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Structure and assembly properties of the yeast prion Ure2pBOUSSET, Luc; THUAL, Carine; BELRHALI, Hassan et al.Comptes rendus. Biologies. 2002, Vol 325, Num 1, pp 3-8, issn 1631-0691Article

Prions and prion diseases : Fundamentals and mechanistic detailsRYOU, Chongsuk.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2007, Vol 17, Num 7, pp 1059-1070, issn 1017-7825, 12 p.Article

Differentiating Ovine BSE from CH1641 Scrapie by Serial Protein Misfolding Cyclic AmplificationTAEMA, Maged M; MADDISON, Ben C; THORNE, Leigh et al.Molecular biotechnology. 2012, Vol 51, Num 3, pp 233-239, issn 1073-6085, 7 p.Article

Two structurally similar fungal prions efficiently cross-seed in vivo but form distinct polymers when coexpressedBENKEMOUN, Laura; NESS, Frederique; SABATE, Raimon et al.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2011, Vol 82, Num 6, pp 1392-1405, issn 0950-382X, 14 p.Article

Photodynamic inactivation of prions by disulfonated hydroxyaluminium phthalocyanineJANOUSKOVA, Olga; RAKUSAN, Jan; KARASKOVA, Marie et al.Journal of general virology. 2012, Vol 93, pp 2512-2517, issn 0022-1317, 6 p., 11Article

Experimental Verification of a Traceback Phenomenon in Prion InfectionKOBAYASHI, Atsushi; SAKUMA, Nobuyuki; MATSUURA, Yuichi et al.Journal of virology. 2010, Vol 84, Num 7, pp 3230-3238, issn 0022-538X, 9 p.Article

Physiological role of the cellular prion proteinZOMOSA-SIGNORET, Viviana; ARNAUD, Jacques-Damien; FONTES, Pascaline et al.Veterinary research (Print). 2008, Vol 39, Num 4, pp 57-72, issn 0928-4249, 16 p.Article

Pathogenèse des maladies à prions : Maladies à prionsLACROUX, Caroline; ANDREOLETTI, Olivier.Biofutur (Puteaux). 2009, Num 302, pp 40-43, issn 0294-3506, 4 p.Article

[PSI+] prion variant establishment in yeastSHARMA, Jaya; LIEBMAN, Susan W.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2012, Vol 86, Num 4, pp 866-881, issn 0950-382X, 16 p.Article

A mutation within the C-terminal domain of Sup35p that affects [PSI+] prion propagationKABANI, Mehdi; COSNIER, Bruno; BOUSSET, Luc et al.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2011, Vol 81, Num 3, pp 640-658, issn 0950-382X, 19 p.Article

Mechanistic insights into the cure of prion disease by novel antiprion compoundsWEBB, Sarah; LEKISHVILI, Tamuna; LOESCHNER, Corinna et al.Journal of virology. 2007, Vol 81, Num 19, pp 10729-10741, issn 0022-538X, 13 p.Article

V180I mutation of the prion protein gene associated with atypical PrPSc glycosylationCHASSEIGNEAUX, Stéphanie; HAÏK, Stéphane; LAFFONT-PROUST, Isabelle et al.Neuroscience letters. 2006, Vol 408, Num 3, pp 165-169, issn 0304-3940, 5 p.Article

Les maladies à prionsLLEDO, Pierre-Marie.2002, 127 p., isbn 2-130-52516-4Book

Copper binding to prion octarepeat peptides, a combined metal chelate affinity and immunochemical approachesTODOROVA-BALVAY, Daniela; SIMON, Stephanie; CREMINON, Christophe et al.Journal of chromatography. B. 2005, Vol 818, Num 1, pp 75-82, issn 1570-0232, 8 p.Conference Paper

Unique drug screening approach for prion diseases identifies tacrolimus and astemizole as antiprion agentsEDUARD KARAPETYAN, Yervand; SFERRAZZA, Gian Franco; MINGHAI ZHOU et al.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2013, Vol 110, Num 17, pp 7044-7049, issn 0027-8424, 6 p.Article

Some considerations on the kinetics of pathogenic prions formationBOTRE, Claudio; BOTRE, Francesco; MAZZEI, Franco et al.Annali dell' Istituto superiore di sanità. 2002, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 195-198, issn 0021-2571Article

Fast, reversible interaction of prion protein with RNA aptamers containing specific sequence patternsMERCEY, R; LANTIER, I; MAUREL, M.-C et al.Archives of virology. 2006, Vol 151, Num 11, pp 2197-2214, issn 0304-8608, 18 p.Article

In Vitro Generation of High-Titer PrionsSHIKIYA, Ronald A; BARTZ, Jason C.Journal of virology. 2011, Vol 85, Num 24, pp 13439-13442, issn 0022-538X, 4 p.Article

Les leçons de la vache folleSAVEY, Marc; COURVALIN, Catherine; BOURG, Dominique et al.Esprit (1940). 1997, Num 237, pp 101-117, issn 0014-0759Article

Public health issues and clinical and neurological characteristics of the new variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other human and animal transmissible spongiform encephalopathies : Memorandum from two WHO meetingsLA LETTRE DES NOUVELLES PHARMACEUTIQUES : BULLETIN DE L'ORDRE DES PHARMACIENS. 1996, Vol 74, Num 5, pp 453-463Article

Rapid Transepithelial Transport of Prions following InhalationKINCAID, Anthony E; HUDSON, Kathryn F; RICHEY, Matthew W et al.Journal of virology. 2012, Vol 86, Num 23, pp 12731-12740, issn 0022-538X, 10 p.Article

In Sup35p filaments (the [PSI+] prion), the globular C-terminal domains are widely offset from the amyloid fibril backboneBAXA, Ulrich; KELLER, Paul W; NAIQIAN CHENG et al.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2011, Vol 79, Num 2, pp 523-532, issn 0950-382X, 10 p.Article

Crucial Role for Prion Protein Membrane Anchoring in the Neuroinvasion and Neural Spread of Prion InfectionKLINGEBORN, Mikael; RACE, Brent; MEADE-WHITE, Kimberly D et al.Journal of virology. 2011, Vol 85, Num 4, pp 1484-1494, issn 0022-538X, 11 p.Article

Prion propagation in a nerve conduit model containing segments devoid of axonsKRATZEL, Christine; KRÜGER, Dominique; BEEKES, Michael et al.Journal of general virology. 2007, Vol 88, pp 3479-3485, issn 0022-1317, 7 p., 12Article

The battle of the fold : chaperones take on prionsTRUE, Heather L.Trends in genetics (Regular ed.). 2006, Vol 22, Num 2, pp 110-117, issn 0168-9525, 8 p.Article

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