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Induction of axon growth into Schwann cell implants grafted into lesioned adult rat spinal cordPAINO, C. L; BUNGE, M. B.Experimental neurology (Print). 1991, Vol 114, Num 2, pp 254-257, issn 0014-4886Article

Intrathecal transplantation of neuroblastoma cells decreases heat hyperalgesia and cold allodynia in a rat model of neuropathic painDE LA CALLE, J. L; MENA, M. A; GONZALEZ-ESCALADA, J. R et al.Brain research bulletin. 2003, Vol 59, Num 3, pp 205-211, issn 0361-9230, 7 p.Article

Glia protect fetal midbrain dopamine neurons in culture from L-DOPA toxicity through multiple mechanismsMENA, M. A; CASAREJOS, M. J; CARAZO, A et al.Journal of neural transmission. 1997, Vol 104, Num 4-5, pp 317-328, issn 0300-9564Article

Levodopa toxicity in foetal rat midbrain neurones in culture: modulation by ascorbic acidMENA, M. A; PARDO, B; PAINO, C. L et al.Neuroreport (Oxford). 1993, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 438-440, issn 0959-4965Article

Distribution of neurons in the main cuneate nucleus projecting to the inferior olive in the cat. Evidence that they differ from those directly projecting to the cerebellumALONSO, A; BLANCO, M. J; PAINO, C. L et al.Neuroscience. 1986, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 671-683, issn 0306-4522Article

Xenogeneic adrenal medulla graft rejection rather than survival leads to increased rat striatal tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactivityBRESJANAC, M; SAGEN, J; SEIGEL, G et al.Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology. 1997, Vol 56, Num 5, pp 490-498, issn 0022-3069Conference Paper

Toxic effects of L-DOPA on mesencephalic cell cultures : protection with antioxidantsPARDO, B; MENA, M. A; CASAREJOS, M. J et al.Brain research. 1995, Vol 682, Num 1-2, pp 133-143, issn 0006-8993Article

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