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Revealing the Subtle Interplay of Thermal and Quantum Fluctuation Effects on Contact Ion Pairing in Microsolvated HClWALEWSKI, Lukasz; FORBERT, Harald; MARX, Dominik et al.ChemPhysChem (Print). 2013, Vol 14, Num 4, pp 817-826, issn 1439-4235, 10 p.Article

Potentionetric titration of palladium(II) halide complex anions based on ion-pair formationVYTRAS, K; KALOUS, J; SIMICKOVA, B et al.Analytica chimica acta. 1988, Vol 209, Num 1-2, pp 357-361, issn 0003-2670Article

Lauroyl sarcosine: a weak cation-exchange reagent for on-column modification of reversed-phase materialMEFFORD, I. N.Journal of chromatography. 1987, Vol 393, Num 3, pp 441-446, issn 0021-9673Article

Ion-pair extraction of Am(III) and Eu(III) with oligo-pyridine ligandISHIMORI, Ken-Ichiro; WATANABE, Masayuki; KIMURA, Takaumi et al.Journal of alloys and compounds. 2006, Vol 408-12, pp 1278-1282, issn 0925-8388, 5 p.Conference Paper

[Li(Me2NCH2CH2NMe2)2][Li2(Me2NCH2CH2NMe2)2(μ-η55-MeC5H4)][(η5-MeC5H4)6U2(μ-Me)]2: a compound with symmetrically bridging MeC5H4 and Me groupsSTULTS, S. D; ANDERSEN, R. A; ZALKIN, A et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1989, Vol 111, Num 12, pp 4507-4508, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Generic nonextractive spectrophotometric method for determination of 4-quinolone antibiotics by formation of ion-pair complexes with β-naphtholDARWISH, Ibrahim A; REFAAT, Ibrahim H; ASKAL, Hassan F et al.Journal of AOAC International. 2006, Vol 89, Num 2, pp 334-340, issn 1060-3271, 7 p.Article

Ionophores based on cationic dye-containing ion pairs and their use in ion-sélective electrodesBAZEL', Ya. R.Journal of analytical chemistry (New York, NY). 2002, Vol 57, Num 12, pp 1066-1070, issn 1061-9348, 5 p.Article

Explicit consideration of the excluded volume in the formula for diffusion-controlled dissociation rate constantsASTUMIAN, R. D; SCHELLY, Z. A.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1986, Vol 90, Num 4, pp 537-538, issn 0022-3654Article

Rate constants for ion pair formation and dissociation in waterKARIM, O. A; MCCAMMON, J. A.Chemical physics letters. 1986, Vol 132, Num 3, pp 219-224, issn 0009-2614Article

Spectral tuning of the n-UV convertible oxynitride phosphor: orange color emitting realization via an energy transfer mechanismYONGCHAO JIA; WEI LÜ; NING GUO et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 33, pp 13810-13813, issn 1463-9076, 4 p.Article

Charge-transfer stabilization of molecular bicimers: ion pair formation in diarylmethanesLOCKE, R. J; MODIANO, S. H; LIM, E. C et al.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1988, Vol 92, Num 7, pp 1703-1705, issn 0022-3654Article

Direct EST evidence for sodium selective, intramolecular ion pairing in redox-switched nitrogen-pivot lariat ethersDELGADO, M; ECHEGOYEN, L; GATTO, V. J et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1986, Vol 108, Num 14, pp 4135-4138, issn 0002-7863Article

Treatment of triple ion formationSALOMON, M; UCHIYAMA, M. C.Journal of solution chemistry. 1987, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 21-30, issn 0095-9782Article

Paper electrophoretic study of ion-pair formation. XV: Resolution of optical isomers of some cobalt(III) complexes with amino acid ligandsFANALI, S; MASIA, P; OSSICINI, L et al.Journal of chromatography. 1987, Vol 403, pp 388-391, issn 0021-9673Article

Spectrophotometric Determination of Doxazosin Mesylate in Tablets by Ion-Pair and Charge-Transfer Complexation ReactionsAYDODMUP, Zeynep; BARLA, Asli.Journal of AOAC International. 2009, Vol 92, Num 1, pp 171-177, issn 1060-3271, 7 p.Article

Ion-pair formation by tetra-alkylammonium ions in methanol: a nuclear magnetic resonance studyKRELL, M; SYMONS, M. C. R; BARTHEL, J et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Faraday Transactions I. 1987, Vol 83, Num 11, pp 3419-3427, issn 0300-9599Article

Molecular dynamics simulation of an aqueous NaClO4 solutionHEINJE, G; LUCK, W. A. P; HEINZINGER, K et al.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1987, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 331-338, issn 0022-3654Article

Ion pair spectrophotometric assay of oxolamineBUYUKTIMKIN, N; BUYUKTIMKIN, S.Pharmazie. 1986, Vol 41, Num 4, issn 0031-7144, 287Article

Zur Elektronenstruktur von Photokatalytisch Aktiven Metallorganischen Ionenpaaren = On the electronic structure of photocatalytic metal dithiolate ion pair complexesBENEDIX, R; NIEKE, CH.Journal of information recording materials (1985). 1994, Vol 21, Num 5-6, pp 663-665, issn 0863-0453Conference Paper

Isotope effects in nucleophilic substitution reactions. VIII, The effect of the form of the reacting nucleophile on the transition state structure of an SN2 reactionYAO-REN FANG; WESTAWAY, K. C.Canadian journal of chemistry (Print). 1991, Vol 69, Num 6, pp 1017-1021, issn 0008-4042Article

Na+-Na+ and Cl--Cl- ion pairs in water : mean force potentials by constrained molecular dynamicsGUARDIA, E; REY, R; PADRO, J. A et al.The Journal of chemical physics. 1991, Vol 95, Num 4, pp 2823-2831, issn 0021-9606Article

Zur Bestimmung der Bildungskonstanten und Verteilungskoeffizienten von lonenpaaren organischer Säuren = Determination of complex formation constant and partition coefficients for iron pairs of organic acidsFALK, M; MATTHIES, H. K.Pharmazie. 1990, Vol 45, Num 3, pp 191-192, issn 0031-7144Article

An ion-pairing high-pressure liquid chromatography assay for the determination of cefoperazone in plasma and urineLA FOLLETTE, G; KAUBISCH, S; GAMBERTOGLIO, J. G et al.Journal of liquid chromatography. 1988, Vol 11, Num 3, pp 683-700, issn 0148-3919Article

Chloride ion pairs in waterDANG, L. X; PETTITT, B. M.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1987, Vol 109, Num 18, pp 5531-5532, issn 0002-7863Article

Ion-pair extraction of tetracyclinesMISHRA, D. D; ISLAM, I; SHARMA, J. P et al.Mikrochimica acta (1966. Print). 1985, Vol 3, Num 1-2, pp 97-106, issn 0026-3672Article

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