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Forecasting forecast skillKALNAY, E; DALCHER, A.Monthly weather review. 1987, Vol 115, Num 2, pp 349-356, issn 0027-0644Article

Practical Bayesian forecastingHARRISON, J; WEST, M.Statistician (London. Print). 1987, Vol 36, Num 2-3, pp 115-125, issn 0039-0526Article

Forecasting the skill of a regional numerical weather prediction modelLESLIE, L. M; FRAEDRICH, K; GLOWACKI, T. J et al.Monthly weather review. 1989, Vol 117, Num 3, pp 550-557, issn 0027-0644Article

Prévision régressive spécialiséeVOLKONSKIJ, N. YU.Meteorologiâ i gidrologiâ. 1986, Num 11, pp 107-109, issn 0130-2906Article

Standardized test to evaluate numerical weather prediction algorithmsPIELKE, R. A; BERNARDET, L. R; SAVOIE, M. H et al.Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 1995, Vol 76, Num 1, pp 46-48, issn 0003-0007Article

Richardson's forecast factory: the $64000 questionLYNCH, P.Meteorological Magazine. 1993, Vol 122, Num 1448, pp 69-70, issn 0026-1149Article

Development and initial test of the University of Wisconsin global isentropic-sigma modelZAPOTOCNY, T. H; JOHNSON, D. R; REAMES, F. M et al.Monthly weather review. 1994, Vol 122, Num 9, pp 2160-2178, issn 0027-0644Article

Richardson, mathematical modellerVREUGDENHIL, C. B.Dynamics of atmospheres and oceans. 1994, Vol 20, Num 3, pp 211-225, issn 0377-0265Conference Paper

Operational numerical weather predictionBROWN, J. A. JR.Reviews of geophysics (1985). 1987, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 312-322, issn 8755-1209Article

L'analyse bayésienne peut-elle inciter les experts a réviser le mode de formation de leurs anticipations ? = Bayesian analysis : an alternative method for improved economic predictions ?LARDIC, S; MPACKO PRISO, A.Journal de la Société de statistique de Paris. 1996, Vol 137, Num 4, pp 35-67, issn 0037-914XArticle

Logique et prévision numérique = Logics and numerical forecastGELEYN, J.-F.Met-mar. 1989, Num 142, pp 31-33, issn 0222-5123Article

Forecasting demand for mail order catalogue lines during the seasonCHAMBERS, M. L; EGLESE, R. W.European journal of operational research. 1988, Vol 34, Num 2, pp 131-138, issn 0377-2217Article

Statistical corrections to numerical predictions. IVSCHEMM, J.-K. E; FALLER, A. J.Monthly weather review. 1986, Vol 114, Num 12, pp 2402-2417, issn 0027-0644Article

Forecaster diversity and the benefits of combining forecastsBATCHELOR, R; PAMI DUA.Management science. 1995, Vol 41, Num 1, pp 68-75, issn 0025-1909Article

Dynamical one-month forecast experiments with the JMA global prediction modelYAMADA, S; MAEDA, S; KUDO, T et al.Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. 1991, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 153-159, issn 0026-1165Article

A systematic economic approach to evaluating public investment in observations for weather forecastingMORSS, Rebecca E; MILLER, Kathleen A; VASIL, Maxine S et al.Monthly weather review. 2005, Vol 133, Num 2, pp 374-388, issn 0027-0644, 15 p.Article

Panorama de la prévision numérique à échelle fine ou à domaine limité = Panorama of the limited-area or fine-scale numerical weather predictionJUVANON DU VACHAT, R.Météorologie (Paris. 1925). 1994, Num 6, pp 31-47, issn 0026-1181Article

Application of continuous dynamic grid adaptation technique to numerical weather forecastingMASHKOVICH, S. A.Meteorologiâ i gidrologiâ. 1994, Num 11, pp 18-24, issn 0130-2906Article

Anmerkungen zu den numerischen Strömungsvorhersagen des 500-hPa-Niveaus = Remarque sur la prévision numérique de l'écoulement au niveau 500 hPa = Remarks on the numerical flow forecast at the 500 hPa levelMALBERG, H; FRATTESI, G.Meteorologische Rundschau. 1987, Vol 40, Num 6, pp 180-182, issn 0026-1211Article

Numerical weather predictionMASON, B. J.Contemporary physics. 1986, Vol 27, Num 5, pp 463-472, issn 0010-7514Article

Another approach to forecasting forecast skillCHEN, W. Y.Monthly weather review. 1989, Vol 117, Num 2, pp 427-435, issn 0027-0644Article

Numerical prediction: some results from operational forecasting at ECMWFSIMMONS, A. J.Advances in geophysics. 1986, Vol 29, pp 305-338, issn 0065-2687Article

Prévision numérique : les domaines géographiques des modèles = Digital prediction: the models' geographic domainsGERBIER, E; BRET, B; LEFEVRE, J.-M et al.Met-mar. 1992, Num 154, pp 13-17, issn 0222-5123Article

The global prediction model and its application upon monitoring and prediction of the abnormal weatherKEN-ICHI KUMA.Nihon Enerugi Gakkaishi. 1994, Vol 73, Num 4, pp 235-241, issn 0916-8753Article

The Navy Operational Global and Regional Atmospheric Prediction Systems at the Fleet Numerical Oceanography CenterBAYLER, G; LEWIT, H.Weather and forecasting. 1992, Vol 7, Num 2, pp 273-279, issn 0882-8156Article

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