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Effets de sélections successives sur le développement de l'embryon de Brassica napus LMENG JINLING; LIU HOULI.Acta agronomica sinica. 1986, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 79-85Article

Effect of ethrel on sex expression and endogenous auxin content in sponge gourd (Luffa cylindrica Poem)SREERAMULU, N.Indian Journal of Horticulture. 1987, Vol 44, Num 1-2, pp 85-87, issn 0019-5251Article

Symposium on scheduling of irrigation for vegetable crops under field condition, Maratea-Potenza, 5-9 june 1989ALVINO, A.Acta horticulturae. 1990, Num 278, issn 0567-7572, 891 p.Conference Proceedings

Phenol carboxylic acids in root medium/plants system when intensively cultivating plants under controlled conditionsERMAKOV, E. I; MIIDLA, K. I; CHAIKOVSKAYA, L. A et al.Soviet agricultural sciences. 1986, Num 10, pp 29-33Article

Salt tolerant forage plants for summer rainfall areasFISHER, M. J; SKERMAN, P. J.Reclamation & revegetation research. 1986, Vol 5, Num 1-3, pp 263-284, issn 0167-644XConference Paper

Osmotic adjustment and the growth response of seven vegetable crops following water-deficit stressWULLSCHLEGER, S. D; OOSTERHUIS, D. M.HortScience. 1991, Vol 26, Num 9, pp 1210-1212, issn 0018-5345Conference Paper

Comparison of 24 lettuce cultivars in a controlled environment with extra CO2 in NFT and stagnant solutionTOOP, E. W; SILVA, G. H; BOTAR, G et al.Soilless culture. 1988, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 51-64, issn 0256-9701Article

Peculiarities of the state of iron in the active sites of molecular forms of pea ferredoxinNEZNAIKO, N. F; MUKHIN, E. N; MAEVSKAYA, Z. V et al.Biochemistry (New York). 1987, Vol 52, Num 9, issn 0006-2979, 1226Article

Utilización de los lignitos como enmiendas orgánicas = Utilisation de lignites comme amendements organiques = Use of lignite fraction as organic amendmentSALAS, M. L; FORTUN, C; ORTEGA, C et al.Anales de edafologia y agrobiologia. 1986, Vol 45, Num 11-12, pp 1.635-1.640, issn 0365-1797Article

Purification and partial characterization of ferredoxin-sulfite reductase from rape leavesKOGUCHI, O; TAKAHASHI, H; TAMURA, G et al.Agricultural and biological chemistry. 1988, Vol 52, Num 7, pp 1867-1868, issn 0002-1369Article

Response of Bengal gram to N and P fertilization in a vertisol under rainfed conditionKHANDKAR, U. R; SHINDE, D. A; KANDALKAR, V. S et al.Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science. 1986, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 803-805, issn 0019-638XArticle

Proceedings/Root systems of vegetable crops. 82nd American Society for Horticultural Science. Annual meeting, Blacksburg VA, 1 August 1985HortScience. 1986, Vol 21, Num 4, pp 949-984, issn 0018-5345Conference Proceedings

Les légumes rares et oubliés = Rare and forgotten vegetablesRENAUD, V.1991, 95 p., : ill, isbn 2-205-04049-9Book

Pigments caroténoïdes des fruits à chair rouge, orange et jaune de pastèque (Citrullus vulgaris)WATANABE, K; SAITO, T; HIROTA, S et al.1987, Vol 56, Num 1, pp 45-50Article

Agroforestry farming systems in the homesteads of Kerala, southern IndiaACHUTHAN NAIR, M; SREEDHARAN, C.Agroforestry systems. 1986, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 339-363, issn 0167-4366Article

Comparison between a normal distribution function model and a segmented exponential curve model to describe the loss of germinability of vegetable seeds by dry heat treatmentKOBAYASHI, K; NAKAMURA, H.Seed science and technology. 1986, Vol 14, Num 3, pp 685-692, issn 0251-0952Article

Etude de la germination du pollen de Brassica napus LZHAO QINGHUA; HUANG YIANHUA; YAN CHANGJING et al.Acta agronomica sinica. 1986, Vol 12, Num 1, pp 15-20Article

Les insectes prédateurs en culture d'igname = Pest insects in yam cropsDEGRAS, L.L'Ignane de Degras L. sd, pp 257-258Book Chapter

Fluid drilling as a delivery system for somatic embryo-derived plantlets of carrot (Daucus carota L.)KITTO, S. L; PILL, W. G; MOLLOY, D. M et al.Scientia horticulturae. 1991, Vol 47, Num 3-4, pp 209-220, issn 0304-4238Article

Host ranges and serological properties of eight isolates of parsnip yellow fleck virus belonging to the two major serotypesHEMIDA, S. K; MURANT, A. F.Annals of applied biology. 1989, Vol 114, Num 1, pp 101-109, issn 0003-4746Article

Investigations into tomato tissue cultures. I: Shoot regeneration in primary explants of tomatoSCHÜTZE, R; WIECZORREK, G.Archiv für Zuchtungsforschung. 1987, Vol 17, Num 1, pp 3-15, issn 0365-8406Article

A perennial cropping system from pigeonpea grown in post-rainy seasonCHAUHAN, Y. S; VENKATARATNAM, N; SHELDRAKE, A. R et al.Indian Journal of Agricultural Science. 1987, Vol 57, Num 12, pp 895-899, issn 0019-5022Article

Influence of phosphate sources and moisture regimes on P uptake and utilisation by black gramBATRA, M. L; CHAUDHARY, M. L.Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science. 1986, Vol 34, Num 3, pp 524-528, issn 0019-638XArticle

The crop potential of Apios americana―Preliminary evaluationsBLACKMON, W. J; REYNOLDS, B. D.HortScience. 1986, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 1334-1336, issn 0018-5345Article

Mémento nouvelles espèces légumières = New species of vegetablesZUANG, Henri.1991, 360 p., isbn 2-901002-90-0Book

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