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Safety and tolerability of omalizumabCORREN, J; CASALE, T. B; LANIER, B et al.Clinical and experimental allergy (Print). 2009, Vol 39, Num 6, pp 788-797, issn 0954-7894, 10 p.Article

Omalizumab inhibits allergen challenge-induced nasal responseHANF, G; NOGA, O; O'CONNOR, A et al.The European respiratory journal. 2004, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 414-418, issn 0903-1936, 5 p.Article

Intérêt d'un traitement par omalizumab dans le cadre d'une immunothérapie spécifique. Recueil d'expérience et analyse de la littérature = The interest of treatment with omalizumab in the framework of specific immunotherapyOSTER, J.-P; LAVAUD, F; BENTALEB, A et al.Revue française d'allergologie (Amsterdam. Print). 2014, Vol 54, Num 5, pp 347-355, issn 1877-0312, 9 p.Article

L'omalizumab est un traitement de recours efficace dans l'urticaire chronique résistante aux autres traitements = Omalizumab: an alternative therapy in chronic urticariaBEN SAÏD, Benoît; AUGEY, Frédéric; NOSBAUM, Audrey et al.Les Nouvelles dermatologiques. 2011, Vol 30, Num SEP, pp 372-373, issn 0752-5370, 2 p., CAH1Article

Efficacy of omalizumab in severe asthma with fungal sensitisation: a case reportDI STEFANO, F; CINTI, B; ANTONICELLI, L et al.European annals of allergy and clinical immunology. 2014, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 56-59, issn 1764-1489, 4 p.Article

Persistency of response to omalizumab therapy in severe allergic (IgE-mediated) asthmaBOUSQUET, J; SIERGIEJKO, Z; SWIEBOCKA, E et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 2011, Vol 66, Num 5, pp 671-678, issn 0105-4538, 8 p.Article

Omalizumab-induced reductions in mast cell Fc∈RI expression and functionBECK, Lisa A; MARCOTTE, Gregory V; MACGLASHAN, Donald JR et al.Journal of allergy and clinical immunology. 2004, Vol 114, Num 3, pp 527-530, issn 0091-6749, 4 p.Article

CD-sens and clinical changes during withdrawal of Xolair after 6 years of treatment : Astham research still activeNOPP, A; JOHANSSON, S. G. O; ANKERST, J et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 2007, Vol 62, Num 10, pp 1175-1181, issn 0105-4538, 7 p.Article

Characterization of an anaphylactoid reaction to omalizumabDREYFUS, David H; RANDOLPH, Christopher C.Annals of allergy, asthma, & immunology. 2006, Vol 96, Num 4, pp 624-627, issn 1081-1206, 4 p.Article

After 6 years with Xolair; a 3-year withdrawal follow-upNOPP, A; JOHANSSON, S. G. O; ADEDOYIN, J et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 2010, Vol 65, Num 1, pp 56-60, issn 0105-4538, 5 p.Article

Relationship between pretreatment specific IgE and the response to omalizumab therapyWAHN, U; MARTIN, C; FREEMAN, P et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 2009, Vol 64, Num 12, pp 1780-1787, issn 0105-4538, 8 p.Article

Omalizumab-associated anaphylactic reactions reported between January 2007 and June 2008LIN, Robert Y; RODRIGUEZ-BAEZ, Gerson; BHARGAVE, Geeta A et al.Annals of allergy, asthma, & immunology. 2009, Vol 103, Num 5, pp 442-445, issn 1081-1206, 4 p.Article

Omalizumab (XOLAIR°): Avec plus de recul dans l'asthme persistant sévère: surtout de nouveaux effets indésirables = Omalizumab for severe persistant asthma : new adverse effectsLa Revue Prescrire. 2010, Vol 30, Num 324, issn 0247-7750, p. 731Article

Revisiting the cost-effectiveness of omalizumabCAMPBELL, J. D; SPACKMAN, D. E; SULLIVAN, S. D et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 2007, Vol 62, Num 12, pp 1469-1469, issn 0105-4538, 1 p.Article

Omalizumab bei therapierefraktärer chronischer Urtikaria mit Angioödem = Omalizumab for therapy-resistant chronic urticaria with angioedemaKORKMAZ, H; EIGELSHOVEN, S; HOMEY, B et al.Der Hautarzt. 2010, Vol 61, Num 10, issn 0017-8470, 828-831 [3 p.]Article

Re-Treatment with Omalizumab at One Year Interval for Japanese Cedar Pollen-Induced Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis Is Effective and Well ToleratedOGINO, Satoshi; NAGAKURA, Toshikazu; OKUBO, Kimihiro et al.International archives of allergy and immunology. 2009, Vol 149, Num 3, pp 239-245, issn 1018-2438, 7 p.Article

The use of omalizumab in the treatment of severe allergic asthma: A clinical experience updateHOLGATE, Stephen; BUHL, Roland; BOUSQUET, Jean et al.Respiratory medicine. 2009, Vol 103, Num 8, pp 1098-1113, issn 0954-6111, 16 p.Article

Immunological methods for quantifying free and total serum IgE levels in allergy patients receiving Omalizumab (Xolair) therapyHAMILTON, Robert G; MARCOTTE, Gregory V; SAINI, Sarbjit S et al.Journal of immunological methods. 2005, Vol 303, Num 1-2, pp 81-91, issn 0022-1759, 11 p.Article

Effects of omalizumab in a patient with three types of chronic urticariaDOS SANTOS, R. Vieira; BIDESE, B. Locks; DE SOUZA, J. Rabello et al.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2014, Vol 170, Num 2, pp 469-471, issn 0007-0963, 3 p.Article

Response to: 'Omalizumab for the treatment of chronic idiopathic or spontaneous urticaria: a critical appraisal'ROSEN, K; MAURER, M; CASALE, T et al.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2014, Vol 171, Num 1, pp 15-16, issn 0007-0963, 2 p.Article

High eosinophil count: A potential biomarker for assessing successful omalizumab treatment effectsBUSSE, William; SPECTOR, Sheldon; ROSEN, Karin et al.Journal of allergy and clinical immunology. 2013, Vol 132, Num 2, pp 485-486, issn 0091-6749, 2 p.Article

Effectiveness of omalizumab in reducing corticosteroid burden in patients with moderate to severe persistent allergic asthmaKARPEL, Jill; MASSANARI, Marc; GEBA, Gregory P et al.Annals of allergy, asthma, & immunology. 2010, Vol 105, Num 6, pp 465-470, issn 1081-1206, 6 p.Article

Cost-effectiveness of omalizumab in patients with severe persistent allergic asthmaBROWN, R; TURK, F; DALE, P et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 2007, Vol 62, Num 2, pp 149-153, issn 0105-4538, 5 p.Article

THE SAFETY AND INTERPRETABILITY OF SKIN TESTS WITH OMALIZUMABLIEBERMAN, Phillip; RAHMAOUI, Abdelkader; WONG, Dennis A et al.Annals of allergy, asthma, & immunology. 2010, Vol 105, Num 6, pp 493-495, issn 1081-1206, 3 p.Article

Commentary: Omalizumab for the treatment of chronic idiopathic or spontaneous urticariaSABROE, R. A.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2014, Vol 171, Num 1, pp 13-15, issn 0007-0963, 3 p.Article

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