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Intergalactic photon spectra from the far-IR to the UV lyman limit for 0 < z < 6 and the optical depth of the universe to high-energy gamma raysSTECKER, F. W; MALKAN, M. A; SCULLY, S. T et al.The Astrophysical journal. 2006, Vol 648, Num 2, pp 774-783, issn 0004-637X, 10 p., 1Article

A new star photometer developed for spectral aerosol optical thickness measurements in LindenbergLEITERER, U; NAEBERT, A; NAEBERT, T et al.Contributions to atmospheric physics. 1995, Vol 68, Num 2, pp 133-141, issn 0303-4186Article

Instrumentation and technique fore deducing cloud optical depthRASCHKE, R. A; COX, S. K.Journal of climate and applied meteorology. 1983, Vol 22, Num 11, pp 1887-1893, issn 0733-3021Article

MESOLENSING : HIGH-PROBABILITY LENSING WITHOUT LARGE OPTICAL DEPTHDI STEFANO, Rosanne.The Astrophysical journal. 2008, Vol 684, Num 1, pp 46-58, issn 0004-637X, 13 p., 1Article

Influence of cloudiness on the global radiation in different spectral regionsNEZVAL, YE. I; CHUBAROVA, N. E; YARKHO, YE. V et al.Izvestiâ Akademii nauk SSSR. Fizika atmosfery i okeana. 1994, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 196-203, issn 0002-3515Article

Sur l'erreur de détermination de l'épaisseur optique des aérosols atmosphériquesKLEVANTSOVA, V. A; BARTENEVA, O. D.Meteorologiâ i gidrologiâ. 1984, Num 5, pp 118-120, issn 0130-2906Article

Comet Bowell (1980b): measurement of the optical thickness of the coma and particle albedo from a stellar occultationLARSON, S. M; A'HEARN, M. F.Icarus (New York, NY). 1984, Vol 58, Num 3, pp 446-450, issn 0019-1035Article

A Comparison of Stellar Extinction and Space-Based Measurements of Stratospheric Aerosol Optical DepthSTOTHERS, Richard B.Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 2009, Vol 121, Num 877, pp 303-306, issn 0004-6280, 4 p.Article

Semiconductor particles formed at monolayer surfacesXIAO KANG ZHAO; SHUQIAN XU; FENDLER, J. H et al.Langmuir. 1991, Vol 7, Num 3, pp 520-524, issn 0743-7463Article

Theoretical profile of Saturn's ringsSALO, H.Earth, moon and planets. 1984, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 113-128, issn 0167-9295Article

Antireflection coatings : key optical componentsDOBROWOLSKI, J. A.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2005, pp 596303.1-596303.12, issn 0277-786X, isbn 0-8194-5981-X, 1VolConference Paper

Experimental data on aerosol optical thickness in Antarctica in summer 1984/85LEITERER, U; SCHULZ, K.-H.Zeitschrift für Meteorologie. 1987, Vol 37, Num 6, pp 315-321, issn 0084-5361Article

Some results of ground based aerosol optical depth measurements in Antarctica in summer 1984-1985GERNANDT, H; LEITERER, U; SCHULZ, K.-H et al.Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research. Special issue. 1987, Num 48, pp 272-277, issn 0386-0744Conference Paper

Nonlinear iterative retrieval of aerosol size distributionRIZZI, R.Nuovo cimento della società italiana di fisica. C. 1985, Vol 8, Num 5, pp 501-514, issn 0390-5551Article

Jets of moderate optical thickness from thick accretion disksABRAMOWICZ, M. A; SHARP, N. A.Astrophysics and space science. 1983, Vol 96, Num 2, pp 431-445, issn 0004-640XArticle

Lidar extinction methods applied to observations of obscurant eventsUTHE, E. E; LIVINGSTON, J. M.Applied optics. 1986, Vol 25, Num 5, pp 678-684, issn 0003-6935Article

Optically thick plasmas: a summary of contributed papersMASON, K. O.Physica scripta. T. 1984, Vol 7, pp 187-189, issn 0281-1847Article

Aerosol absorption characteristics over 23 AERONET locationsJINHUAN QIU; ZIHUA WANG.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2006, pp 629909.1-629909.8, issn 0277-786X, isbn 0-8194-6378-7, 1VolConference Paper

Modeling the combination of motion, stereo, and vergence angle cues to visual depthFINE, I; JACOBS, R. A.Neural computation. 1999, Vol 11, Num 6, pp 1297-1330, issn 0899-7667Article

Uncertainty in cloud optical depth estimates made from satellite radiance measurementsPINCUS, R; SZCZODRAK, M; GU, J et al.Journal of climate. 1995, Vol 8, Num 5, pp 1453-1462, issn 0894-8755, 2Article

Effect of changes in the optical thickness on holographic recording in a photopolymeric materialSAKHNO, O. V; TIKHONOV, E. A; TORSTVEIT, S et al.Soviet physics. Technical physics. 1991, Vol 36, Num 10, pp 1138-1143, issn 0038-5662Article

Epaisseur optique des aérosols dans les régions maritimes typiquesVOLGIN, V. M; ERSHOV, O. A; SMIRNOV, A. V et al.Izvestiâ Akademii nauk SSSR. Fizika atmosfery i okeana. 1988, Vol 24, Num 10, pp 1058-1065, issn 0002-3515Article

Aerosol Optical Thickness Retrieval by Using a Handheld Spectroradiometer Over Penang Island, MalaysiaLIM, H. S; MATJAFRI, M. Z; ABDULLAH, K et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2010, Vol 7857, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-8387-4, 78571B.1-78571B.8Conference Paper

Miroirs sous incidence oblique de la lumièreGRISHINA, N. V; TIKHONRAVOV, A. V.Optika i spektroskopiâ. 1985, Vol 58, Num 4, pp 900-904, issn 0030-4034Article

Mid-latitude stratospheric aerosol layer enhancement by El Chichon: the first yearMICHALSKY, J. J; HERMAN, B. M; LARSON, N. R et al.Geophysical research letters. 1984, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 76-79, issn 0094-8276Article

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