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Cancer of Unknown Primary SiteMORRIS, Gloria J; GRECO, Frank A; HAINSWORTH, John D et al.Seminars in oncology. 2010, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 71-79, issn 0093-7754, 9 p.Article

Pathologic Evaluation of Unknown Primary CancerOIEN, Karin A.Seminars in oncology. 2009, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 8-37, issn 0093-7754, 30 p.Article

Prognostic Factors in Unknown Primary CancerCULINE, Stéphane.Seminars in oncology. 2009, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 60-64, issn 0093-7754, 5 p.Article

Molecular Classification of Unknown Primary CancerBENDER, Richard A; ERIANDER, Mark G.Seminars in oncology. 2009, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 38-43, issn 0093-7754, 6 p.Article

Treatment for Patients With Unknown Primary Cancer and Favorable Prognostic FactorsHAINSWORTH, John D; FIZAZI, Karim.Seminars in oncology. 2009, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 44-51, issn 0093-7754, 8 p.Article

A strategy for distinguishing optimal cancer subtypesBEGG, Colin B.International journal of cancer (Print). 2011, Vol 129, Num 4, pp 931-937, issn 0020-7136, 7 p.Article

Incidence of multiple primary cancers in Nagasaki atomic bomb survivors : Association with radiation exposureNAKASHIMA, Masahiro; KONDO, Hisayoshi; MIURA, Shiro et al.Cancer science. 2008, Vol 99, Num 1, pp 87-92, issn 1347-9032, 6 p.Article

Tumeurs malignes primitives du péritoine = Malignant primary peritoneal tumorsCOTTE, Eddy; PASSOT, Guillaume; ISAAC, Sylvie et al.La Presse médicale (1983). 2009, Vol 38, Num 12, pp 1814-1822, issn 0755-4982, 9 p.Article

Methylation Markers: A Potential Force Driving Cancer Diagnostics ForwardKHANDIGE, Surabhi; SHANBHOGUE, Vikram V; CHAKRABARTY, Sanjiban et al.Oncology research. 2011, Vol 19, Num 3-4, pp 105-110, issn 0965-0407, 6 p.Article

Long-term survivors among patients with cancer of unknown primaryPAVLIDIS, Nicholas; PETRAKIS, Dimitrios; GOLFINOPOULOS, Vassilios et al.Critical reviews in oncology/hematology. 2012, Vol 84, Num 1, pp 85-92, issn 1040-8428, 8 p.Article

The first year counts: cancer survival among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Queenslanders, 1997-2006CRAMB, Susanna M; GARVEY, Gail; VALERY, Patricia C et al.Medical journal of Australia. 2012, Vol 196, Num 4, pp 270-274, issn 0025-729X, 5 p.Article

Higher risk of primary cancers after polycythaemia vera and vice versaFALLAH, Mahdi; KHARAZMI, Elham; SUNDQUIST, Jan et al.British journal of haematology. 2011, Vol 153, Num 2, pp 283-285, issn 0007-1048, 3 p.Article

Functional Decline in Older Patients With Cancer Receiving First-Line ChemotherapyHOPPE, Stéphanie; RAINFRAY, Muriel; VOGT, Luc et al.Journal of clinical oncology. 2013, Vol 31, Num 31, pp 3877-3882, issn 0732-183X, 6 p.Article

Beyond the Traditional Prognostic Indicators : The Impact of Primary Care Utilization on Cancer SurvivalJONES, Laura E; CARNEY DOEBBELING, Caroline.Journal of clinical oncology. 2007, Vol 25, Num 36, pp 5793-5799, issn 0732-183X, 7 p.Article

Multiple primary cancers as a guide to heritabilityCYBULSKI, Cezary; NAZARALI, Safia; NAROD, Steven A et al.International journal of cancer (Print). 2014, Vol 135, Num 8, pp 1756-1763, issn 0020-7136, 8 p.Article

Site-specific survival rates for cancer of unknown primary according to location of metastasesHEMMINKI, Kari; RIIHIMÄKI, Matias; SUNDQUIST, Kristina et al.International journal of cancer (Print). 2013, Vol 133, Num 1, pp 182-189, issn 0020-7136, 8 p.Article

Tobacco smoking and the risk of subsequent primary cancer among cancer survivors: a retrospective cohort studyTABUCHI, T; ITO, Y; IOKA, A et al.Annals of oncology. 2013, Vol 24, Num 10, pp 2699-2704, issn 0923-7534, 6 p.Article

Quality of life in survivors of multiple primary cancers compared with cancer survivor controlsGOTAY, Carolyn C; RANSOM, Sean; PAGANO, Ian S et al.Cancer. 2007, Vol 110, Num 9, pp 2101-2109, issn 0008-543X, 9 p.Article

A Framework to Select Clinically Relevant Cancer Cell Lines for Investigation by Establishing Their Molecular Similarity with Primary Human CancersDANCIK, Garrett M; YUANBIN RU; OWENS, Charles R et al.Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.). 2011, Vol 71, Num 24, pp 7398-7409, issn 0008-5472, 12 p.Article

Discordances entre tumeur primitive et métastases: quel impact sur le développement de la médecine personnalisée ? = Discrepancies between primary tumor and metastasis: impact on personalized medicineVIGNOT, Stéphane; SORIA, Jean-Charles.Bulletin du cancer. 2013, Vol 100, Num 6, pp 561-568, issn 0007-4551, 8 p.Article

Familial Risks in Cancer of Unknown Primary: Tracking the Primary SitesHEMMINKI, Kari; JIANGUANG JI; SUNDQUIST, Jan et al.Journal of clinical oncology. 2011, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 435-440, issn 0732-183X, 6 p.Article

Switching benchmarks in cancer of unknown primary : From autopsy to microarrayPENTHEROUDAKIS, George; GOLFINOPOULOS, Vassilios; PAULIDIS, Nicholas et al.European journal of cancer (1990). 2007, Vol 43, Num 14, pp 2026-2036, issn 0959-8049, 11 p.Article

Measures of promptness of cancer diagnosis in primary care: secondary analysis of national audit data on patients with 18 common and rarer cancersLYRATZOPOULOS, G; ABEL, G. A; MCPHAIL, S et al.British journal of cancer. 2013, Vol 108, Num 3, pp 686-690, issn 0007-0920, 5 p.Article

Molecular Pathways: The Role of Primary Cilia in Cancer Progression and Therapeutics with a Focus on Hedgehog SignalingHASSOUNAH, Nadia B; BUNCH, Thomas A; MCDERMOTT, Kimberly M et al.Clinical cancer research (Print). 2012, Vol 18, Num 9, pp 2429-2435, issn 1078-0432, 7 p.Article

Individual Life Expectancy Estimation Using Validated Prognostic Scores for Patients with Cancer of Unknown PrimaryFERTE, Charles; PENEL, Nicolas; BONNETERRE, Jacques et al.Oncology. 2010, Vol 78, Num 2, pp 87-93, issn 0030-2414, 7 p.Article

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