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Modulators of nitric oxide synthesisBENJAMIN, N.Lancet (British edition). 1992, Vol 340, Num 8811, issn 0140-6736, p. 116Article

Autocrine regulation of the production of the gaseous messenger nitric oxide in a glioblastoma cell lineHAREGEWOIN, A; ALEXANDER, E. III; BLACK, P. MCL et al.Experimental cell research. 1994, Vol 210, Num 1, pp 137-139, issn 0014-4827Article

Effects of nitric oxide on human spermatozoa : evidence the nitric oxide decreases sperm motility and induces sperm toxicityROSSELLI, M; DUBEY, R. K; IMTHURN, B et al.Human reproduction (Oxford. Print). 1995, Vol 10, Num 7, pp 1786-1790, issn 0268-1161Article

Ecoulements supersoniques hors équilibreMombo Caristan, Jean Charles; Martin, Jean-Pierre.1989, 246 p.Thesis

Statut antioxydant chez des patientes ostéoporotiques: une étude contrôlée = Antioxidant status in patients with osteoporosis: A controlled studySENDUR, Omer Faruk; TURAN, Yasemin; TASTABAN, Engin et al.Revue du rhumatisme (Ed. française). 2009, Vol 76, Num 9, pp 887-891, issn 1169-8330, 5 p.Article

Endothelium, for exampleHENDERSON, A. H.Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London. 1996, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 42-51, issn 0035-8819Article

Platelet adhesion to human vascular endothelium is modulated by constitutive and cytokine induced nitric oxideRADOMSKI, M. W; VALLANCE, P; WHITLEY, G et al.Cardiovascular research. 1993, Vol 27, Num 7, pp 1380-1382, issn 0008-6363Article

Direct measurement of nitric oxide in human beingsVALLANCE, P; PATTON, S; BHAGAT, K et al.Lancet (British edition). 1995, Vol 346, Num 8968, pp 153-154, issn 0140-6736Article

Inhibition of NO synthesis in septic shockHOTCHKISS, R. S; KARL, I. E; PARKER, J. L et al.Lancet (British edition). 1992, Vol 339, Num 8790, pp 434-435, issn 0140-6736Article

Nitrogen oxide levels in patients after trauma and during sepsisOCHOA, J. B; UDEKWU, A. O; BILLIAR, T. R et al.Annals of surgery. 1991, Vol 214, Num 5, pp 621-626, issn 0003-4932Article

Acid-catalyzed one-electron reduction of nitrite to nitric oxide by an NADH analog and 1,1'-dimethylferrocene in teh absence and presence of dioxygenFUKUZUMI, S; YORISUE, T.Chemistry Letters. 1990, Num 6, pp 871-874, issn 0366-7022Article

Inhibition du monoxyde d'azote dans le choc septique = Nitric oxide inhibition in septic shockDE BACKER, D.Réanimation (Paris. 2001). 2006, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 145-149, issn 1624-0693, 5 p.Article

Nitric oxide, an endothelial cell relaxation factor, inhibits neutrophil superoxide anion production via a direct action on the NADPH oxidaseCLANCY, R. M; LESZCZYNSKA-PIZIAK, J; ABRAMSON, S. B et al.The Journal of clinical investigation. 1992, Vol 90, Num 3, pp 1116-1121, issn 0021-9738Article

Possible role of nitric oxide in refractory hypotension associated with sepsis and endotoxaemia and with multiple organ failurePARRATT, J. R; STOCLET, J.-C.ACP. Applied cardiopulmonary pathophysiology. 1991, Vol 4, Num 2, pp 143-149, issn 0920-5268Article

Effect of endogenous nitric oxide on mitochondrial respiration of rat hepatocytes in vitro and in vivo. DiscussionSTADLER, J; CURRAN, R. D; OCHOA, J. B et al.Archives of surgery (Chicago, IL. 1960). 1991, Vol 126, Num 2, pp 186-191, issn 0004-0010Article

Influence of nitric oxide on agonist-mediated calcium mobilization in plateletsRAO, G. H. R; SUSHILA KRISHNAMURTHI; RAIJ, L et al.Biochemical medicine and metabolic biology. 1990, Vol 43, Num 3, pp 271-275, issn 0885-4505, 5 p.Article

Evaluation of endothelium-derived nitric oxide mediated vasodilation utilizing ex vivo perfusion of an intact vesselLIGUSH, J. JR; LABADIE, R. F; BERCELI, S. A et al.The Journal of surgical research. 1992, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 416-421, issn 0022-4804Conference Paper

Endogenous nitric oxide promotes ileal absorptionMAHER, M. M; GONTAREK, J. D; JIMENEZ, R. E et al.The Journal of surgical research. 1995, Vol 58, Num 6, pp 687-692, issn 0022-4804Conference Paper

Nitric oxide mediates redistribution of intrarenal blood flow during bacteremia. DiscussionGARRISON, R. N; WILSON, M. A; MATHESON, P. J et al.The Journal of trauma. 1995, Vol 39, Num 1, pp 90-97, issn 0022-5282Conference Paper

Soil-atmosphere exchange of nitrous oxide, nitric oxide, and methane under secondary succession of pasture to forest in the Atlantic lowlands of Costa RicaKELLER, M; REINERS, W. A.Global biogeochemical cycles. 1994, Vol 8, Num 4, pp 399-409, issn 0886-6236Article

Low-dose inhalational nitric oxidze in persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newbornKINSELLA, J. P; NEISH, S. R; SHAFFER, E et al.Lancet (British edition). 1992, Vol 340, Num 8823, pp 819-820, issn 0140-6736Article

Inhibition of endothelial nitric oxide biosynthesis by N-nitro-L-arginineDUBBIN, P. N; ZAMBETIS, M; DUSTING, G. J et al.Clinical and experimental pharmacology and physiology. 1990, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 281-286, issn 0305-1870Article

Adaptation to increased dietary salt intake in the rat : role of endogenous nitric oxideSHULTZ, P. J; TOLINS, J. P.The Journal of clinical investigation. 1993, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 642-650, issn 0021-9738Article

Macrophages produce nitric oxide at allograft sitesLANGREHR, J. M; WHITE, D. A; HOFFMAN, R. A et al.Annals of surgery. 1993, Vol 218, Num 2, pp 159-166, issn 0003-4932Article

Occupational exposure to nitrous oxide : not a laughing matterBAIRD, P. A.The New England journal of medicine. 1992, Vol 327, Num 14, pp 1026-1027, issn 0028-4793Article

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