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Different evolutionary histories in two sympatric limpets of the genus Nacella (Patellogastropoda) in the South-western Atlantic coastCARLA DE ARANZAMENDI, M; BASTIDA, Ricardo; GARDENAL, Cristina N et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2011, Vol 158, Num 11, pp 2405-2418, issn 0025-3162, 14 p.Article

Associations between living benthic foraminifera and dead tests of Syringammina fragilissima (Xenophyophorea) in the Darwin Mounds region (NE Atlantic)HUGHES, J. Alan; GOODAY, Andrew J.Deep-sea research. Part 1. Oceanographic research papers. 2004, Vol 51, Num 11, pp 1741-1758, issn 0967-0637, 18 p.Article

Observations on the life histories of the narcomedusae Aeginura grimaldii, Cunina peregrina and Solmissus incisa from the western North AtlanticLUCAS, Cathy H; REED, Adam J.Marine biology (Berlin). 2009, Vol 156, Num 3, pp 373-379, issn 0025-3162, 7 p.Article

The south atlantic riftingCONCEICAO, J.C; ZALAN, P.V; WOLFF, S et al.Rev. Bras. Geocienc. 1988, Vol 18, Num 3, p. 314Conference Paper

Tracking hurricanesELSNER, James B.Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 2003, Vol 84, Num 3, pp 353-356, issn 0003-0007, 4 p.Article

Corrigendum to 'Great salinity anomalies in the North Atlantic' [Progress in Oceanography, 41 (1998) 1-68]BELKIN, I. M; LEVITUS, S; ANTONOV, J et al.Progress in oceanography. 2000, Vol 45, Num 1, pp 107-108, issn 0079-6611Article

Nitrate use by plankton in the eastern subtropical North Atlantic, March-April 1989EPPLEY, R. W; KOEVE, W.Limnology and oceanography. 1990, Vol 35, Num 8, pp 1781-1788, issn 0024-3590Article

Evolução do Oceano Atlantico Sul = Evolution de l'Océan Atlantique SudRevista brasileira de geociências. 1987, Vol 17, Num 2, issn 0375-7536, 134 p.Conference Proceedings

On the North and Tropical Atlantic heat balanceSARMIENTO, J. L.J.G.R. Journal of geophysical research. Part C, Oceans and atmospheres. 1986, Vol 91, Num 10, pp 11.677-11.689Article

Interannual water level variations in Lake Izabal, Guatemala, Centroamerica, using radar altimetry, and its relationship with oceanographic featuresMEDINA, C; GOMEZ-ENRI, J; ALONSO, J et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2007, pp 67430L.1-67430L.10, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-6901-4Conference Paper

Depth and age in South Atlantic-Ocean = Profondeur et datation dans l'océan Atlantique SudNURNBERG, D.International geological congress. 28. 1989, 527Conference Paper

Pan-tropical spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) and other cetaceans around St Helena in the tropical south-eastern AtlanticMACLEOD, Colin D; BENNETT, Emma.Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 2007, Vol 87, Num 1, pp 339-344, issn 0025-3154, 6 p.Article

The Brazil Current transport south of 23°SSTRAMMA, L.Deep-sea research. Part A. Oceanographic research papers. 1989, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 639-646, issn 0198-0149Article

Diurnal variations of dinoflagellate bioluminescence within the open-ocean north-east AtlanticMARCINKO, Charlotte L. J; ALLEN, John T; POULTON, Alex J et al.Journal of plankton research. 2013, Vol 35, Num 1, pp 177-190, issn 0142-7873, 14 p.Article

Foraging activity and resource use by three parrotfish species at Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, tropical West AtlanticBONALDO, Roberta Martini; KRAJEWSKI, Joao Paulo; SAZIMA, Cristina et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2006, Vol 149, Num 3, pp 423-433, issn 0025-3162, 11 p.Article

Present-day genetic composition suggests contrasting demographic histories of two dominant chaetognaths of the North-East Atlantic, Sagitta elegans and S. setosaPEIJNENBURG, K. T. C. A; VAN HAASTRECHT, E. K; FAUVELOT, C et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2005, Vol 147, Num 6, pp 1279-1289, issn 0025-3162, 11 p.Article

Northeast Atlantic winter storminess 1875-1995 re-analysedSCHMITH, T; KAAS, E; LI, T.-S et al.Climate dynamics. 1998, Vol 14, Num 7-8, pp 529-536, issn 0930-7575Conference Paper

Convention OSPAR (comité de surveillance et d'évaluation du nord est atlantique (ASMO)) = Convention OSPAR (committee of monitoring and evaluation of Northeast Atlantic (ASMO) : work assessment of IFREMER)1997, 7 p.Report

North Brazil Current retroflection and transportsGARZOLI, Silvia L; FFIELD, Amy; JOHNS, William E et al.Journal of geophysical research. 2004, Vol 109, Num C1, issn 0148-0227, C01013Article

A 1998-1992 comparison of inorganic carbon and its transport across 24.5°N in the AtlanticMACDONALD, A. M; BARINGER, M. O; WANNINKHOF, R et al.Deep-sea research. Part 2. Topical studies in oceanography. 2003, Vol 50, Num 22-26, pp 3041-3064, issn 0967-0645, 24 p.Article

Horizontal movement of ocean sunfish, Mola mola, in the northwest AtlanticPOTTER, Inga F; GALUARDI, Benjamin; HUNTTING HOWELL, W et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2011, Vol 158, Num 3, pp 531-540, issn 0025-3162, 10 p.Article

Pattern and scale of variability among Northwest Atlantic Shelf plankton communities : The continuous plankton recorder: Towards a global perspectivePERSHING, Andrew J; HEAD, Erica H. J; GREENE, Charles H et al.Journal of plankton research. 2010, Vol 32, Num 12, pp 1661-1674, issn 0142-7873, 14 p.Article

Vertical distribution of macroplankton at the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone (North Atlantic), as observed from the manned submersible Mir-1VINOGRADOV, G. M.Marine biology (Berlin). 2005, Vol 146, Num 2, pp 325-331, issn 0025-3162, 7 p.Article

A North Atlantic climate pacemarker for the centuries : Understanding Earth's dynamicsKERR, R. A.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2000, Vol 288, Num 5473, pp 1984-1986, issn 0036-8075Article

North Atlantic ultra high frequency variability : an introductory surveyAYRAULT, F; LALAURETTE, F; JOLY, A et al.Tellus. Series A, Dynamic meteorology and oceanography. 1995, Vol 47, Num 5, pp 671-696, issn 0280-6495Conference Paper

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