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Huit sections pour animer l'interprofession «Semences» = Eight sections to animate «seed» interprofession1984, Num 40, pp 25-30Article

Fiches désherbage des plantes de grande culture = Need control cords for field crops1984, 115 p.Book

Catalogue officiel des espèces et variétés: Tome 1: Plantes de grande culture = Official catalog of species and variety: Tome 1: Large scale cropsd, 115 p.Book

Annuaire de statistique agricole. Résultats provisoires 1986 = Yearbook of agricultural statistics. Provisory results 1986GOUIDER; PREVOT.1987, Num 77, 227 p.Serial Issue

Agri obtentions = Agric obtentionssd, non pagBook

Third international symposium on spice and medicinal plants. 21st. International horticultural congress, 29 August-4 September 1982, Hamburg, Fed. Rep. of GermanyFRANZ, C.Acta horticulturae. 1983, Num 132, issn 0567-7572, 299 p.Conference Proceedings

14e Conférence du Columa. Journées d'études sur le désherbage, Versailles, 23-24 janvier 1990 = 14th Columa conference. Workshop on weed control, Versailles, 23-24 january 1990Conférence du Columa.14. 1990, 3Vol, [ 1207 p.]Conference Proceedings

A bibliography of crop genetic resourcesHAWKES, J. G; WILLIAMS, J. T; CROSTON, R. P et al.1983, 442 p., isbn 92-9043-108-3Book

Colture e allevamenti alternativi: perché, come e dove = Alternative cultivation and animal breeding: why, how and whereFISCHETTI, B.Italia Agricola. 1990, Vol 127, Num 3, issn 0021-275X, 223 p.Serial Issue

Wheat and barley collected in LibyaPERRINO, P; POLIGNANO, G. B; HAMMER, K et al.1984, Num 58, pp 39-41Article

An Ethnobotanical Study of Plants in Igboland (Nigeria)OBY NWOSU, M.Baessler-Archiv. 1990, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 271-301, issn 0005-3856Article

Les activités de cueillette dans la société lélé (Tchad, Tandjilé) = Gathering activities in the Lele society (Chad, Tandjilé)GARRIGUES-CRESSWELL, M.Colloques et séminaires - Institut français de recherche scientifique pour le développement en coopération. 1997, pp 367-372, issn 0767-2896, isbn 2-7099-1372-0Conference Paper

Importance et détermination de la valeur technologique des semences: application aux plantes médicinales, aromatiques et épices = Importance and determination of seeds technological value: application to medicinal, aromatic and spice plantsCHAVAGNAT, A.International symposium on spice and medicinal plants. 4. 1984, Vol 144, pp 85-89Conference Paper


Handbook of plant cell culture. Crop speciesAMMIRATO, P. V; EVANS, D. A; SHARP, W. R et, 620 p., isbn 0-02-949010-3Book

Jaarverslag 1983 = Annual report 19831984, 157 p.Serial Issue

The origin of land plants: some answers, more questions = L'origine des plantes terrestres: quelques réponses, beaucoup de questionsTAYLOR, T. N.Taxon. 1988, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 805-833, issn 0040-0262Article

Contact urticaria and contact sensitization to yucca (Yucca gigantea Lem.) in a plant keeperPAULSEN, Evy; SVENDSEN, Mathias Tidemann; FRANKILD, Søren et al.Contact dermatitis. 2014, Vol 71, Num 2, pp 119-121, issn 0105-1873, 3 p.Article

An investigation of temporal flowering segregation in species-rich grasslandsKIPLING, Richard P; WARREN, John.Ecological research. 2014, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 213-224, issn 0912-3814, 12 p.Article

Antioxidant Modulation of F2-Isoprostanes in Humans: A Systematic ReviewPETROSINO, Teresa; SERAFINI, Mauro.Critical reviews in food science and nutrition. 2014, Vol 54, Num 7-9, pp 1202-1221, issn 1040-8398, 20 p.Article

Combustion characteristics and emissions of a compression ignition engine using emulsified jatropha biodiesel blendRAHEMAN, Hifjur; KUMARI, Sweeti.Biosystems engineering. 2014, Vol 123, pp 29-39, issn 1537-5110, 11 p.Article

Competitive dominance of the invasive plant Impatiens glandulifera: using competitive effect and response with a vigorous neighbourGRUNTMAN, Michal; PEHL, Anne Katrin; JOSHI, Srijana et al.Biological invasions. 2014, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 141-151, issn 1387-3547, 11 p.Article

Cross-linked polyacrylates in post-mining substrates: persistence and effects on plant growthRODIONOV, A; NII-ANNANG, S; FISCHER, T et al.Soil use and management. 2014, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 78-87, issn 0266-0032, 10 p.Article

Dietary cholesterol supplementation to a plant-based diet suppresses the complete pathway of cholesterol synthesis and induces bile acid production in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)KORTNER, Trond M; BJÖRKHEM, Ingemar; KRASNOV, Aleksei et al.British journal of nutrition. 2014, Vol 111, Num 12, pp 2089-2103, issn 0007-1145, 15 p.Article

Disentangling drivers of tree population size distributionsPELTZER, Duane A; ALLEN, Robert B; BELLINGHAM, Peter J et al.Forest ecology and management. 2014, Vol 331, pp 165-179, issn 0378-1127, 15 p.Article

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