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Diet composition and the risk of type 2 diabetes: epidemiological and clinical evidencePARILLO, M; RICCARDI, G.British journal of nutrition. 2004, Vol 92, Num 1, pp 7-19, issn 0007-1145, 13 p.Article

Lipid intake and atherosclerosisMANCINI, M; PARILLO, M.Annals of nutrition and metabolism. 1991, Vol 35, pp 103-108, issn 0250-6807, 6 p., SUP1Conference Paper

Dietary carbohydrates and glucose metabolism in diabetic patients = Hydrates de carbone alimentaires et métabolisme glucidique chez les patients diabétiquesPARILLO, M; RICCARDI, G.Diabète et métabolisme (Paris). 1995, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 391-401, issn 0338-1684Article

Nutrition and cardiovascular risk : the mediterranean experienceMANCINI, M; PARILLO, M; RIVELLESE, A et al.Acta cardiologica. 1989, Vol 44, Num 6, pp 466-467, issn 0001-5385, 2 p.Conference Paper

Does a high-carbohydrate diet have different effects in NIDDM patients treated with diet alone or hypoglycemic drugs ?PARILLO, M; GIACCO, R; CIARDULLO, A. V et al.Diabetes care. 1996, Vol 19, Num 5, pp 498-500, issn 0149-5992Article

A high monounsaturated fat-low carbohydrate diet reduces insulin resistance in NIDDM patientsCIARDULLO, A. V; PARILLO, M; CAPALDO, B et al.Frontiers in diabetes. 1993, Vol 12, pp 254-256, issn 0251-5342Article

Effect of a low fat diet on on carbohydrate metabolism in patients with hypertensionPARILLO, M; COULSTON, A; HOLLENBECK, C et al.Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. 1979). 1988, Vol 11, Num 3, pp 244-248, issn 0194-911XArticle

Effects of meals with different glycaemic index on postprandial blood glucose response in patients with Type 1 diabetes treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusionPARILLO, M; ANNUZZI, G; RIVELLESE, A. A et al.Diabetic medicine. 2011, Vol 28, Num 2, pp 227-229, issn 0742-3071, 3 p.Article

A high-monousaturated-fat/low-carbohydrate diet improves peripheral insulin sensitivity in non-insulin-dependent diabetic patientsPARILLO, M; RIVELLESE, A. A; CIARDULLO, A. V et al.Metabolism, clinical and experimental. 1992, Vol 41, Num 12, pp 1373-1378, issn 0026-0495Article

Soluble leptin receptor and insulin resistance as determinant of sleep apneaMANZELLA, D; PARILLO, M; RAZZINO, T et al.International journal of obesity. 2002, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 370-375, issn 0307-0565Article

Monitoring of cardiovascular risk factors in the diabetic clinics of an Italian region : The MOFRAD studyPARILLO, M; GENOVESE, S; RIVELLESE, A. A et al.Diabetes, nutrition & metabolism (Testo stampato). 2001, Vol 14, Num 4, pp 212-216, issn 0394-3402Article

Prevention of early-morning hyperglycemia in IDDM patients with long-acting zinc insulinPARILLO, M; MURA, A; IOVINE, C et al.Diabetes care. 1992, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 173-177, issn 0149-5992Article

Characteristics of some wheat-based foods of the Italian diet in relation to their influence on postprandial glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetesGIACCO, R; BRIGHENTI, F; PARILLO, M et al.British journal of nutrition. 2001, Vol 85, Num 1, pp 33-40, issn 0007-1145Article

Efficacy and safety of acarbose in the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus : a placebo-controlled, double-blind, multicentre studyRICCARDI, G; GIACCO, R; BRUNETTI, P et al.Diabetic medicine. 1999, Vol 16, Num 3, pp 228-232, issn 0742-3071Article

Are the beneficial metabolic effects of fibre enriched foods preserved when consumed within a composite meal?GIACCO, R; BRIGHENTI, F; PARILLO, M et al.Diabetes, nutrition & metabolism (Testo stampato). 1998, Vol 11, Num 2, pp 130-135, issn 0394-3402Article

Metabolic consequences of feeding a high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet to diabetic patients with chronic kidney failurePARILLO, M; RICCARDI, G; PACIONI, D et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 1988, Vol 48, Num 2, pp 255-259, issn 0002-9165Article

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