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Dynamic birefingence of amorphous polymersOSAKI, K; INOUE, T; EUI-JEONG HWANG et al.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 1994, Vol 172-74, pp 838-849, issn 0022-3093, 2Conference Paper

Thermal and pressure properties of amorphous polymers : relation to probe spectroscopySIMHA, R.Journal de physique. IV. 1993, Vol 3, Num 4, pp 223-224, issn 1155-4339Conference Paper

Amorphes polyolefin = Amorphous polyolefinsGummi, Fasern, Kunststoffe. 1994, Vol 47, Num 2, pp 106-109, issn 0176-1625Article

La transition vitreuse dans les polymères amorphesPEREZ, J; CAVAILLE, J. Y; TATIBOUET, J et al.Journal de chimie physique. 1990, Vol 87, Num 11-12, pp 1923-1967, issn 0021-7689, 45 p.Article

Amorphe und kristalline Polymere im Vergleich = Engineering plastics. I:A comparison of amorphous and crystalline polymersLEVEQUE, A.Plastverarbeiter. 1992, Vol 43, Num 7, pp 114-116, issn 0032-1338Article

Local mode of motions in amorphous solid. II: Configurational contributions in poly(vinyl chloride)NAOKI, M.The Journal of chemical physics. 1989, Vol 91, Num 8, pp 5030-5036, issn 0021-9606, 7 p.Article

Technishe Kunststoffe. II : Amorphe und kristalline Polymere im Vergleich = Engineering plastics. II: A comparison of amorphous and crystalline polymersLEVEQUE, A.Plastverarbeiter. 1992, Vol 43, Num 9, pp 71-78, issn 0032-1338, 6 p.Article

Influence of physical aging processes on electrical properties of amorphous polymersYIANAKOPOULOS, G; VANDERSCHUEREN, J; NIEZETTE, J et al.IEEE transactions on electrical insulation. 1990, Vol 25, Num 4, pp 693-701, issn 0018-9367Article

Temperature dependence of the molecular dynamics in amorphous polymers through the rubber-glass transitionPEREZ, J; CAVAILLE, J. Y.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 1994, Vol 172-74, pp 1028-1036, issn 0022-3093, 2Conference Paper

Relaxationsspannungsverfahren zur Bestimmung der Netzwerkstruktur von amorphen hochvernetzten und amorph-kristallinen strahlungsvernetzten Polymeren = Method based on stress relaxation for the determination of the network structure of amorphous highly crosslinked and radiation crosslinked crystall amorphous polymersBALABANOVA, V. A; MAJZEL, N. S; KOVRIGA, V. V et al.Plaste und Kautschuk. 1992, Vol 39, Num 9, pp 303-308, issn 0048-4350Article

The relative placement of linear viscoelastic functions in amorphous glassy polymersGRASSIA, Luigi; D'AMORE, Alberto.Journal of rheology (New York, NY). 2009, Vol 53, Num 2, pp 339-356, issn 0148-6055, 18 p.Article

The material is all-important when designing for ultrasonic weldingBP & R. British plastics and rubber. 1994, Num MAI, pp 22-25, issn 0307-6164Article

Plateau value of elastic modulus of a linear amorphous polymer using intermolecular forcesPORTER, D.Polymer communications (Guildford). 1988, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 75-76, issn 0263-6476Article

Théorie statistique de la diffusion de Rayleigh dans les réseaux polymères amorphes hétérogènes gonflésPATLAZHAN, S. A.Vysokomolekulârnye soedineniâ. Seriâ B. 1988, Vol 30, Num 7, pp 528-532, issn 0507-5483Article

On McCrum's sequential aging theory. CommentarySTRUIK, L. C. E; MCGRUN, N. G.Polymer (Guildford). 1997, Vol 38, Num 20, pp 5243-5246, issn 0032-3861Article

Infrared absorption spectra of polymers from classical molecular simulationSOLDERA, A; DOGNON, J.-P.Die Makromolekulare Chemie. Macromolecular symposia. 1997, pp 157-164, issn 0258-0322, isbn 3-85739-316-5Conference Paper

A review of positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy as applied to the physical aging of polymersBIGG, D. M.Polymer engineering and science. 1996, Vol 36, Num 6, pp 737-743, issn 0032-3888Article

Les bandes de cisaillement au cours de la déformation des polymères solides amorphesFILYANOV, E. M; PESCHANSKAYA, N. N.Mehanika kompozitnyh materialov. 1987, Num 6, pp 968-972, issn 0135-7492Article

Interpretation of pressure dependence of the glass transition temperature within the fluctuation free volume theorySANDITOV, B. D; BADMAEV, S. S; SANGADIEV, S. Sh et al.Glass physics and chemistry. 1999, Vol 25, Num 4, pp 314-319, issn 1087-6596Article

Dielectric investigations on novolac phenol-formaldehyde resinHOLLAND, C; STARK, W; HINRICHSEN, G et al.Acta polymerica. 1995, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 64-67, issn 0323-7648Article

Debye-Waller factors in amorphous polymersLINDER, K; FRICK, B; BUCHENAU, U et al.Physica. A. 1993, Vol 201, Num 1-3, pp 112-114, issn 0378-4371Conference Paper

Crazes und crazeartige Deformationen in Polymeren. IV, Rückschlüsse auf die Struktur der amorphen Polymere = Crazes and craze-like strain in polymers. IV, Deductions concerning the structure of amorphous polymersMICHLER, G.Plaste und Kautschuk. 1991, Vol 38, Num 8, pp 268-272, issn 0048-4350Article

Low-frequency Raman scattering and structure of amorphous polymers : stretching effectACHIBAT, T; BOUKENTER, A; DUVAL, E et al.The Journal of chemical physics. 1991, Vol 95, Num 4, pp 2949-2954, issn 0021-9606Article

Correlation between craze formation and mechanical behaviour of amorphous polymersMICHLER, G. H.Journal of materials science. 1990, Vol 25, Num 5, pp 2321-2334, issn 0022-2461, 14 p.Article

Caractère discontinu du fluage des polymères amorphes solidesPESCHANSKAYA, N. N.Vysokomolekulârnye soedineniâ. Seriâ A. 1989, Vol 31, Num 6, pp 1181-1187, issn 0507-5475Article

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