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Differentiation of human hepatoma cells during confluence as revealed by gene expression profilingBUTURA, Angelica; JOHANSSON, Inger; NILSSON, Kerstin et al.Biochemical pharmacology. 2004, Vol 67, Num 7, pp 1249-1258, issn 0006-2952, 10 p.Article

Evaluation of apple juice quality using spectral fluorescence signaturesPORYVKINA, L; TSVETKOVA, N; SOBOLEV, I et al.Food chemistry. 2014, Vol 152, pp 573-577, issn 0308-8146, 5 p.Article

Chironomid faunal composition represented by taxonomic distinctness index reveals environmental change in a lotic system over three decadesMILOSEVIC, Djuradj; SIMIC, Vladica; STOJKOVIC, Milica et al.Hydrobiologia (The Hague). 2012, Vol 683, pp 69-82, issn 0018-8158, 14 p.Article

Discrimination between defective and non-defective Brazilian coffee beans by their volatile profileMANCHA AGRESTI, Pamela D. C; FRANCA, Adriana S; OLIVEIRA, Leandro S et al.Food chemistry. 2008, Vol 106, Num 2, pp 787-796, issn 0308-8146, 10 p.Article

Biogenic vanadium in total suspended particulate matter from Cabo Frio upwelling region, Southeast, BrazilSELLA, Silvia M; NEVES, Alessandra F; MOREIRA, Josino Costa et al.Atmospheric environment (1994). 2006, Vol 40, Num 32, pp 6181-6191, issn 1352-2310, 11 p.Article

Changing lichen diversity in and around urban settlements of Garhwal Himalayas due to increasing anthropogenic activitiesSHUKLA, Vertika; UPRETI, Dalip K.Environmental monitoring and assessment. 2011, Vol 174, Num 1-4, pp 439-444, issn 0167-6369, 6 p.Article

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) accumulation in lichen, Phaeophyscia hispidula of DehraDun City, Garhwal HimalayasSHUKLA, Vertika; UPRETI, D. K.Environmental monitoring and assessment. 2009, Vol 149, Num 1-4, pp 1-7, issn 0167-6369, 7 p.Article

Volatile flavour constituent patterns of Terras Madeirenses red wines extracted by dynamic headspace solid-phase microextractionPERESTRELO, Rosa; CALDEIRA, Michael; RODRIGUES, Freddy et al.Journal of separation science. 2008, Vol 31, Num 10, pp 1841-1850, issn 1615-9306, 10 p.Article

Comparison of tyrosinase biosensor and colorimetric method for polyphenol analysis in different kinds of teasDALL'ORTO, V. Campo; VAGO, J. M; CARBALLO, R. R et al.Analytical letters. 2005, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 19-33, issn 0003-2719, 15 p.Article

Quality of organically and conventionally grown potatoes : Four-year study of micronutrients, metals, secondary metabolites, enzymic browning and organoleptic propertiesHAJSLOVA, J; SCHULZOVA, V; SLANINA, P et al.Food additives and contaminants. 2005, Vol 22, Num 6, pp 514-534, issn 0265-203X, 21 p.Article

Comparison of emotion perception among different culturesJIANWU DANG; AIJUN LI; ERICKSON, Donna et al.Acoustical science and technology. 2010, Vol 31, Num 6, pp 394-402, issn 1346-3969, 9 p.Article

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