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Evaluation of genotoxicity of combined pollution by cadmium and atrazineLIN, A. J; ZHU, Y. G; TONG, Y. P et al.Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 2005, Vol 74, Num 3, pp 589-596, issn 0007-4861, 8 p.Article

Differential reponses to paraquat-induced oxidative injury in a pea (Pisum sativum) protoplast systemDOULIS, A. G; DONAHUE, J. L; ALSCHER, R. G et al.Physiologia Plantarum (København. 1948). 1998, Vol 102, Num 3, pp 461-471, issn 0031-9317Article

COMBINED EFFECTS OF BISPHENOL A AND CADMIUM ON GROWTH AND NITRATE ASSIMILATION OF SOYBEAN SEEDLING ROOTSZHAOGUO SUN; LIHONG WANG; QINGQING WANG et al.Environmental toxicology and chemistry. 2014, Vol 33, Num 9, pp 2013-2019, issn 0730-7268, 7 p.Article

Environmental controls on ozone fluxes in a poplar plantation in Western EuropeZONA, D; GIOLI, B; FARES, S et al.Environmental pollution (1987). 2014, Vol 184, pp 201-210, issn 0269-7491, 10 p.Article

Influence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa as PGPR on oxidative stress tolerance in wheat under Zn stressISLAM, Faisal; YASMEEN, Tahira; ALI, Qasim et al.Ecotoxicology and environmental safety (Print). 2014, Vol 104, pp 285-293, issn 0147-6513, 9 p.Article

Growth and antioxidant response of Brassica rapa var. rapa L. (turnip) irrigated with different compositions of paper and board mill (PBM) effluentIQBAL, Shahid; YOUNAS, Umer; KIM WEI CHAN et al.Chemosphere (Oxford). 2013, Vol 91, Num 8, pp 1196-1202, issn 0045-6535, 7 p.Article

Root response in Pisum sativum and Zea mays under fluoranthene stress: Morphological and anatomical traitsKUMMEROVA, Marie; ZEZULKA, Stěpán; BABULA, Petr et al.Chemosphere (Oxford). 2013, Vol 90, Num 2, pp 665-673, issn 0045-6535, 9 p.Article

Field measurements of key parameters associated with nocturnal OBT formation in vegetables grown under Canadian conditionsKIM, S. B; WORKMAN, W. G; KOROLEVYCH, V et al.Journal of environmental radioactivity. 2012, Vol 104, pp 94-100, issn 0265-931X, 7 p.Article

Improving assessments of tropospheric ozone injury to Mediterranean montane conifer forests in California (USA) and Catalonia (Spain) with GIS models related to plant water relationsKEFAUVER, Shawn C; PENUELAS, Josep; USTIN, Susan L et al.Atmospheric environment (1994). 2012, Vol 62, pp 41-49, issn 1352-2310, 9 p.Article

Uranium uptake by hydroponically cultivated crop plantsSOUDEK, Petr; PETROVA, Sárka; BENESOVA, Dagmar et al.Journal of environmental radioactivity. 2011, Vol 102, Num 6, pp 598-604, issn 0265-931X, 7 p.Article

Assessing the impacts of current and future concentrations of surface ozone on crop yield with meta-analysisZHAOZHONG FENG; KOBAYASHI, Kazuhiko.Atmospheric environment (1994). 2009, Vol 43, Num 8, pp 1510-1519, issn 1352-2310, 10 p.Article

Cysteine- and glutathione-mediated uptake of lead and cadmium into Zea mays and Brassica napus rootsVADAS, Timothy M; AHNER, Beth A.Environmental pollution (1987). 2009, Vol 157, Num 8-9, pp 2558-2563, issn 0269-7491, 6 p.Article

Apoplastic antioxidative system responses to ozone stress in strawberry leavesKEUTGEN, Anna J; PAWELZIK, Elke.Journal of plant physiology. 2008, Vol 165, Num 8, pp 868-875, issn 0176-1617, 8 p.Article

Quantification of fenitrothion and its main metabolites in poplar leaves by isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry coupled with solid-phase microextractionSANCHEZ, Alicia; MILLAN, Silvia; SAMPEDRO, M. Carmen et al.Journal of chromatography. 2008, Vol 1177, Num 1, pp 170-174, issn 0021-9673, 5 p.Article

Response of spinach (Spinacea oleracea) to the added fluoride in an alkaline soilJHA, S. K; NAYAK, A. K; SHARMA, Y. K et al.Food and chemical toxicology. 2008, Vol 46, Num 9, pp 2968-2971, issn 0278-6915, 4 p.Article

Elevated carbon dioxide and ozone effects on peanut. I. Gas-exchange, biomass, and leaf chemistryBOOKER, Fitzgerald L; BURKEY, Kent O; PURSLEY, Walter A et al.Crop science. 2007, Vol 47, Num 4, pp 1475-1487, issn 0011-183X, 13 p.Article

Retention and rainfastness of mancozeb as affected by physicochemical characteristics of adaxial apple leaf surface after enhanced UV-B radiationBRINGE, Katja; HUNSCHE, Mauricio; SCHMITZ-EIBERGER, Michaela et al.Journal of environmental science and health. Part B. Pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes. 2007, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 133-141, issn 0360-1234, 9 p.Article

Uptake of oxytetracycline and its phytotoxicity to alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)KONG, W. D; ZHU, Y. G; LIANG, Y. C et al.Environmental pollution (1987). 2007, Vol 147, Num 1, pp 187-193, issn 0269-7491, 7 p.Article

Behavior of the organophosphorus insecticide fenitrothion in stored faba beans and its biological effects towards experimental animalsFARGHALY, M; MAHDY, F; TAHA, H et al.Journal of environmental science and health. Part B. Pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes. 2007, Vol 42, Num 6, pp 655-662, issn 0360-1234, 8 p.Article

Differential expression of 10 sweetpotato peroxidases in response to sulfur dioxide, ozone, and ultraviolet radiationKIM, Yun-Hee; LIM, Soon; HAN, Sim-Hee et al.Plant physiology and biochemistry (Paris). 2007, Vol 45, Num 12, pp 908-914, issn 0981-9428, 7 p.Article

Oxygen and carbon isotopic signatures reveal a long-term effect of free-air ozone enrichment on leaf conductance in semi-natural grasslandJAGGI, M; FUHRER, J.Atmospheric environment (1994). 2007, Vol 41, Num 38, pp 8811-8817, issn 1352-2310, 7 p.Article

Persistence of acetamiprid in/on mustard (Brassica juncea L.)PRAMANIK, S. K; BHATTACHARYYA, J; DUTTA, S et al.Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 2006, Vol 76, Num 2, pp 356-360, issn 0007-4861, 5 p.Article

Pesticides-induced depression of photosynthesis was alleviated by 24-epibrassinolide pretreatment in Cucumis sativus LXIAO JIAN XIA; YUE YUAN HUANG; LI WANG et al.Pesticide biochemistry and physiology (Print). 2006, Vol 86, Num 1, pp 42-48, issn 0048-3575, 7 p.Article

Physiological integration ameliorates effects of serpentine soils in the clonal herb Fragaria vescaROILOA, Sergio R; RETUERTO, Rubén.Physiologia Plantarum (København. 1948). 2006, Vol 128, Num 4, pp 662-676, issn 0031-9317, 15 p.Article

Dissipation of ethion on brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) under subtropical conditions at Ludhiana, Punjab, IndiaJYOT, G; SAHOO, S. K; BATTU, R. S et al.Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 2005, Vol 75, Num 6, pp 1094-1097, issn 0007-4861, 4 p.Article

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