotitrating CPAP to estimate the residual Apnea―Hypopnea Index in patients with obstructive sleep apnea on treatment with autotitrating CPAPDESAI, Himanshu; PATEL, Anil; PATEL, Pinal et al.Sleep & breathing. 2009, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 383-390, issn 1520-9512, 8 p.Article

Positional sensitivity as a confounder in diagnosis of severity of obstructive sleep apneaSUNNERGREN, Ola; BROSTRÖM, Anders; SVANBORG, Eva et al.Sleep & breathing. 2013, Vol 17, Num 1, pp 173-179, issn 1520-9512, 7 p.Article

The influence of end-expiratory lung volume on measurements of pharyngeal collapsibility : Pulmonary Physiology and Pathophisiology in ObesityOWENS, Robert L; MALHOTRA, Atul; ECKERT, Danny J et al.Journal of applied physiology (1985). 2010, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 445-451, issn 8750-7587, 7 p.Article

Variability in the Apnea-Hypopnea Index and Its Consequences for Diagnosis and Therapy Evaluation. CommentaryCHERNIACK, Neil S; AARAB, Ghizlane; LOBBEZOO, Frank et al.Respiration (Basel). 2009, Vol 77, Num 1, issn 0025-7931, 21-22, 32-37 [8 p.]Article

Prevalence, clinical features, and CPAP adherence in REM-related sleep-disordered breathing: a cross-sectional analysis of a large clinical populationCONWELL, Walter; PATEL, Bhakti; DOEING, Diana et al.Sleep & breathing. 2012, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 519-526, issn 1520-9512, 8 p.Article

Sleep apnea, hypertension, and the effects of continuous positive airway pressureDHILLON, Sukhjeet; CHUNG, Sharon A; FARGHER, Terence et al.American journal of hypertension. 2005, Vol 18, Num 5, pp 594-600, issn 0895-7061, 7 p., 1Article

Nasal corticosteroids for children with snoringALEXOPOULOS, Emmanouel I; KADITIS, Athanasios G; KALAMPOUKA, Efthimia et al.Pediatric pulmonology. 2004, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 161-167, issn 8755-6863, 7 p.Article

Effect of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty on work of breathing during wakefulness in obstructive sleep apnea syndromeLIN, Ching-Chi; LEE, Kuo-Sheng; WANG, Ying-Piao et al.The Annals of otology, rhinology & laryngology. 2007, Vol 116, Num 4, pp 271-277, issn 0003-4894, 7 p.Article

Role of arousals in the pathogenesis of obstructive sleep apneaYOUNES, Magdy.American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 2004, Vol 169, Num 5, pp 623-633, issn 1073-449X, 11 p.Article

Increased cell-free DNA concentrations in patients with obstructive sleep apneaSHIN, Chol; KIM, Jin K; KIM, Je H et al.Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences (Carlton. Print). 2008, Vol 62, Num 6, pp 721-727, issn 1323-1316, 7 p.Article

A review of executive functions in obstructive sleep apnea syndromeSAUNAMÄKI, T; JEHKONEN, M.Acta neurologica scandinavica. 2007, Vol 115, Num 1, pp 1-11, issn 0001-6314, 11 p.Article

Influence of Lower Body Positive Pressure on Upper Airway Cross-Sectional Area in Drug-Resistant HypertensionFRIEDMAN, Oded; BRADLEY, T. Douglas; LOGAN, Alexander G et al.Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. 1979). 2013, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 240-245, issn 0194-911X, 6 p.Article

Le syndrome d'apnées-hypopnées obstructif du sommeil : Évolution d'un concept ancien = Obstructif sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome : Evolution of an old conceptVECCHIERINI, M.-F.Neuro-chirurgie (Paris). 2006, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 432-442, issn 0028-3770, 11 p.Article

The normal-weight snorer: Polysomnographic study and correlation with upper airway morphological alterationsMARCHIONI, Daniele; MENABUE, Silvia; GHIDINI, Angelo et al.The Annals of otology, rhinology & laryngology. 2005, Vol 114, Num 2, pp 144-146, issn 0003-4894, 3 p.Article

Severe obstructive sleep apnea elicits concentric left ventricular geometryCIOFFI, Giovanni; RUSSO, Tiziano Edoardo; STEFENELLI, Carlo et al.Journal of hypertension. 2010, Vol 28, Num 5, pp 1074-1082, issn 0263-6352, 9 p.Article

Cyclic nucleotides modulate genioglossus and hypoglossal responses to excitatory inputs in ratsAOKI, Cynthia R. A; LIU, Hattie; DOWNEY, Gregory P et al.American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 2006, Vol 173, Num 5, pp 555-565, issn 1073-449X, 11 p.Article

Does obstructive sleep apnea affect aerobic fitness?GUILLERMO, Louis Q; GAI, Thomas J; MAIR, Eric A et al.The Annals of otology, rhinology & laryngology. 2006, Vol 115, Num 10, pp 715-720, issn 0003-4894, 6 p.Article

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