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Kinetics of Lime Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse to Enhance Enzymatic HydrolysisFUENTES, Laura L. G; RABELO, Sarita C; MACIEL FILHO, Rubens et al.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2011, Vol 163, Num 5, pp 612-625, issn 0273-2289, 14 p.Article

Thermal and enzymatic pretreatment of sludge containing phthalate esters prior to mesophilic anaerobic digestionGAVALA, Hariklia N; YENAL, Umur; AHRING, Birgitte K et al.Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2004, Vol 85, Num 5, pp 561-567, issn 0006-3592, 7 p.Article

Reutilization of carbon sources through sugar recovery from waste rice strawSUNG BONG KIM; KIM, Eunji; HAH YOUNG YOO et al.Renewable energy. 2013, Vol 53, pp 43-48, issn 0960-1481, 6 p.Article

Fermentative hydrogen production by conventionally and unconventionally heat pretreated seed cultures: A comparative assessmentBAKONYI, P; BORZA, B; ORLOVITS, K et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 11, pp 5589-5596, issn 0360-3199, 8 p.Article

Importance of chemical pretreatment for bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomassBEHERA, Shuvashish; ARORA, Richa; NANDHAGOPAL, N et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2014, Vol 36, pp 91-106, issn 1364-0321, 16 p.Article

Deoiled algal cake as feedstock for dark fermentative biohydrogen production: An integrated biorefinery approachVENKATA SUBHASH, G; VENKATA MOHAN, S.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 18, pp 9573-9579, issn 0360-3199, 7 p.Article

Implementation of a prototypal optical sorter as core of the new pre-treatment configuration of a mechanical-biological treatment plant treating OFMSW through anaerobic digestionROMERO-GÜIZA, M. S; PECES, M; ASTALS, S et al.Applied energy. 2014, Vol 135, pp 63-70, issn 0306-2619, 8 p.Article

Reviewing the anaerobic digestion of food waste for biogas productionCUNSHENG ZHANG; HAIJIA SU; JAN BAEYENS et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2014, Vol 38, pp 383-392, issn 1364-0321, 10 p.Article

Oxidative Lime Pretreatment of Alamo SwitchgrassFALLS, Matthew; HOLTZAPPLE, Mark T.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2011, Vol 165, Num 2, pp 506-522, issn 0273-2289, 17 p.Article

Pretreatment Methods in Transnasal EndoscopyIWAMOTO, Junichi; MIZOKAMI, Yuji; SHIMOKOBE, Koichi et al.Hepato-gastroenterology. 2011, Vol 58, Num 107-08, pp 842-845, issn 0172-6390, 4 p.Article

The effect of pretreatment methods on the performance of passive DMFCsKHO, Beck-Kyun; OH, In-Hwan; HONG, Seong-Ahn et al.Electrochimica acta. 2004, Vol 50, Num 2-3, pp 781-785, issn 0013-4686, 5 p.Conference Paper

Potential of a Penicillium echinulatum enzymatic complex produced in either submerged or solid-state cultures for enzymatic hydrolysis of elephant grassMENEGOL, Daiane; SCHOLL, Angelica Luisi; FONTANA, Roselei Claudete et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 133, pp 232-240, issn 0016-2361, 9 p.Article

Enhanced biohydrogen production from waste activated sludge in combined strategy of chemical pretreatment and microbial electrolysisLING WANG; WENZONG LIU; LINGLING KANG et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 23, pp 11913-11919, issn 0360-3199, 7 p.Article

Effects of pretreatment of natural bacterial source and raw material on fermentative biohydrogen productionWANG, Yu-Bo; LI, Rui-Jun; LI, Wei-Wei et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2012, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 831-836, issn 0360-3199, 6 p.Conference Paper

A review of the properties of biosludge and its relevance to enhanced dewatering processesMOWLA, D; TRAN, H. N; ALLEN, D. Grant et al.Biomass & bioenergy. 2013, Vol 58, pp 365-378, issn 0961-9534, 14 p.Article

Impact of torrefaction on properties of Miscanthus × giganteus relevant to gasificationGANG XUE; KWAPINSKA, Marzena; KWAPINSKI, Witold et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 121, pp 189-197, issn 0016-2361, 9 p.Article

Comparison of chemical and biological pretreatment of corn straw for biogas production by anaerobic digestionWEIZHANG ZHONG; ZHONGZHI ZHANG; WEI QIAO et al.Renewable energy. 2011, Vol 36, Num 6, pp 1875-1879, issn 0960-1481, 5 p.Article

Development of an integrated pretreatment fractionation process for fermentable sugars and lignin: Application to almond (Prunus dulcis) shellDACHUN GONG; HOLTMAN, Kevin M; FRANQUI-ESPIET, Diana et al.Biomass & bioenergy. 2011, Vol 35, Num 10, pp 4435-4441, issn 0961-9534, 7 p.Article

Gamma irradiation as a pretreatment method for enriching hydrogen-producing bacteria from digested sludgeYANAN YIN; JUN HU; JIANLONG WANG et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 25, pp 13543-13549, issn 0360-3199, 7 p.Conference Paper

Pretreatment: The key to efficient utilization of lignocellulosic materials : Lignocellulosic EthanolGALBE, Mats; ZACCHI, Guido.Biomass & bioenergy. 2012, Vol 46, pp 70-78, issn 0961-9534, 9 p.Conference Paper

The mechanisms of hydrothermal deconstruction of lignocellulose: New insights from thermal-analytical and complementary studiesIBBETT, Roger; GADDIPATI, Sanyasi; DAVIES, Scott et al.Bioresource technology. 2011, Vol 102, Num 19, pp 9272-9278, issn 0960-8524, 7 p.Article

Impact of fluid velocity on hot water only pretreatment of corn stover in a flowthrough reactorCHAOGANG LIU; WYMAN, Charles E.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2004, Vol 113-16, pp 977-987, issn 0273-2289, 11 p.Conference Paper

A review of sustainable hydrogen production using seed sludge via dark fermentationYEE MENG WONG; TA YEONG WU; JOON CHING JUAN et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2014, Vol 34, pp 471-482, issn 1364-0321, 12 p.Article

Characteristics of gelatin from the skin of unicorn leatherjacket (Aluterus monoceros) as influenced by acid pretreatment and extraction timeAHMAD, Mehraj; BENJAKUL, Soottawat.Food hydrocolloids. 2011, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 381-388, issn 0268-005X, 8 p.Article

Methane production of thermally pretreated Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus sp. biomass at increasing biomass loadsMENDEZ, Lara; MAHDY, Ahmed; BALLESTEROS, Mercedes et al.Applied energy. 2014, Vol 129, pp 238-242, issn 0306-2619, 5 p.Article

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