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Oligodeoxyribonucleotide activation with 2,4-phenylenediisothiocyanate and their covalent grafting onto amine-functionalized latex microspheresGANACHAUD, F; LAAYOUN, A; CHAIX, C et al.Journal of dispersion science and technology. 2001, Vol 22, Num 5, pp 473-484, issn 0193-2691Article

8-Aza-7-deazaadenine N8- and N9-(β-D-2'-deoxyribofuranosides): building blocks for automated DNA synthesis and properties of oligodeoxyribonucleotidesSEELA, F; KAISER, K.Helvetica chimica acta. 1988, Vol 71, Num 7, pp 1813-1823, issn 0018-019XArticle

Studies on the synthesis of oligonucleotides via the hydrogenphosphonate approachGAREGG, J; REGBERG, T; STAWINSKI, J et al.Nucleosides & nucleotides. 1987, Vol 6, Num 1-2, pp 283-286, issn 0732-8311Conference Paper

Chemical reactions within DNA duplexes: cyanogen bromide as an effective oligodeoxyribonucleotides coupling agentSOKOLOVA, N. I; ASHIRBEKOVA, D. T; DOLINNAYA, N. G et al.FEBS letters. 1988, Vol 232, Num 1, pp 153-155, issn 0014-5793Article

The use of nucleoside H-phosphonates in the synthesis of deoxyoligonucleotidesFROEHLER, B. C; MATTEUCCI, M. D.Nucleosides & nucleotides. 1987, Vol 6, Num 1-2, pp 287-291, issn 0732-8311Conference Paper

Synthesis of functionally tethered oligodeoxynucleotides by the convertible nucleoside approachMACMILLAN, A. M; VERDINE, G. L.Journal of organic chemistry. 1990, Vol 55, Num 24, pp 5931-5933, issn 0022-3263, 3 p.Article

Alternating α,β-oligothydidylates with alternating (3'→3')- and (5'→5')-internucleotidic phosphodiester linkages as models for antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotidesKOGA, M; MOORE, M. F; BEAUCAGE, S. L et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 1991, Vol 56, Num 12, pp 3757-3759, issn 0022-3263, 3 p.Article

Phosphotriester synthesis of oligonucleotides with the use of N- and O-nucleophilic intramolecular catalysisEFIMOV, V. A; BURYAKOVA, A. A; POLUSHIN, N. N et al.Nucleosides & nucleotides. 1987, Vol 6, Num 1-2, pp 279-282, issn 0732-8311Conference Paper

Triple-helix and double-helix formations of octamers of deoxyriboadenylic and deoxyribothymidylic acidsSUGIMOTO, N; SHINTANI, Y; SASAKI, M et al.Chemistry Letters. 1991, Num 8, pp 1287-1290, issn 0366-7022Article

Alteration of bleomycin cleavage specificity in a platinated DNA oligomer of defined structureGOLD, B; DANGE, V; MOORE, M. A et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1988, Vol 110, Num 7, pp 2347-2349, issn 0002-7863Article

Molecular mechanics studies of parallel and antiparallel phosphate-methylated DNAVAN GENDEREN, M. H. P; KOOLE, L. H; AAGAARD, O. M et al.Biopolymers. 1987, Vol 26, Num 9, pp 1447-1461, issn 0006-3525Article

Semi-mechanized simultaneous synthesis of multiple oligonucleotide fragmentsSELIGER, H; HEROLD, A; KOTSCHI, U et al.Nucleosides & nucleotides. 1987, Vol 6, Num 1-2, pp 137-146, issn 0732-8311Conference Paper

Strong, specific binding of six different DNA sequences by a single conformation-switching DNA macrocycleRUBIN, E; KOOL, E. T.Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English. 1994, Vol 33, Num 9, pp 1004-1007, issn 0570-0833Article

Anti-sense oligodeoxynucleotide-Promises and pitfallsSTEIN, C. A.Leukemia. 1992, Vol 6, Num 10, pp 967-974, issn 0887-6924Article

Hexanucleotide frequency databaseBAINS, W.Computer applications in the biosciences (Print). 1997, Vol 13, Num 1, pp 107-108, issn 0266-7061Article

Disulfide cross-linked oligunocleotidesFERENTZ, A. E; VERDINE, G. L.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1991, Vol 113, Num 10, pp 4000-4002, issn 0002-7863, 3 p.Article

Induction of hemoglobin synthesis by downregulation of MYB protein with an antisense oligodeoxynucleotideYIJUANG CHERN; O'HARA, C; SYTKOWSKI, A. J et al.Blood. 1991, Vol 78, Num 4, pp 991-996, issn 0006-4971Article

New phosphite method: the synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides by use of deoxyribonucleoside 3'-[bis(1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoro-2-propyl) phosphites] as new key intermediatesWATANABE, T; SATO, H; TAKAKU, H et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1989, Vol 111, Num 9, pp 3437-3439, issn 0002-7863Article

Synthesis of hexanucleotide analogues containing diisopropylsilyl internucleotide linkagesCORMIER, J. F; OGILVIE, K. K.Nucleic acids research. 1988, Vol 16, Num 10, pp 4583-4594, issn 0305-1048Article

Structure of the adduct formed between 3-aminocarbazole and the apurinic site oligonucleotide model d[Tp(Ap)pT]VASSEUR, J.-J; RAYNER, B; IMBACH, J.-L et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 1987, Vol 52, Num 22, pp 4994-4998, issn 0022-3263Article

Influence of Tetra(ethylene glycol) (EG4) Substitution at the Loop Region on the Intramolecular DNA i-MotifYUHE YANG; YAWEI SUN; YANG YANG et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2012, Vol 45, Num 6, pp 2643-2647, issn 0024-9297, 5 p.Article

A novel method for generating a nested set of unidirectional deletion mutants using mixed oligodeoxynucleotidesWENYAN SHEN; WAYE, M. M. Y.Gene (Amsterdam). 1988, Vol 70, Num 1, pp 205-211, issn 0378-1119Article

Use of pure-absorption-phase 31P/1H 2D COLOC NMR spectra for assignement of 31P signals of oligonucleotidesFU, J. M; SCHROEDER, S. A; JONES, C. R et al.Journal of magnetic resonance. 1988, Vol 77, Num 3, pp 577-582, issn 0022-2364Article

Base analogue interactions in DNA duplexesBROWN, D. M; ANAND, N. N; SALISBURY, S. A et al.Nucleosides & nucleotides. 1987, Vol 6, Num 1-2, pp 317-320, issn 0732-8311Conference Paper

Automating the purification and isolation of synthetic DNAJONES, S. S; BROWN, J. E; VAN STONE, D. A et al.Bio/technology (New York, N.Y. 1983). 1987, Vol 5, Num 1, pp 67-70, issn 0733-222XArticle

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