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The morphology of the organum olfactus of a 32 mm embryo of the brachiopterygian fish Polypterus senegatusBJERRING, H. C.Acta zoologica (Stockholm). 1988, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 47-54, issn 0001-7272Article

Vomerolfactionn and vomodorCOOPER, W. E. jr; BURGHARDT, G. M.Journal of chemical ecology. 1990, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 103-105, issn 0098-0331Conference Paper

Einfluss der olfaktorischen Behaglichkeit auf die Raumluftqualität = Influence of the olfactive comfort on the room air qualityVON KEMPSKI, D.TAB. Technik am Bau. 1997, Num 10, pp 51-55, issn 0341-2032Article

Concentration tuning mediated by spare receptor capacity in olfactory sensory neurons : A theoretical studyCLELAND, T. A; LINSTER, C.Neural computation. 1999, Vol 11, Num 7, pp 1673-1690, issn 0899-7667Article

Responses to odors mapped in snail tentacle and brain by [14C]-2-deoxyglucose autoradiographyCHASE, R.The Journal of neuroscience. 1985, Vol 5, Num 11, pp 2930-2939, issn 0270-6474Article

Development and rudimentation of the peripheral olfactory system in the harbor porpoise Phocoena phocoena (Mammalia: Cetacea)OELSCHLÄGER, H. A; BUHL, E. H.Journal of morphology (1931). 1985, Vol 184, Num 3, pp 351-360, issn 0362-2525Article

Les paradoxes des méduses = The paradoxes of medusaeGOY, Jacqueline.Pour la science. 2002, Num 299, pp 34-42, issn 0153-4092Article

Nasal glands in the CervidaeATKESON, T. D; NETTLES, V. F; MARCHINTON, R. L et al.Journal of mammalogy. 1988, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 153-156, issn 0022-2372Article

Aspects fonctionnels de la perception des phéromones chez les lépidoptères = Functional aspects of pheromone perception in lepidopterousRENOU, M.Colloque national sur mode d'action et utilisation des insecticides. 1986, pp 125-146Conference Paper

Functional morphology of the olfactory organ of two carcharhinid shark speciesZEISKE, E; THEISEN, B; GRUBER, S. H et al.Canadian journal of zoology. 1987, Vol 65, Num 10, pp 2406-2412, issn 0008-4301Article

The peripheral olfactory organ of the Zebrafish, Danio rerio : an ultrastructural studyHANSEN, A; ZEISKE, E.Chemical senses. 1998, Vol 23, Num 1, pp 39-48, issn 0379-864XArticle

Olfactory organs in the deep sea hatchetfish Sternoptyx diaphana (Stomiiformes, Sternoptychidae)BAIRD, R. C; JUMPER, G. Y.Bulletin of marine science. 1993, Vol 53, Num 3, pp 1163-1167, issn 0007-4977Article

Structural and functional development of the olfactory organ in teleostsHARA, T. J; ZIELINSKI, B.Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (1900). 1989, Vol 118, Num 1, pp 183-194, issn 0002-8487, 12 p.Article

Pigeon homing: early experience determines what factors are used for navigationWILTSCHKO, W; WILTSCHKO, R; GRÜTER, M et al.Naturwissenschaften. 1987, Vol 74, Num 4, pp 196-198, issn 0028-1042Article

Aspects of the reproductive biology of Gonostoma bathyphilum (Gonostomatidae)BADOCK, J.Journal of fish biology. 1986, Vol 29, Num 6, pp 589-603, issn 0022-1112Article

Waves and stimulus-modulated dynamics in an oscillating olfactory networkDELANEY, K. R; GELPERIN, A; FEE, M. S et al.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1994, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 669-673, issn 0027-8424Article

Morphological and physiological studies on the olfactory organ of the striped eel catfish, Plotosus lineatusTHEISEN, B; ZEISKE, E; SILVER, W. L et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 1991, Vol 110, Num 1, pp 127-135, issn 0025-3162Article

The interaction of metyrapone and α-naphthoflavone with rat olfactory cytochrome P-450JENNER, J; DODD, G. H.Biochemical pharmacology. 1988, Vol 37, Num 3, pp 558-559, issn 0006-2952Article

Olfactory mucosa of Testudo hermanni (Gmelin) (Reptilia: Testudinidae): occurrence of paracrystalline inclusions in supporting cellsDELFINO, G; BIGAZZI, M; CHELAZZI, G et al.Jahrbuch für Morphologie und mikroskopische Anatomie. 2. Abteilung, Zeitschrift für mikroskopisch-anatomische Forschung. 1986, Vol 100, Num 6, pp 867-880, issn 0044-3107Article

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids quantitatively regulate both scent organ morphogenesis and pheromone biosynthesis in male Creatonotos moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)BOPPRE, M; SCHNEIDER, D.Journal of comparative physiology. A, Sensory, neural, and behavioral physiology. 1985, Vol 157, Num 5, pp 569-577, issn 0340-7594Article

Olfactory organ culture in vivo and in vitro : Mechanisms of olfactory signal reception and transductionGRAZIADEI, P. P. C.Cytotechnology (Dordrecht). 1993, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 3-6, issn 0920-9069Article

Organization of vasoactive intestinal peptide-like immunoreactive system in the brain, olfactory organ and retina of the zebrafish, Danio rerio, during developmentMATHIEU, Maura; TAGLIAFIERRO, Grazia; ANGELINI, Cristiano et al.Brain research. 2001, Vol 888, Num 2, pp 235-247, issn 0006-8993Article

Effects of electrical stimulation of the tentacular digits of a slug upon the frequency of electrical oscillations in the procerebral lobeITO, I; KIMURA, T; SUZUKI, H et al.Brain research. 1999, Vol 815, Num 1, pp 121-125, issn 0006-8993Article

Molecular cloning and characterization of a lobster Gαs protein expressed in neurons of olfactory organ and brainXU, F; HOLLINS, B; GRESS, A. M et al.Journal of neurochemistry. 1997, Vol 69, Num 5, pp 1793-1800, issn 0022-3042Article

Development of the olfactory organ of the Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus (L.) (Teleostei, Salmonidae)OLSEN, K. H.Canadian journal of zoology. 1993, Vol 71, Num 10, pp 1973-1984, issn 0008-4301Article

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