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CLIO MEETS SCIENCE: THE CHALLENGES OF HISTORYKOHLER, Robert E; OLESKO, Kathryn M.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2012, Vol 27, issn 0369-7827, 351 p.Serial Issue

Is It Time to Forget Science?: Reflections on Singular Science and Its HistoryGOLINSKI, Jan.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2012, Vol 27, pp 19-36, issn 0369-7827, 18 p.Article

KLIMAFLEMING, James Rodger; JANKOVIC, Vladimir.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2011, Vol 26, issn 0369-7827, 271 p.Serial Issue

Melting Empires? Climate Change and Politics in Antarctica since the International Geophysical Year = Changement climatique et politique en Antarctique depuis l'Année géophysique internationaleHOWKINS, Adrian.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2011, Vol 26, issn 0369-7827, 180-197, 267 [19 p.]Article

Expertise ex Stellis: Comets, Horoscopes, and Politics in Renaissance Hungary = Expertise ex Stellis : Comètes, horoscopes et politique en Hongrie durant la RenaissanceHAYTON, Darin.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2010, Vol 25, pp 27-46, issn 0369-7827, 20 p.Article

The Schumacher Affair: Reconfiguring Academic Expertise across Dynasties in Eighteenth-Century Russia = L'affaire Schumacher : la reconfiguration de l'expertise académique au fil des dynasties en Russie au XVIIIe siècleWERRETT, Simon.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2010, Vol 25, pp 104-125, issn 0369-7827, 22 p.Article

Experts, Nature, and the Making of Atlantic Empiricism = Experts, nature et constitution de l'empirisme atlantiqueBARRERA-OSORIO, Antonio.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2010, Vol 25, pp 129-148, issn 0369-7827, 20 p.Article

Germans in Russia: Cold War, Technology Transfer, and National Identity = Les allemands en Russie : Guerre froide, transfert de technologie et identité nationaleSIDDIQI, Asif A.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2009, Vol 24, pp 120-143, issn 0369-7827, 24 p.Article

Communicating the North: Scientific Practice and Canadian Postwar Identity = Pratique scientifique et identité canadienne après la guerreJONES-IMHOTEP, Edward.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2009, Vol 24, pp 144-164, issn 0369-7827, 21 p.Article

Signs of the Times: Medicine and Nationhood in British India = Médecine et esprit national en Inde britanniqueCHAKRABARTI, Pratik.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2009, Vol 24, pp 188-211, issn 0369-7827, 24 p.Article

The Heidelberg Circle : German Inflections on the Professionalization of Russian Chemistry in the 1860s = Le cercle de Heidelberg : Les inflexions allemandes à la professionnalisation de la chimie russe dans les années 1860GORDIN, Michael D.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2008, Vol 23, pp 23-49, issn 0369-7827, 27 p.Article

Organizational Culture and Professional Identities in the Soviet Nuclear Power Industry = Culture organisationnelle et identités professionnelles dans l'industrie de l'énergie nucléaire soviétiqueSCHMID, Sonja D.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2008, Vol 23, pp 82-111, issn 0369-7827, 30 p.Article

The Phenomenon of Soviet Science = Le phénomène de la science soviétiqueKOJEVNIKOV, Alexei.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2008, Vol 23, pp 115-135, issn 0369-7827, 21 p.Article

Wishful Science : The Persistence of T. D. Lysenko's Agrobiology in the Politics of Science = La persistance de l'agrobiologie de T. D. Lysenko dans la politique scientifiqueROLL-HANSEN, Nils.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2008, Vol 23, pp 166-188, issn 0369-7827, 23 p.Article

New soviet man inside machine : Human engineering, spacecraft design, and the construction of communism = Le nouvel homme soviétique dans la machine : l'ingénierie humaine, la conception de vaisseau spatiaux et la construction du communismeGEROVITCH, Slava.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2007, Vol 22, pp 135-157, issn 0369-7827, 23 p.Article

The chimera of liberal individualism : How cells became selves in human clinical genetics = La chimère de l'individualisme libéral : Comment les cellules devinrent le moi dans la génétique clinique humaineMARTIN, Aryn.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2007, Vol 22, pp 205-222, issn 0369-7827, 18 p.Article

Self-development and civic virtue : Mental health and citizenship in the Netherlands (1945-2005) = Développement personnel et vertu civique : la santé mentale et la citoyenneté aux Pays-Bas (1945-2005)OOSTERHUIS, Harry.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2007, Vol 22, pp 223-248, issn 0369-7827, 26 p.Article

Global power knowledge: science and technology in international affairsKRIGE, John; BARTH, Kai-Henrik.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2006, Vol 21, issn 0369-7827, 312 p.Serial Issue

Negotiating global nuclearities : Apartheid, decolonization, and the cold war in the making of the IAEAHECHT, Gabrielle.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2006, Vol 21, pp 25-48, issn 0369-7827, 24 p.Article

Aerodynamics and mathematics in National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy : A comparison of research institutesEPPLE, Moritz; KARACHALIOS, Andreas; REMMERT, Volker R et al.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2005, Vol 20, pp 131-158, issn 0369-7827, 28 p.Article

Ecologies of complexity: Tropical environments, African trypanosomiasis, and the science of disease control in British Colonial Africa, 1900-1940TILLEY, Helen.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2004, Vol 19, pp 21-38, issn 0369-7827, 18 p.Article

Western science in Siam : A tale of two kings = La science occidentale en Siam : l'histoire de deux roisHODGES, I.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 1998, Vol 13, pp 80-95, issn 0369-7827Article

Hidden persuaders : Medical indexing and the gendered professionalism of American medicine, 1880-1932 = Indexation médicale et le professionnalisme sexué de la médecine Américaine, 1880-1932LONG, D. E.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 1997, Vol 12, pp 100-120, issn 0369-7827Article

Objectivity or heroism ? On the invisibility of women in scienceORESKES, N.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 1996, Vol 11, pp 87-113, issn 0369-7827Article

Research Schools and new directions in the historiography of scienceGEISON, G. L.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 1993, Vol 8, pp 227-238, issn 0369-7827Article

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