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Continuous-flow potentiometric determination of horseradish peroxidase with a fluoride-selective electrodeALEXANDER, P. W; MAITRA, C.Analytica chimica acta. 1988, Vol 208, Num 1-2, pp 173-181, issn 0003-2670Article

Myeloperoxidase secretion during phagocytosis: a case of a patient with impaired bactericidal activityEDWARDS, S. W; SAY, J. E; TAYLOR, J et al.Journal of clinical & laboratory immunology. 1988, Vol 27, Num 2, pp 97-102, issn 0141-2760Article

A simple method of identifying peroxidase isoenzymes from crude pea seed extracts = Méthode simple d'identification des isoenzymes de peroxyde isolées d'extraits bruts de graines de poisLEE, H. C; KLEIN, B. P.Food chemistry. 1988, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 275-282, issn 0308-8146Article

Spectral studies with lactoperoxidase and thyroid peroxidase: interconversions between native enzyme, compound II, and compound IIIKOHLER, H; TAUROG, A; DUNFORD, H. B et al.Archives of biochemistry and biophysics (Print). 1988, Vol 264, Num 2, pp 438-449, issn 0003-9861Article

Cytochemical demonstration of «platelet» peroxidase at the light microscopie levelKHALAF, M. R; HAYHOE, F. G. J.European journal of haematology. 1987, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 128-135, issn 0902-4441Article

BSA-stabilized Au clusters as peroxidase mimetics for use in xanthine detectionWANG, Xian-Xiang; QI WU; ZHI SHAN et al.Biosensors & bioelectronics. 2011, Vol 26, Num 8, pp 3614-3619, issn 0956-5663, 6 p.Article

Evidence for Peroxidase Activity in Caralluma umbellataRAGHU RAM ACHAR; VENKATESH, B. K; SHARANAPPA, P et al.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2014, Vol 173, Num 8, pp 1955-1962, issn 0273-2289, 8 p.Article

Characterization of new fluorescent peroxidase substratesAKHAVAN-TAFTI, Hashem; DESILVA, Renuka; EICKHOLT, Robert et al.Talanta (Oxford). 2003, Vol 60, Num 2-3, pp 345-354, issn 0039-9140, 10 p.Conference Paper

Assessment of blood glutathione peroxidase activity in the dromedary camelCORBERA, Juan Alberto; GUTIERREZ, Carlos; MORALES, Manuel et al.Veterinary research (Print). 2001, Vol 32, Num 2, pp 185-191, issn 0928-4249Article

Novel photoconductive polyfluorophenol synthesized by an enzymeZARAGOZA-GASCA, Pedro; GIMENO, Miquel; MANUEL HERNANDEZ, José et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. B, Enzymatic. 2011, Vol 72, Num 1-2, pp 25-27, issn 1381-1177, 3 p.Article

Silymarin synthesis and degradation by peroxidases of cell suspension cultures of Silybum marianumSANCHEZ-SAMPEDRO, Maria Angeles; FERNANDEZ-TARRAGO, Jorge; CORCHETE, Purificacion et al.Journal of plant physiology. 2007, Vol 164, Num 5, pp 669-674, issn 0176-1617, 6 p.Article

Myeloperoxidase Selectively Binds and Selectively Kills MicrobesALLEN, Robert C; STEPHENS, Jackson T.Infection and immunity. 2011, Vol 79, Num 1, pp 474-485, issn 0019-9567, 12 p.Article

Actinobacterial Peroxidases: an Unexplored Resource for BiocatalysisLE ROES-HILL, Marilize; KHAN, Nuraan; GAIL BURTON, Stephanie et al.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2011, Vol 164, Num 5, pp 681-713, issn 0273-2289, 33 p.Article

Effect of lignocellulose-containing substrates on production of ligninolytic peroxidases in submerged cultures of Phanerochaete chrysosporium ME-446KAPICH, A. N; PRIOR, B. A; BOTHA, A et al.Enzyme and microbial technology. 2004, Vol 34, Num 2, pp 187-195, issn 0141-0229, 9 p.Article

Hydrogen peroxide generation by the pepper extracellular peroxidase CaPO2 activates local and systemic cell death and defense response to bacterial pathogensHYONG WOO CHOI; YOUNG JIN KIM; SUNG CHUL LEE et al.Plant physiology (Bethesda). 2007, Vol 145, Num 3, pp 890-904, issn 0032-0889, 15 p.Article

Determination of some reactive oxygen species scavengers based on the peroxidase-oxidase oscillatorGAN NANQIN; CAI RUXIU; LIN ZHIXIN et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2003, Vol 128, Num 3, pp 301-305, issn 0003-2654, 5 p.Article

Structure and Action Mechanism of Ligninolytic EnzymesWONG, Dominic W. S.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2009, Vol 157, Num 2, pp 174-209, issn 0273-2289, 36 p.Article

Biocatalysts for selective introduction of oxygenLEAK, David J; SHELDON, Roger A; WOODLEY, John M et al.Biocatalysis and biotransformation (Print). 2009, Vol 27, Num 1, pp 1-26, issn 1024-2422, 26 p.Article

Putative phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase from Antrodia camphorataCHEN, Hsueh-Tai; LIN, Choa-Yi; KEN, Chuian-Fu et al.Food chemistry. 2009, Vol 115, Num 2, pp 476-482, issn 0308-8146, 7 p.Article

The mechanism of peroxidase-mediated cytotoxicity. II: Role of the heme moietyHUA LIN; MCFAUL, S. J; BRADY, J. C et al.Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. 1988, Vol 187, Num 1, pp 7-13, issn 0037-9727Article

Kinetics and mechanism of the peroxidase-catalyzed iodination of tyrosineWEIMEI SUN; DUNFORD, H. B.Biochemistry (Easton). 1993, Vol 32, Num 5, pp 1324-1331, issn 0006-2960Article

Isolation of lactoperoxidase and lactoferrins from bovine milk acid whey by carboxymethyl cation exchange chromatographyYOSHIDA, S; YE-XIUYUN.Journal of dairy science. 1991, Vol 74, Num 5, pp 1439-1444, issn 0022-0302Article

Peroxidase activity of an antibody-heme complexCOCHRAN, A. G; SCHULTZ, P. G.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1990, Vol 112, Num 25, pp 9414-9415, issn 0002-7863Article

Vanadium K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy of bromoperoxidase from Ascophyllum nodosumARBER, J. M; DE BOER, E; GARNER, C. D et al.Biochemistry (Easton). 1989, Vol 28, Num 19, pp 7968-7973, issn 0006-2960, 6 p.Article

Heligmosomoides polygyrus: peroxidase activityPRESTON, C. M; BARRETT, J.Experimental parasitology. 1987, Vol 64, Num 1, pp 24-28, issn 0014-4894Article

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