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Pain language and gender differences when describing a past pain eventSTRONG, J; MATHEWS, T; SUSSEX, R et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2009, Vol 145, Num 1-2, pp 86-95, issn 0304-3959, 10 p.Article

Localized or widespread musculoskeletal pain : Does it matter?KAMALERI, Yusman; NATVIG, Bard; IHLEBAEK, Camilla M et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2008, Vol 138, Num 1, pp 41-46, issn 0304-3959, 6 p.Article

Determination of moderate-to-severe postoperative pain on the numeric rating scale: a cut-off point analysis applying four different methodsGERBERSHAGEN, H. J; ROTHAUG, J; KALKMAN, C. J et al.British journal of anaesthesia. 2011, Vol 107, Num 4, pp 619-626, issn 0007-0912, 8 p.Article

Beyond the Traditional Definition of Breakthrough Pain: An Observational StudyGATTI, Antonio; GENTILI, Marta; IORNO, Vittorio et al.Advances in therapy. 2013, Vol 30, Num 3, pp 298-305, issn 0741-238X, 8 p.Article

Adaptability to pain is associated with potency of local pain inhibition, but not conditioned pain modulation: A healthy human studyZHEN ZHENG; KELUN WANG; DONGYUAN YAO et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 155, Num 5, pp 968-976, issn 0304-3959, 9 p.Article

NEUROIMAGING THE GENOMICS OF PAIN PROCESSING—A PERSPECTIVERITTER, C; BINGEL, U.Neuroscience. 2009, Vol 164, Num 1, pp 141-155, issn 0306-4522, 15 p.Article

High pain sensitivity is distinct from high susceptibility to non-painful sensory input at threshold levelHUMMEL, Thomas; SPRINGBORN, Maria; CROY, Ilona et al.International journal of psychophysiology. 2011, Vol 80, Num 1, pp 69-74, issn 0167-8760, 6 p.Article

Development and validation of a brief, descriptive Danish pain questionnaire (BDDPQ)PERKINS, F. M; WERNER, M. U; PERSSON, F et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2004, Vol 48, Num 4, pp 486-490, issn 0001-5172, 5 p.Article

The McGill pain questionnaire in the assessment of phasic and tonic experimental pain: behavioral, evaluation of the «pain inhibiting pain» effectCHEN, A. C. N; TREEDE, R.-D.Pain (Amsterdam). 1985, Vol 22, Num 1, pp 67-79, issn 0304-3959Article

Pain evaluation after a non-nociceptive stimulus in preterm infants during the first 28 days of lifeCARDOSO RODRIGUES, Adriana; GUINSBURG, Ruth.Early human development. 2013, Vol 89, Num 2, pp 75-79, issn 0378-3782, 5 p.Article

Associations between pain and current smoking status among cancer patientsDITRE, Joseph W; GONZALEZ, Brian D; SIMMONS, Vani N et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2011, Vol 152, Num 1, pp 60-65, issn 0304-3959, 6 p.Article

The accuracy of pain and fatigue items across different reporting periodsBRODERICK, Joan E; SCHWARTZ, Joseph E; VIKINGSTAD, Gregory et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2008, Vol 139, Num 1, pp 146-157, issn 0304-3959, 12 p.Article

Correlates of satisfaction with pain treatment in the acute postoperative period: Results from the international PAIN OUT registrySCHWENKGLENKS, Matthias; GERBERSHAGEN, Hans J; ULLRICH, Kristin et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 155, Num 7, pp 1401-1411, issn 0304-3959, 11 p.Article

Development of a cancer Pain assessment tool in Korea: A validation study of a Korean version of the Brief Pain InventoryYOUNG HO YUN; MENDOZA, Tito R; DAE SEOG HEO et al.Oncology. 2004, Vol 66, Num 6, pp 439-444, issn 0030-2414, 6 p.Article

The dimensionality of pain: Palliative care and chronic pain patients differ in their reports of pain intensity and pain interferenceFAYERS, Peter M; HJERMSTAD, Marianne J; KLEPSTAD, Pål et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2011, Vol 152, Num 7, pp 1608-1620, issn 0304-3959, 13 p.Article

Initial validation of the Behavioral Indicators of Infant Pain (BIIP)HOLSTI, Liisa; GRUNAU, Ruth E.Pain (Amsterdam). 2007, Vol 132, Num 3, pp 264-272, issn 0304-3959, 9 p.Article

Psychologische Schmerzdiagnostik bei Kindern = Psychological pain diagnostics in childrenKROPP, P.Monatsschrift für Kinderheilkunde. 2003, Vol 151, Num 10, pp 1075-1089, issn 0026-9298, 15 p.Article

Achievement of Personalized Pain Goal in Cancer Patients Referred to a Supportive Care Clinic at a Comprehensive Cancer CenterDAIAL, Shalini; HUI, David; NGUYEN, Linh et al.Cancer. 2012, Vol 118, Num 15, pp 3869-3877, issn 0008-543X, 9 p.Article

Assessing the dimensions of pain : a multitrait-multimethod evaluation of seven measuresHOLROYD, K. A; TALBOT, F; HOLM, J. E et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 1996, Vol 67, Num 2-3, pp 259-265, issn 0304-3959Article

The future role of the anaesthesiologist in pain managementBREIVIK, H.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2005, Vol 49, Num 7, pp 922-926, issn 0001-5172, 5 p.Article

A comprehensive Fabry-related pain questionnaire for adult patientsÜCEYLER, Nurcan; MAGG, Barbara; THOMAS, Phillip et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 155, Num 11, pp 2301-2305, issn 0304-3959, 5 p.Article

Development and initial validation of an expanded and revised version of the Short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-MPQ-2)DWORKIN, Robert H; TURK, Dennis C; FARRAR, John T et al.Pain (Amsterdam). 2009, Vol 144, Num 1-2, pp 35-42, issn 0304-3959, 8 p.Article

Mirror visual feedback alleviates deafferentation pain, depending on qualitative aspects of the pain : a preliminary reportSUMITANI, M; MIYAUCHI, S; MCCABE, C. S et al.Rheumatology (Oxford. Print). 2008, Vol 47, Num 7, pp 1038-1043, issn 1462-0324, 6 p.Article

Predicting subsequent employment status of SSA disability applicants with chronic painRUCKER, K. S; METZLER, H. M.The Clinical journal of pain. 1995, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 22-35, issn 0749-8047Article

The measurement of pain, 1945-2000 : Special section on the history of cancer pain reliefNOBLE, Bill; CLARK, David; MELDRUM, Marcia et al.Journal of pain and symptom management. 2005, Vol 29, Num 1, pp 14-21, issn 0885-3924, 8 p.Article

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